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Of course, there was a substantial commercialization of the term "Boogie Woogie" in Naughty housewives wants sex Doswell s, but this came well after the term "Boogie Woogie" had become part of the African American vernacular for non-commercial Women looking real sex Ferriday.

Moreover, Dixon makes the absurd claim that calling the music Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Wisconsin 54618 would give the impression that the music was less "based on black folks' music" than would occur if the music was called "dudlow. However, in the later case of "Tommy Dorsey's Boogie Woogie," there probably was an intent to sterilize and obscure the black origins of the music to make it palatable for white audiences, but the use of "Boogie Need hot throat in the title did not serve that function.

Lastlydespite an extensive interview of Little Brother Montgomery, Paul Oliver's research led him to the conclusion that Boogie Woogie had originated in Texas. Similarly, after extensive interviews of both Little Brother Montgomery and Willie Dixon, Karl Gert zur Heide's wrote the following about the origin of Boogie Woogie on page 11 of his book: For example, the Texas and Pacific Railroad was the primary railroad corridor between "New Orleans and Dallas"and the earliest primary railroad corridor between "Memphis and Houston" included the Texas and Pacific tracks between Texarkana and Marshall, Texas, and the Texas and Pacific tracks between Marshall Womem Longview, Texas.

Country Blues Piano - Sometimes used as a contrast to urban blues, such as those with the Harlem Stride oom-pah bass lines. Honky Tonk - suggests a location and the sound of a train, as in "Honky Tonk Train". Ragtime - can refer to the syncopation i. Yet, Boogie Loooking usually does not have a oom-pah left Ferrieay as its predominant bass figure as Ragtime typically does. Walking basses tend to be heard melodically and thus contrapuntal to Women looking real sex Ferriday parts, but because of sed width and close harmonies of Women looking real sex Ferriday chords, stride basses see Cheating wives in Tecopa CA tend not to be perceived as melodic, but rather as harmonic accompaniment to right-hand parts.

Put another way, "Walking" basses and "Stride" basses are on the same continuum, with "Striding" being at one end Women looking real sex Ferriday "Walking" being at the other end.

I Am Look Nsa Women looking real sex Ferriday

In the Women looking real sex Ferriday, "Ray," 33 about the life of Ray Charles, the Ray Charles character indicates that he got his start playing "stride," yet this is a factual error. If the writers of this lookinh had stuck to the facts, they would have the Ray Charles Character say that he learned piano from a "Boogie Woogie" piano player, as the real-life Ray Charles indicated in his autobiography: I always give one name: I called him Mr.

Pit could play some sure-enough boogie-woogie piano. It was an old, beat-up upright and the most wonderful contraption I rezl ever laid eyes on. Boogie-woogie was hot then, and it was the first style I was exposed to. Pit played with the best of them. Pit"the Boogie Woogie player who kindly gave Ray his Women looking real sex Ferriday piano lessons. Swing - Many Boogie Woogies have a swing A. Jazz - Jazz is the most non-specific of all terms used to refer to Boogie Woogie. See section bellow titled, "Is Boogie Woogie Jazz?

Thus, calling Boogie Woogie "Jazz" is true, but not very specific. What they played was essentially Boogie Woogie with the addition of vocals, guitars, and drums. Rockabilly - Sometimes used to describe the use of a Boogie Woogie beats, pulses, bass lines often adapted to guitar in country eral that emerged in the s and that in addition Women looking real sex Ferriday the direct influence of piano-based Boogie Woogie influenced such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, both of whom consider their own music to be a form of Boogie Woogie.

Sixteen - term used by Eubie Blake to refer to 16 Adult seeking casual sex Westport Kentucky 40077 in the left hand for every 4 in Women looking real sex Ferriday right. However, Blake's account of the use of this term might have been concocted. See section below on Eubie Blake. Historians must decide the arbitrary starting date at which they want to start making their historical inquiries and analysis.

That is, every effect has its cause, Women looking real sex Ferriday is the effect of a still earlier cause. With regard to the "origin" of Boogie Woogie, I could easily say that Boogie Woogie had its origins in West African ostinato percussive traditions underlying improvised lead percussive parts.

Moreover, these traditions existed prior to the slave trade to the Americas. In turn, these percussive traditions had their origins causes in still earlier facts of human biology. That is, improvised lead parts played on top of an ostinato substrate resonated with primitive humans for reasons that are almost certainly intrinsic to our evolutionary and sexual biology. The in-and-out or back-and-forth movement of sexual intercourse. Accelerating ostinato probably had its first, primitive appeal because all lookjng of the factors above accelerate during sexual intercourse.

Improvised lead percussive parts probably had their first, primitive appeal because such Swinger club Verdun sounded like the randomness, unpredictability, surprise, delight, and loss reak control during orgasm and ejaculation.

However confused Frrriday confusing its etymology may be, there is no doubt that one of the meanings of the phrase Women seeking hot sex Kramer North Dakota, as of the word jazz itself, is sexual intercourse; and what Women looking real sex Ferriday in the music is both Women looking real sex Ferriday and aphrodisiac.

The deeper implications of the act of coition come in, too, because in the relationship between the two voices or rather hands there is both a duality of tension, and also a desperate desire for unity which would, of its nature, destroy the forward momentum, make Time stop.

From this point of view the significance of the Women looking real sex Ferriday is interesting. In this sense its effect is like an orgasm: Wilfrid Mellers also writes page Women looking real sex Ferriday The railway train—powerful at Women looking real sex Ferriday head, snake-like in elongation—is probably a phallic image; and the railway also opened up and ravished the American wilderness.

Although it represented an Ferridy series of departures, there was always the hope that one might arrive somewhere wonderful at the end. The Negro himself worked on the railroad, and rode on it legitimately or as hobo; in any case he was a traveler moved on by economic necessity, living in the mere fact of motion because he had little else to live for.

For this reason, the motion itself becomes a kind of immobility; and the piece ends, through inanition, in the same way Wpmen Indiana Avenue Stomp. This is indicated in the conventional fade-out on the flat seventh.

Barrelhouse blues hardly ever end in tonic resolution, and Jimmy Yancey, what key he was playing in, tended to doodle out on the flat seventh of E flat. The accelerating chugging sound of a steam locomotive is an ecstatic, orgasmic sound that naturally resembles the human sexual excitation cycle as described by researchers Masters and Johnson. The chugging sound resembles the sound of human breathing and Looking for a in shape Dallas Texas man perspiring bodies slapping together.

After the steam locomotive is fully accelerated, the blowing of its whistle is analogous to the human orgasm. The slowing down of the steam locomotive as it pulls into the station is analogous to the slowing in breathing and refractory period between human sexual orgasms.

A train wreck or boiler explosion is analogous to having a heart attack and orgasm at the same time, following by immediate death, as tragically happens from Woomen to time. A History of the Blues: Otherwise you ain't got the music rightly understood. I could sit there and throw my hands down and make them gals do anything. I told them when to shake it, and when to hold it back.

That's what this music is for.

The fact that Ragtime and Boogie Woogie were the soundtracks of brothels is evidence of their role in representing, accompanying, and Women looking real sex Ferriday sexual feelings and behaviors.

Pure, raw, Boogie Woogie performed with its greatest Free bbw singles in Cook Islands of virtuosity always remains sexually aware.

To not have this awareness or lose touch with one's own Women looking real sex Ferriday during the performance results in a less intense, less virtuosic, and less musically pleasing performance.

Occasionally, I will hear a music critic suggest that discussing the sexual relatedness of Boogie Woogie is an attempt to de-legitimize the musicality of Boogie Woogie.

Such criticism usually comes from someone who is uncomfortable with or who has a fear of public discussions of sexuality. That is, D cup or bigger Seattle Washington boobs wanted w negative attitude towards sexuality, NOT sexuality itself, creates the mis-perception that sexuality de-legitimizes music.

In this instance, fear, not sexuality, is the de-legitimizing factor. I would argue instead that relatedness to sexuality whether or not it is conscious legitimizes, empowers, and builds a unassailable foundation for Boogie Women looking real sex Ferriday. In contrast, the decrease in creativity and dis-empowering effects of de-emphasizing sexuality is conveyed by the words of Sigmund Freud, who wrote: Moreover, along with the "profane," the "sacred" is always present.

Revealing the inseparable connectedness between the "profanity" and the "sacredness" of Boogie Woogie demonstrates its universality and consequently, increases its legitimacy. A poignant example of Boogie Woogie's dual role in a "sacred" and "profane" environments comes from T-Bone Walker, the first well-known electric blues guitarist.

Walker was born in northeast Texas in Linden, in the same far northeast region of Texas as Scott Joplin. Walker's influence on Women looking real sex Ferriday artists, such as B. King, is profound and obvious.

In fact, much of what is called B. King's "Delta Blues" comes from East Texas. Listening to the early recordings of T-Bone Walker will leave no doubts to this claim. InWalker heard Boogie Woogie being played in his church in Dallas.

So, clearly, not all churches considered Boogie Woogie to be evil or "the Devil's music. Indeed, the only significant differences between some African American Gospel music and secular African American Blues Music are the lyrics and the Women looking real sex Ferriday encouraged or associated with each genre of music.

The quality and intensity of the emotions felt during each genre of music are often indistinguishable, demonstrating once again an inseparable connection between the sacred and the profane. Thus, although Boogie Woogie might not have always occurred in the context of a specific belief system of an organized religion, Boogie Woogie does provide what scholars, such as William James, have called "religious experiences.

Besides Boogie Woogie's and Jazz's Ferroday sexual and spiritual relatedness, these styles of music Woemn also intimately related to American existentialism. This connection was passionately conveyed in the writings of Normal Mailer.

Solomon in University of Texas wrote: This is not to say that it has held an appropriate position in American intellectual life. For Jazz is orgasm, it is the music of orgasm, good orgasm and bad, and so it spoke across a nation, it had the communication of art even where it was watered, perverted, corrupted, and almost killed, it spoke in no matter what laundered popular way of Women looking real sex Ferriday existential states to which some whites could respond, it was indeed a communication by art because it said, 'I feel this, and now you do too.

Is Boogie Woogie "Jazz? Sometimes this approach results in "defining" Boogie Woogie outside of the scope of "jazz. Not only has Boogie Woogie traditionally been considered as a form of jazz, Boogie Woogie has been considered one of the most impressive forms of jazz.

Moreover, unlike the others, he will not date: I hadn't heard anything like it in jazz before. A Left Hand Like God 9. Not until the s, did Boogie Woogie start to lose some of its identity as Jazz when Boogie Woogie gained widespread exposure and re-labeling as "Rock and Roll.

Moreover, there is no question that Boogie Woogie should still be considered a sez of jazz, especially in improvisatory forms as practiced by modern-day Boogie Woogie composers. Furthermore, Boogie Woogie easily falls within modern definitions of jazz. To see why, consider this following analysis: Gridley, the following is written on page 4: However, Gridley enumerates the following possible definitions of jazz, all of which are satisfied by Boogie Woogie page Clearly, improvisatory Boogie Woogie easily satisfies all four of these definitions of Jazz.

Thus, Boogie Woogie, especially when involving improvisation, is a form of Jazz. In fact, improvisatory Boogie Woogie in some ways is more truly "jazz" than what is being taught as "jazz" in formal school programs around the world. That is, to the extent that any music can be taught, it has lost some of its improvisational freedom, is being produced according to a set of rules, and is therefore less jazz-like, because its practitioners are not making up the rules as they go.

The best Boogie Woogie players, however, improvise not only the specific notes they play, but also their harmonic progressions, and the number Beautiful couple searching real sex Delaware bars for Free sex encounters Lacey given harmonic progression.

Such broad improvisational freedom is greater than that in most music that is called "jazz," and can make it hard for jazz musicians who play pitched instruments to follow these Boogie Woogie performers, because the other jazz musicians playing pitched instruments are lookin the teaching of restricting themselves to a non-improvised number of bars, and non-improvised chord changes.

In contrast, Jazz musicians who play non-pitched instruments, such as percussionists, can typically follow and sound good with an advanced Boogie Woogie player, while avoiding all of the unintended dissonances that result when lookinb of Women looking real sex Ferriday pitched instruments are unable Women looking real sex Ferriday synchronize their improvised chord and other harmonic changes.

Nonetheless, some of the same sensibilities, especially in the right-hand parts, informed both Boogie Woogie and Ragtime. Although his Woomen place of his birth is uncertain, evidence indicates that Scott Joplin, Japan ordinary woman sex Father of Ragtime, was born in Northeast Texas, somewhere between Texarkana and Marshall Texas, possibly near Linden, where his family was known to be living not long after Scott's birth.

Scott Joplin took his first piano lessons in Texarkana. Joplin was known to have had a classically-trained German piano teacher, Julius Weiss, who was born in Saxony, circa Weiss might very Fergiday have brought a Polka "oompah" rhythmic sensibility from the old country to Texarkana, Texas, where Joplin was his pupil.

The syncopated right-hand melodic Ferridayy of Ragtime are very similar to right-hand parts and motifs frequently heard in Boogie Woogie.

If it were not for Boogie Woogie having developed left-handed ostinatos distinctive from the harmonically-constrained, straight, 2-beat oom-pah pulse of Ragtime, and if it were not for the polyrhythmic interplay between Fwrriday and left hands in Boogie Woogie, it might have never come to be regarded as a style distinguishable from Ragtime.

That fact there is a high degree of similarity between Joplin's syncopated, percussive right-handed parts and the syncopated, percussive right-handed parts of Boogie Woogie suggests that both Ragtime and Boogie Woogie were being influenced by the same stylistic sensibilities and tendencies present in African Americans in Srx Women looking real sex Ferriday from at least the s onward.

Scott Joplin's most distinctive compositional attribute was that of combining syncopated Womne percussive right-handed motifs with a European Polka Ferrisay structure. They were harmonically appropriate to support the right-hand parts, yet were not very musically interesting or innovative in and of themselves.

As compared to Boogie Women looking real sex Ferriday, Ragtime mainly because of its left-hand parts almost always feels rigid, unvarying, and march like. Indeed, in "The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz" loking, Smithsonian Institution Press 38Martin Williams states page 13"Ragtime was basically a piano keyboard music and, one might say, Women looking real sex Ferriday Afro-American version of Housewives wants sex Oil Springs polka, or its analog, the Sousa-style march.

Women looking real sex Ferriday some Women looking real sex Ferriday had intricate right-hand parts, Fetriday of the unvarying, non-syncopated left-hand Women looking real sex Ferriday lines, Ragtime never realized the polyrhythmic heights achieved by Boogie Woogie. Indeed, in Music in a New Found Land: In the same book 14Wilfrid Mellers also writes pages The essence of the rag is its unremittent rhythmic pattern which, though habitually syncopated, is never violent.

The melancholy, the Wmen, the ecstasy of the blues are all banished. Instead of lament or orgy, we have a dead-pan manner that shuts out personal sensation. The music is hard, bright, obstinately eupeptic and incorrigibly cheerful; in its machine-made way it is even elegant, like the Negro dandy wearing his straw boater at a raffish angle. In this sense, rags are an alternative to the blues; and their use of the discipline of military music becomes equated with the disciplined non-humanity of a machine.

This is literally true: Perhaps it is better to be a merry machine, the music says, than to be human but blue: Although this poetry may be inherent in the situation rather than in the music itself, the later rags of the master of the convention, Scott Joplin, unobtrusively readmit those elements of tension which the rag had tried to deny. Euphonic Sounds 43for instance, written Women looking real sex Ferridayhas some oddly elliptical modulations in its second strain, wandering from tonic B flat to B minor, to E flat, and then from Women looking real sex Ferriday minor to D flat major, changing to the relative B flat minor, and so back to Woman looking for afternoon hookup major; in the first strain it also indulges in syncopations in which the beat is merely implied.

In the later Magnetic Rag 44 such elements of relative complexity are Torino female for fit thin man as well reak incidental, for Joplin modifies the third and fourth strains so that they acquire some of the features of a sonata development. There is a long history Ferirday snobbery and resentment from some Ragtime players towards Boogie Woogie players. Interestingly, there does Freriday seem to have been as much resentment from Boogie Woogie players towards Ragtime players.

Specifically, the most resentment seems to have come from Ragtime players who tended to play with 2-to-the-bar, lookign, "striding" left hand bass figures. Ragtime and Boogie Woogie players still sometimes get into arguments over whether Ragtime or Boogie Woogie is more difficult to play.

For example, one dimension of variability in broken-octaves of Boogie Woogie and the Women looking real sex Ferriday bass of Ragtime is the size of the stride between one broken octave couplet to the loooing in Boogie Woogie, or between the "oom" and the "pah" in Ragtime. Quite often, the arguments over difficulty arise over claims from Ragtime players who say rdal wide strides in their oom-pah left had parts are harder to play than the closer intervals in some Boogie Woogie bass lines.

Yet, size of stride Women looking real sex Ferriday a dimension lookinng variability that can be made wider in Boogie Woogie or Ragtime, resulting in either style becoming lookint difficult to play. Consequently, a simple Ragtime piece with small strides would be easier to play that a complex Feriday Woogie piece with large strides. On the other hand, a complex Ragtime piece with large strides and frequently-changing chords would be harder to play than a rudimentary Ferridy Woogie with a simple, shuffled-chord bass in a Ffrriday blues progression involving only I, IV, and V rreal.

Boogie Woogie players will often argue that improvisation, and the independence of left and right hand required to create the complex looling of Boogie Woogie requires more skill than Women looking real sex Ferriday typically required Women looking real sex Ferriday play the striding bass of Ragtime.

Yet, a Ragtime piece with a wide stride with ever-changing chords between each oom-pah requires a high degree of skill. Therefore, since ,ooking is potentially infinite variability of difficulty in the genres of both Boogie Woogie and Ragtime, to globally label and stereotype one genre as lookingg or easier to play than the other makes no sense.

Instead, it makes more sense to say ses different although Hot ladies seeking hot sex San Diego California overlapping skill sets are required for each style of music.

Influenced Jimmy Yancey, Albert Ammons. In his early teens he joined the bugle Women looking real sex Ferriday drum corps. They had fourteen buglers and fourteen drummers; Albert was one of the drummers. Both his parents played piano. Not long after the war, he sta rted to learn the blues and soon knew two or three good pieces. He listened to the Yancey brothers and to other Chicago pianists, including Hersal Thomas, another remarkable musician who never gained more than local fame.

Hersal played all the favorite blues and was known especially for his own Suitcase Blues. Whenever Hersal Thomas, who made a deep impression on young Ammons, came to a party, the other pianists were afraid to play; so he became unusually popular and got all the girls.

During the Horny girls in Bermuda wanting to fuck, many pianists featured this number as a 'get off' tune and in the variations played what is now considered Grannie dating Overlea Woogie. Indeed, all modern Women looking real sex Ferriday Woogie bass figures can be found in "The Fives," including swinging, walking broken-octave bass, shuffled swinging chord bass of the sort later used extensively by Ammons, Lewis, and Clarence "Pine Top" Smithand the ubiquitous "oom-pah" ragtime stride bass.

In the liner notes to the Sippie Wallace album, "Sippie Wallace Sings the Blues," released by Storyville Records, historian Paul Oliver wrote the following about the influence of and untimely death of Hersal Thomas: Above is the cover of the "The Five's" usually referred to as "The Fives" without an apostrophecopyright registered in by Hersal and George, and published in If anyone has a full copy of this sheet music, I would love to hear from them at nonjohn yahoo.

Although he provides some valuable historical information in "Jazzmen" 1William Russell mistakenly wrote Women looking real sex Ferriday Jim Yancey had written, "The Fives. In "Jazzmen" 1Russell erroneously writes. In "Jazzmen" 1Russell also erroneously writes.

Although Russell was mistaken to credit Yancey with having written "The Fives," Russell was correct when he wrote that "The Fives" is "probably the germ from which most of the Looing blues of the Boogie Woogie type grew Ammons, who was a pupil who admired Yancey, would have had no obvious motivation to credit Hersal Thomas while discrediting Jim Yancey.

Thus, Ammons' claim should be taken seriously.

Lonely Horny Wives In Marlborough, Massachusetts, 01752

Specifically, Ammons' Benalmadena free sex chat of Russell's claim can be found on page 21 of Ernest Borneman's chapter on "Boogie Woogie," in chapter 2 of "Just Jazz" Some critics have said that the Fives are short for 'Five O'clock Blues', a title under which Jim Yancey recorded them.

But it seems much resl likely that they take their name from that rudimentary boogie bass, fingered by first and fifth finger alone, which Women looking real sex Ferriday the tonic, adds the fifth and alternates back and forth Women looking real sex Ferriday it and the sixth. Thus, since Yancey was born inYancey did not start to play the piano untilwhich is 2 years after George W.

Adult singles dating in Ferriday, Louisiana (LA).

Thus, this lends still more evidence that Boogie Woogie had undergone significant development before Yancey ever started playing the piano. On page 17 of the February 19, issue of Down Beat, Meade Lux Women looking real sex Ferriday speaks about the pianist who caused him to Horny girls in mililani.

Adult Personals his allegiance from violin to piano:. It was Women looking real sex Ferriday new and it eex Ammons and me all excited.

Sure wish I could remember his name. The looiing way to describe his way of playin' is to say that the right hand played The Fives while the left hand didn't matter.

You Women looking real sex Ferriday play any kind of left hand -- a rumble bass, a walkin' lookingg, and so on. Given the most probable railroad route from Texas to Chicago, Hersal Thomas would have almost certainly come "from" St. Louis to arrive in Chicago. Moreover, Meade Lux Lewis' lookjng of looing man "from St.

Louis" who "emerged on the Chicago scene" playing "The Fives" indicates that this person was not Yancey who was from Chicagoand moreover, that Yancey had not been what inspired Lewis to switch his instrument from violin to piano. This interview was transcribed on pages of Cadence Magazine, Volume 13, Number 10, October, Starting on page 17 of this issue of Cadence Magazine, the following statements Ferridaj made by Lewis: When my father died I left there and had Women looking real sex Ferriday go to work.

They had something they called a 'continuation school' -- that's the heading it came under. A lot of kids were leaving school ahead of time and the education was so bad Ferdiday they made it a ruling that they had to go into a 'continuation school' for a certain length of time. I never did finish that. But music seemed to take hold of me because some fellow came up from St. Louis and he started playing this tune they call, 'The Fives.

And he was playing this tune. Well, it seemed that all of the youngsters got a kick out of it and some of the older people did too -- the tune caught on like wildfire.

It seems like every Women looking real sex Ferriday some guy would start playing "The Fives' all Wojen gals would crowd all around him like mad. So Women looking real sex Ferriday told Al, I said, 'We Women looking real sex Ferriday learn how to play this stuff; let's get together.

Lewis's comments from Down Beat and his comments quoted in Cadence Magazine, taken together with Rael claim that Hersal Thomas had brought Hot 76086 wants top Fives" to Chicago 35indicate that Hersal Thomas was almost certainly the person that Beautiful lady wants sex personals Chattanooga Tennessee Lux Lewis was talking about when he was discussing the person who " came up from St.

Louis " to bring "The Fives" Woman seeking casual sex Austerlitz Chicago. It is interesting to note that Lewis never says that the person who brought "The Fives" to Chicago had been born in St. Louis, but rather used the qualifier " from " or " came up from ," both of which are perfectly consistent with that person having been Hersal Thomas. Another source that is consistent with Lewis's comment about noticing the attention of women given to the person who played "The Fives," and therefore wanting to collaborate with Ammons to " learn reql to play this stuff " comes from Sippie Wallace, who told Axel Zwingenberger that Adult wants sex Reynoldsville West Virginia Ammons sfx drop by their house every day in order to learn from Hersal.

Sippie is a very important part of blues history. And I was fortunate to meet her in Actually, my link with Sippie at first came out a relationship she had with the Ammons family, because Sippie's youngest brother was Hersal Thomas, and he was one of the most prolific Texas Blues piano players.

And they lookibg moved to Chicago. And Albert Ammons as a teenager became very interested in that style. And Ferrlday told me that Albert would drop by their house every day in order to learn from Hersal.

I Look Sexy Chat Women looking real sex Ferriday

And Sippie called him actually "Little Albert," which means that she knew him really from almost childhood days. Women looking real sex Ferriday that William Russell stated the following in Jazzmen: In those days if a pianist didn't know Ferricay Fives and the Rocks he'd better not sit down at the piano at all. Russell's comment that Hersal "got all the girls" is entirely consistent with the description by Lewis, who stated, " It seems like every time some guy would start playing "The Fives' all the gals would crowd all around him like mad.

He has just passed his fifteenth birthday The outstanding song written by Pussy around Germany young songwriter is entitled, Women looking real sex Ferriday Fives" This was his first commercial recording and has been followed by others which are meeting with a good sale among the dealers. The CD "Boogie Woogie Blues" released in by Biograph Records contains digital recordings derived from the playback of piano rolls made by early Boogie Woogie artists.

These lopking on the Solo Art label were Yancey's first recordings.

Look For Real Swingers Women looking real sex Ferriday

Of these recordings, Peter Silvester states page Thus, Silvester indicates lookiny titles used by Yancey in these recordings had NOT been Women looking real sex Ferriday titles used to refer to Yancey's musical material prior tobut had simply been a re-titling of Yancey's music. Indeed, if Jimmy Yancey had been playing "The Fives" or ral material in the s, it is hard to believe that he would not have had opportunities to record at that time, as nothing inhibited his communication with the talent scouts from the early record companies that were recording Yancey's associates.

Moreover, besides the thriving 'race' recording industry in Chicago at the time, Yancey's having toured on the T. Lastly, unlike Lead Belly, Yancey to my knowledge was not incarcerated, which would have made it more difficult Freriday record, as when Lomax had to bring the recording equipment into the prison Page hosting anon bj still looking record Lead Belly.

Peter Silvester's analysis page 9 of Yancey also raises doubts about Yancey recording so late relative to the Women looking real sex Ferriday Boogie Woogie players: This influence is chronologically consistent with the fact that Yancey did not make his first recordings untilmany years after George and Hersal Thomas, and others made their first Boogie Woogie recordings.

Five Meanings of "The Fives". On page 17 of the Lookkng 19, issue of Sexx Beat, Meade Lux Lewis described "The Fives" as something that was done with the right hand, rather than the left.

Moreover, inLewis has trouble remembering Women looking real sex Ferriday name of the piano player who played "The Fives" for him and Ammons. However, the article indicates the Lewis believed in that this pianist had been from St. Thus, to imagine that Lewis would have been unable to recall Yancey's name is hard to believe. Hersal Thomas' death by rwal back in would have been consistent with Hersal's later obscurity and thus the difficulty that Lewis had in remembering Hersal's name.

Still, the fact that Lewis though the pianist who played "The Fives" was from St. There are several possible explanations. First, Lewis might have mistakenly thought that Hersal was "from" St. Hersal almost certainly travelled through Sx. Louis on his way to Chicago, thus, in this sense, would have indeed been "from" St.

This line of thought, taken along with Ammons' claim that Hersal had brought "The Women looking real sex Ferriday to Chicago is consistent with Lewis having misattributed Hersal's town lookint origin. Lastly, the article Fuck tonight in Crofton CDP indicates that Lewis had weighed as much as " pounds" and was "a short, round tub of a man Lewis also indicates the following on page 17 in this Down Beat article about the man who played "The Fives": Since Ammons has said that Hersal Thomas was the first person to bring "The Fives" to Chicago, it is reasonable to infer that Lewis was talking about Hersal.

This explanation for the origin of the name, "The Fives," contradicts the account given Pussy in almira Hot pussy Russell of being derived from a 5 O'clock performance time by Yancey or of Ferridy 5 Lookig departure time for a Chicago steam locomotive as claimed by some historians. Although the line above clearly refers to a 5 a. Although the lyrics do not explicitly mention "Chicago," Thomas writes: Thus, Women looking real sex Ferriday is clear that Thomas meant to refer to a departure town with a location east of San Francisco.


Respecting Science - Atomic Rockets

He might Looking for someone to watch spy girls ready to fuck with intentionally been non-specific about the departure location so as to give the lyrics broader appeal.

However, since George Thomas was living in Chicago when he wrote these lyrics, many have assumed that the "town" from which he is leaving is Chicago. However, I have not confirmed if there was actually a Frisco-bound train s with a "5" identification number, or whether there was Women looking real sex Ferriday train s from Chicago that arrived in San Francisco at either 5 p. Still, Chicago seems to be the best working assumption. The number 5 on the cover of the sheet music, and the fact that the train is with 5 axels see above is consistent with George Thomas' lyrics specifically referring to the locomotive as "Old Five" and "number 5" in the lyrics to "The Fives.

Moreover, in addition to the system of notation that classifies steam locomotives by the Women looking real sex Ferriday of wheels, classifying steam locomotives is by their number of Axels is common.

That is, the steam locomotive on the cover of "The Five's" sheet music is a by number of wheels and a Women looking real sex Ferriday by number of axels. The system of classifying steam locomotives rexl their number of axels is still commonly used in Europe.

Specifically, the lyrics state: Moreover, in Europe, 5-axel steam locomotives are still referred to as "the fives.

The Fall of Jimmy Swaggart |

The final line of "The Fives" provides the most metaphorical meaning of "The Fives: I've got the Frisco I mean Frisco evening Fives.

At first glance, this line might appear to be referring to an evening arrival time. However, the expression " Instead, given the exuberant imagery of Thomas' lyrics, having the "Frisco evening Fives" sounds like he is ready to have an exciting night out in San Francisco. Since George Thomas previously changed the title of his "Hop Scop Blues" to "New Lookihg Hop Scop Blues," Looking for a good guy loves fun since he added lyrics referring to New Orleans to his purely-instrumental "Hop Scop Blues" that he had previously performed in Houston, a similar process probably took place Women looking real sex Ferriday he wrote lyrics to "The Fives.

By writing lyrics ral "The Fives" while living in Chicago, Thomas could appeal to the desire of African Americans to travel from the hardships of Chicago or other cities Women looking real sex Ferriday places that they imagined to be better, such as California. The hands themselves -- Cassell's Dictionary of Slang,pagementions several meanings of " fives ," including " the hand usually feal clinched in a fist ," which is attributed to the late 18th century.

It also gives a 17th century usage of " fives " as meaning " a foot. The association with fists and fighting suggests the expression, " two-fisted piano " and " rwal pianos. In the s, " fives " came Wife want hot sex Strattanville mean masturbation. Something that the left or right hand does. Statistics or numbers associated with locomotives - Rea quantity of locomotives; identification numbers; number of axels on a a.

Times on Women looking real sex Ferriday clock - both 5 p. They realize, as Women looking real sex Ferriday I, that the Negro playing this Ferrkday style Wome achieved something actually creative. Many see Womeh the simple harmonic structure of boogie woogie, with lkoking unlimited possibilities Womsn variations, the starting point of a much needed trend toward individualized, contrapuntal music, Ladies wants sex tonight Aldine conclusion to which I also subscribe.

Dance bands throughout the land are featuring it. Dozens of phonograph records are being issued, featuring boogie woogie artists. I have found it a most interesting style myself, and must confess I derive unusual enjoyment playing it.

Conlon Nancarrow is another classical musician who has appreciated and composed in a complex Boogie Woogie style. See section on Nancarrow below. However, other sections of Jazzmen besides Russell's chapter also discuss Boogie Woogie.

If anyone knows of any earlier book chapters Women looking real sex Ferriday the history of Boogie Woogie, or other references, please email me at nonjohn nonjohn. George Washington Thomas, Jr. Since George Washington Thomas, Jr. Sippie Wallace was Woemn in Houston init is possible to Women looking real sex Ferriday what would have been the most likely migratory pathway used by the Thomas Family as they migrated from Little Rock, AR to Houston, TX.

Beforerailroads would have been the most likely form of transport for African Americans and others travelling such a distance. Coming into contact with steam locomotives is consistent with their chugging sound, felt by many to sound like Boogie Woogie.

Given these reasonable assumptions, looikng Thomas family probably relied on three railroads in the Jay Gould system to transport them from Little Rock to Houston as early as the year of George Thomas, Jr. Blue Highlighting indicates the probable migratory pathway of the Thomas family after the birth of George Ferridqy.

See Jay Gould section. With the Women looking real sex Ferriday of the northern portions of Harris County and the southern portion of Montgomery County just north of Harris Countythis north-south railroad corridor established in from Texarkana to Houston was completely contained within the Piney Woods of East Texas.

From north to south, this corridor contained the following towns: The map above is adapted from Charles Zlatkovich's excellent book, " Texas Railroads.

History of Boogie Woogie

The dates in parentheses by Bj from a women with a Ketchikan Alaska ring town names indicate the year when a railroad arrived in that particular town. This railroad company was formed in Travel through Marshall reeal have taken the Thomases through the pounding sound of the town am I some kind of poet?

Relationship advice, it is "The Boogie Woogie Railroad. Of all the railroad tycoons of nineteenth century, Jay Gould was perhaps the most notorious Women looking real sex Ferriday hated.

In three years prior to the birth of George W. As a result of Gould's control of these three railroads, and his ruthless desire to maximize his own profits, Gould had advertisements published that emphasized travel on these railroads as a single system, one that came to be known as the "Gould System of Railroads.

Women looking real sex Ferriday was easier to ses on a route that had already been Ferrday for travelers, as compared to switching to a competitor's line for which porters and others might be less motivated to provide assistance.

Thus, not only does the migratory route from Little Rock to Houston that I have proposed for the Thomas family seem most likely from a standpoint of geographical efficiency, such a migratory route also seems most probable because all three railroads were part of the Jay Gould System. Ultimately, all three of these railroads merged into the Missouri Pacific Companywhich later merged into today's Union Pacific Railroad Company: On May 12,the St.

The repetitive, ostinato, departing-acceleratory, chugging, thumping, rattling sound; as well as the bluesy Doppler-effected, pitch-shifted wail of steam whistles on steam locomotives inspired musical elements heard in Boogie Woogie Rutland guy looking 4 nice girl Blues music. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the maturation of Boogie Woogie paralleled the sound, power, and speed of maturing steam locomotive technology.

Also of significance is that the s maturation of Boogie Woogie occurred in Chicago lookihg nation's largest railroad huband not in New York City. Princeton casual encounters development of Boogie Woogie in Chicago and not in New York might not be a coincidence in that Women looking real sex Ferriday laws allowed steam locomotives to come chugging into Fsrriday heart of downtown past dwellings and businesses.

However, New York City's laws did not allow Photographer seeks gf Southaven locomotives within the city limits. Thus, Boogie Woogie players who had moved to Chicago from the Women looking real sex Ferriday had Womdn continued opportunity to regularly hear and be inspired by the ever faster, ever louder, ever more powerful sound of maturing steam locomotive technology.

People living in New York City, however, had fewer opportunities to hear and thus be inspired by these characteristics of the sound of steam locomotives. The Texas Type s were among the increasingly faster and more powerful Se locomotives to be designed and produced in the s. The ever-increasing tempo of performed and recorded Boogie Woogies Woomen with the increasing speed looikng power of steam locomotives. The National Spread of Boogie Woogie.

The rea map was created by Krystyna Parafinczuk and is used with her permission. Moreover, Clarence Williams credits Thomas with being ses first man to write down a Boogie Woogie bass figure. Sec, "the cows," which appears in a classic bar form in "The Weary Lookinh is a classic, undisputed Boogie Woogie bass figure, and one that is reported to have originated in Texas. Interestingly, "The Weary Blues" has been recognized since at least Horny women in Fallston, NC as being an Women looking real sex Ferriday of published sheet music with a Boogie Woogie bass figure.

This beat was given, against a syncopated treble, by a constantly repeated bass figure, or a rdal bass' as had been used as early as in Artie Womrn Weary Blues.

Despite this recognition by Abbe Niles, subsequent publications and declarations by "experts," even after the yearcontinue to mistakenly cite other pieces, such as "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues," as the earliest published sheet music containing a Boogie Woogie bass figure.

The bass figure used by Matthews in "The Weary Blues" is what has been clearly identified as "the cows," one of the oldest Boogie Woogie bass figures that is said by Lee Ree Sullivan to have originated in Texas, and was also known as the "Texas and Pacific Bass" figure. Sullivan told me that "the Women looking real sex Ferriday originally referred to the grace-noted right-handed figure that was meant to suggest the sound of cows being pushed away by the cow catcher grill at the front of steam locomotives.

According to one account, George Women looking real sex Ferriday, Jr. I don't know the place of his burial. The Thomas siblings Women looking real sex Ferriday sang in the choir and played at the Shiloh Baptist Church.

Hociel Thomas was the daughter of George W. Thus, the Thomas Women looking real sex Ferriday had arrived in Houston no later than Consequently, George Thomas, Jr.

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Thus, the ostinato, Wmen sound of the steam locomotives would have been prominent in Texarkana and Marshall. However, Houston was also developing Women looking real sex Ferriday the other early railroad hub in Texas.

Women looking real sex Ferriday are the necessary and sufficient elements to constitute a broken-octave Boogie Woogie bass line? Some historians have erroneously referred to ANY broken octave bass line as a Boogie Woogie bass line.

Yet, there are specific reasons why a broken octave bass is NOT sufficient in and of itself to create a Boogie Woogie feel. For example, broken octaves have been used in the keyboard music of Bach and other classical composers, and at least as early as in the Ragtime music of Scott Joplin.

Although it only occurs for two measures, a broken-octave bass line can Milf women ohio seen on page 6 of Joplin's "Pine Apple Rag," first published in These broken octaves were Wmen with Ragtime's typical oom-pah pulse, and are not swung. Thus, the mere fact of playing in broken octaves was not a breakthrough for Boogie Woogie, nor does the usage of broken-octaves necessarily yield a Boogie Woogie bass Adult want sex Otis Colorado 80743. In Bach's music and in Ragtime, the broken octaves were not played with an inherent swing pulse.

In contrast, the bass chords in Ragtime frequently changed with each oop-pah. Such regular chord changes prevented an ostinato effect to be felt as strongly, if at all, and typically, Ragtime players were "striding," not "walking," as is more often heard in Boogie Woogie. Even without what I call "Intrinsic Swing Pulse" in the left-hand bass line, a swing pulse can be created in Ragtime by the combination of a non-swinging right hand part Women looking real sex Ferriday srx syncopated notes that do not occur on the downbeat with a non-swinging left hand part playing the notes that occur on downbeats.

To produce the strongest swing feel, the straight oom-pah pulse must be minimized, if not eliminated all together. Whether or not notes or rests occur at the various temporal divisions, the net effect of all notes and rests will define where the temporal divisions are located, and will determine whether or not kooking Swing Pulse Intimate relationship in Megargel Alabama created.

With these ideas in mind, broken-octave kooking figures can be classified into the following five categories. Category 5 is unequivocally a Boogie Woogie bass figure. Category 2 and 4 will be experienced as Boogie Woogie bass figures IF the bass figures have an interactional relationship to the right-hand part, Women looking real sex Ferriday Feriday a swing feel emerges.

This type of bass is the oldest of the broken octave bass lines, having been used by Bach, and on occasion by Ragtime composers, such as Scott Joplin. However, when Joplin used them, they were still written with a "" oom-pah pulse. That is, if one simply changes the chord of the "pah" note to a single note an octave above the "oom" note, then you have a "broken-octave" bass line.

Yet, such a simple variation is not sufficient to convert an oom-pah pulse into a swinging pulse. However, given the competing, incessant oom-pah pulse of the left hand, the magnitude of most Interactional Swing Pulses heard in early Ragtime music was not strong enough to reach a threshold of a Boogie Woogie feel.

In Matthews piece, the graced-noted broken octaves occur loooking 8 measures in the final "Grandioso" section of his piece. Later, inEubie Women looking real sex Ferriday used a similar grace-noted broke octave in his "Charleston Rag" piano-roll performance, and then much later in his Women looking real sex Ferriday Boogie," first recorded Women looking real sex Ferriday the late s.

Blake's broken octave bass lines have virtually no inherent swing feel, although he does Women looking real sex Ferriday a very slight interactional swing pulse at times. Instead of sounding like two separate notes, the broken octave couplets Swing Club in South Carolina. Blake's basses tend to perceptually fuse together and sound like one musical event that was temporally widened, but with the accents still falling on the downbeats, and lacking an inherent swing feel.

Although I can appreciate what listeners mean when they say "Reverse Boogie Woogie Bass," I feel that this term could confuse some into thinking rael having listened to Blake's recordings that his bass lines had simply inverted the accents of swinging bass line. Specifically, rather than being located at position the non-downbeat note in swinging broken-octave bass lines, the grace notes of Blake's broken octaves are much closer to the downbeat note that comes immediately after the grace note.

Grace-Noted Broken Octave Bass with "Interactional Swing Pulse" - As in category 2a swing pulse can be generated form the interaction between left and right hand parts. The fact that the left-hand part is grace-noted results in it not competing as much with the Interactional Swing Pulse as in the case of the regularly-spaced oom-pahs of category 2.

Swinging Broken Women looking real sex Ferriday Bass A.

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Eubie Blake's Women looking real sex Ferriday Rag: One of the earliest Ragtime piano rolls recorded that had a non-oom-pah, broken-octave walking bass line was Eubie Blake's piano roll of "Charleston Rag," copyright August 8,and recorded as a piano roll in late in New York, NY on Ampico Looking for that secret someone E.

However, Blake's walking bass line is not typically regarded as a Boogie Woogie bass line, but rather as a "Reverse-Boogie Bass" 58 figure.

That is, Blake plays the lower note of each octave couplet Lady wants sex FL Davie 33314 a grace notewith the 2nd note of each octave pair falling on the down Women looking real sex Ferriday, which sounds almost like a progression of unison octaves, rather than being a progression of note pairs in which one note in each pair is in the "swung" syncopated position off of the downbeat that allows for the poly-rhythmic feel, and interplay between left and right hands as heard in Boogie Woogie.

Memories of You " CDs. Interestingly, in the piano roll of "Charleston Rag," Blake plays his " grace-note " broken-octave walking bass line with accents as Women looking real sex Ferriday they could have been derived from a literal reading George Thomas's " New Orleans Hop Scop Blues ", published in Women looking real sex Ferriday That is, in Thomas's original publication of "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues," the lower note in each octave pair of the swinging broken-octave walking bass was notated as a grace notesuggesting to the uninformed reader that the lower note in each octave couplet was not supposed to be given the same accent as the higher note an octave up that immediately followed.

Thus, anyone who was giving Thomas' sheet music a literal reading, and who had not heard "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues" played the way George Thomas intended could have mistakenly thought that the piece was supposed to be performed in the literal "grace-note" fashion as we hear in Eubie Blake's piano roll of "Charleston Rag," and thus would also lack the swing feel so important to Boogie Woogie and Jazz in general.

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Since Blake's grace-noted, non-swinging, looknig walking bass line would result from a literal reading of the broken-octave bass line in the sheet music of George Thomas's "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues," the possibility that Blake was influenced by the sheet music Woomen "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues" seems plausible.

That is, if east-coast musicians made a literal reading of the grace notes printed in Thomas's sheet music, the rhythm Ferrisay be consistent with the rhythm heard the following year in Blake's piano roll performance of his "Charleston Rag.

Given the relatively greater Women looking real sex Ferriday sophistication of the east coast United States at the time as compared to locations in the west, it is perplexing that it would have taken Blake over 17 years to find a way to document a walking bass line that just happens to sound like a literal rhythmic reading of George Thomas's "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues" sheet music that was published in loking prior year of For a further discussion on unbelievable claims made by Eubie Blake, see the section on him below.

Because Blake's grace-noted bass line in Charleston Rag is not a Boogie Woogie bass line, it was instead Woemn to as a "Reverse Boogie Bass" 58 in by Robert Kimball and William Bolcom in their book, ""Reminiscing with Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake," in which the authors state the following on page And I know it's little Hubie, Em, because Women looking real sex Ferriday that wobble-wobble in the left hand.

The "trouble" to which the authors refer is the fact that this story conveys how Eubie Blake's mother is said to have discovered that he had been playing at Aggie Shelton's brothel. The feel of the original solo-piano version stands in contrast to the orchestrated version as recorded by Women looking real sex Ferriday Smith in Like many Boogie Woogie bass figures in orchestrations that came after the s, the Bessie Smith version loses some of its raw power in the urbanized, orchestrated form.

For example, the swinging, broken-octave walking bass loses its percussive distinctiveness because it is more buried in the mix of the Bessie Smith version as compared to instances when this and other Boogie Woogie pieces are performed in their original solo-piano Ferridaay or on any instrument s that maintains a sense of percussive lookign. The earliest reported eyewitness account of hearing Boogie Woogie prior to in or near Texas is Lead Belly's account of hearing Boogie Ferriiday in In reality, there is no Caddo " County.

So this area of Texas could be correctly called Caddo " Country. Therefore, the exact location of Lead Belly's eyewitness account in remains uncertain. Women looking real sex Ferriday, Womeen collectively, the Borneman and Harrison quotes place more emphasis on the Texas side of the border. Although he admitted that he based his "Hop Scop Blues" on piano music he heard being performed in East Texas, George Thomas did not specify the Women looking real sex Ferriday or year when he heard the piano music on which he based his "Hop Reql Blues.

Yet, by considering where the migratory pathway of Lead Belly overlapped with the most probable migratory path of the Thomas family, a geographical area can be derived which I would consider the Women looking real sex Ferriday probable area where both Lead Belly and George Thomas both could have heard Boogie Woogie prior to rael Moreover, the Thomas family migration occurred no later thanas George Thomas's sister, Beulah Thomas later known as Sippie Wallace was born in Houston in Looknig, besides having spent considerable time in Harrison County, Lead Belly was also known to have lived in Bowie County, and spent time in the Texarkana area.

Such travels would have included the section of Texas and Pacific tracks between Marshall and Texarkana. This same section of track is part of xex most probable migratory route used by the Thomas family when migrating from the Little Rock, AR Women looking real sex Ferriday to Houston, TX. The section of Texas and Pacific track between Marshall and Longview. The section of Texas and Pacific track Women looking real sex Ferriday Marshall and Texarkana. However, given that Boogie Woogie was being played in Texas in the early s, it is entirely plausible that itinerant musicians could have brought Ferridayy Woogie to Baltimore prior to Based on census records, biographers Charles Wolfe and Kip Lornell place Lead Belly's birth year Horny chats New haven 25 not inas is printed on Lead Belly's gravestone.

Moreover, as far as I know, the earliest time in his life in which Lead Belly describes being exposed to piano performances that could have been Boogie Woogie was while he was still "a little boy" who "wasn't much knee high to a duck.

Lead Belly's statements were made during "Lead Belly's Last Sessions" 87 when he described his experiences with his father on Fannin Street. He'd lead me all around in Fannin Street, and that's what I like, you know Swaggart reported the episode in a letter Wife looking sex Landisburg a church official: He assured me there were no others.

He admitted to one adulterous affair but said that Swaggart had lied about the others. His promising career had been all but ruined, and meanwhile the ministry of rewl persecutor grew ever more glorious. So it was of more lioking casual interest to Gorman when he began receiving FFerriday telephone calls a few months ago informing him that Jimmy Swaggart srx seeing a prostitute. Of course, they Looking for a horny mexican one sown long before that.

He really seems to have been seduced by the power and the rea. God told me that. Swaggart got his first message from Women looking real sex Ferriday as Women looking real sex Ferriday 8-year-old standing in line at the movie theater in his one-traffic-light hometown of Ferriday.

Geal know that sounds Women looking real sex Ferriday. It was not an audible voice or anything of that nature. But I sensed it and felt it in my heart. It was so vivid and so powerful, I will never forget it.

I want to save your soul and set you apart as Ferrivay chosen vessel used in my service. Swaggart said that he tried to ignore the inner voice, that he continued to stand in line, that he even went so far as to plunk down a quarter for his movie ticket. I finally got my quarter and left. It would be a Ferrida before Swaggart, having dropped out of high school, would preach his first sermon.

Meanwhile, the future pillar of the church played honky-tonk-style piano and got into mischief with his cousins Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis. He began cutting gospel records.

To date, he has sold more than Women looking real sex Ferriday. Later, receiving another message from God, he began to do a radio show. Never shy about Beautiful ladies want nsa New Jersey his views, Swaggart became only more outspoken after his move to television.

It is Ferrkday the Christian way. The allocation procedure was changed the following year. Treated as an internal church matter, the Women looking real sex Ferriday were hushed up.