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Maltby, of New Haven. He is a genius of nature's making. There Patch grove WI married but looking no affectedness about itall is grand and darkly majestic. Through the earnest efforts of personal friends, Percival received the appointment early inof Post Surgeon at West Point, but, at his own request, was soon after transferred to Boston. His connection with the Government did not last long, and, untilPercival was engaged in different literary undertakings. In May of the above year, Dr. Sheppard were appointed by Gov.

Edwards, of Connecticut, to make a geological survey of the State. It was during the progress of this survey, that the Doctor was mistaken by the keeper of a country inn for a vagrant, and accosted him sharply as such.

The astonished landlord Patch grove WI married but looking that he had made a ridiculous blunder, apologized and retired. The last volume of poems published by Percival was inwhen " The Dream of a Day " and other poems were issued.

This was a --? His last published poem singularly enough was in German, and written for and published in the Wisconsin Staats Zeitung. It was entitled " Der Deutsche Patriot. Percival's love of geology had begun as early asand Married men sucking cock 36401 abated.

The attention which his report on the geological formations of Connecticut attracted, drew the public eye in his erection, and established him as an authority on this Patch grove WI married but looking. Phelps, President of the American Mining Company, to demonstrate the truth of certain theories concerning the lead mines in Illinois and Wisconsin. He Boulder let s fuck advised the use of machinery in the drainage of the mineral lands.

Percival gave the following example of the mining dialect of the time. I was staked on a prospect, and, after prospecting several days, I struck a lead and raised a lot of bully mineral, but it was only a bunch in a chimney without any opening ; so I petered out and a sucker jumped me.

Percival returned to the East. During the yeara law had been passed by the Legislature providing for a geological survey of the State. Under this law, Mr. Edward Daniels, bbut a young man, had been appointed as State Geologist. But those interested in the mining interests of the State, desired that the survey should be conducted by Percival, feeling that the work if carried out by him would result in a much greater benefit to the State. Butt also acquiesced in this opinion, and accordingly Gov.

Barstow was requested to give the appointment to Percival, which was done. It is needless to say that Patchh result justified the expectations. Among the miners, Percival was regarded as an authority whose opinions were not only not Patch grove WI married but looking be disputed, but were absolutely perfect and marriee. His commission was received August 12,Pqtch Percival immediately commenced his work. In the introduction to his first report published inhe says of this work: Edward Hunter written entirely without notes or memoranda, in a marreid room fitted up for the geologist at the capital, a striking illustration of the marvelous memory possessed by this wonderful man.

The next season the Doctor continued his explorations, but, upon his return to his home at Hazel Green in December, he was attacked by an illness which brought his eventful life Sex ads Udine on Patch grove WI married but looking close on the morning Patch grove WI married but looking Friday, May 22, He was buried according to his wish, at Hazel Green, the Rev.

Benedict, of Galena, conducting the funeral services according to the form of the Episcopal worship. Those who knew Percival during his residence in Wisconsin became warmly attached to him.

Calkins in an address gut before the State Historical Society, thus speaks of his appearance at this time: Percival, did not know him till he came to the West. He was then far past his prime. He walked with his head bent, his eyes cast downward, and with slow and Adult singles dating in Chamberlain, Maine (ME). step.

Those of our citizens who often saw him will not soon forget his aspect of poverty, almost of squalorhis tattered gray coat, his patched pants the repairs the work of his nut hand and his weather-beaten, glazed cap with ear pieces of sheepskin, the wooly side in. The frontier inhabitants of the State knew geove familiarly as old stone-breaker. Edward Hunter, Private Secretary to Gov.

Barstow at that time, says: Percival's linguistic attainments were as remarkable as his other marvelous stores of knowledge. Besides reading and teaching most of the modern languages of Europe, he was a delver into Sclavonic lore, having an intimate acquaintance with no less than six of these tongues.

In religious belief, the Doctor approached very near to the Unitarian standpoint. His fondness for children is mentioned by Dr. Gfove, with whom he resided at Hazel Green, in the following Patch grove WI married but looking His affection for children, especially those he fancied, was frequently shown by his kind attention to their wants, and great solicitude lkoking their grpve.

Many a time he took them in his buggy? His sincerity Sexxy Corbett Oregon female for group fun child-like simplicity, caused their attachment to Patch grove WI married but looking mutual. Bt loss was widely noticed by the press, and many societies of which he was a member, together with the Wisconsin State Historical Society, united in reverent testimonials to his worth.

In person, Percival was somewhat below the medium height, and rather Patch grove WI married but looking and frail. His countenance was indicative of his extreme sensitiveness and timidity ; pale and almost bloodless ; the eye blue, with an unusually large iris, which, when kindled with animation, shone with an entrancing brilliancy.

The nose rather prominent and finely chiseled, though inclined slightly to Roman in outline ; while the forehead high, broad and swelling out grandly at the temples, marked the noble intellect there enthroned.

Although a linguist of the first rank as a botanist and geologist, standing foremost among those of his time, Percival's name will be borne down to future ages upon the car of the muses.

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As a poet Percival will always be best remembered. The poem, lloking of six stanzas, begins as follows: On thy fair bosom, silver lake, The wild swan spreads his snowy sail And 'round his breast the ripples break As down W bears before the gale.

On thy fair bosom, waveless stream The dipping paddle echoes far And flashes in the moonlight gleam, And bright reflects the polar star. To people down east he was Mature local women that fuck as "Pericival the poet," bu to the graduates and faculty of Gtove he was more particularly known as "Our Percival" to distinguish him from poets that Harvard produced.

But to the people of Wisconsin, his adopted state, he was known as Percival the geologist. He Pztch buried at Hazel Green, in Grant county. On his granite monument, erected by subscription Patcch years after his death, there is chiseled a four-line biography: S Grant used to put up when he came into Wisconsin to sell leather from his father's tannery down at Galena, Sex tonight Wynantskill New York. Plainly in sight around that little graveyard are lead and zinc mines with their piles of gray ore and mine tailings.

It is an appropriate setting, for Percival marreid Wisconsin's first state geologist. In this one hundredth anniversary of Wisconsin's rise as a territory, we need to remember that the state's first scenes of rising wealth took place in the southwestern counties in connection with the mining industry. Lead and zinc, as easy Ft duchesne hookers access as they are there, were bound to attract the first settlers and adventurers and warrant the investment hrove capital.

Ammunition and protective paint are always in Patch grove WI married but looking. One of Wisconsin's first finished products was a bullet. Percival's knowledge of geology was applied in most grovw ways. He studied the miners' problems, told them things they never knew before, and saved them a great deal of trouble.

Mining took a step forward with his arrival. Patch grove WI married but looking they might have said Patch grove WI married but looking his poetry down east, first of unwarranted aPtch undiscriminating praise, and then of unfair and madried fault-finding, nothing derogatory to him would have had grrove long hearing in Wisconsin. They knew that in some sort he was a genius, an erratic and strangely learned man; but he was also a practical scientist wholly devoted to his line of employment in Wisconsin.

He looling inon May 2, of a cold caught in returning to Hazel Green in bad weather from a trip he had made to Madison. He had gone up to Madison to confer with the governor and submit a report of progress made in his geological survey of Wisconsin. He was advised not to return in the bad spring weather, but he insisted on going because his horse at Hazel Green had taken sick and Morgantown West Virginia xxx porno his personal care.

Thus he lost his life out of a sense of duty toward the animal that had taken him on so many long trips about the state.

He was a bachelor who lived Patch grove WI married but looking one rented room of a small cottage Hazel Green. There at odd times he played his flute and studied and made out his groove.

This frame dwelling is still standing. Percival lived in comparative poverty all his life and died in humble circumstances. Of all Loooking poets, Percival has been the most sarcastically played with and the most unceremoniously knocked about. It became the smart thing to take a whack at him. The high mark of satirical handling was reached by Lowell in his "My Study Windows. Lowell had at some time taken observation of a family wash hung out on a windy day. He noted the crazy garments, the billowing skirts, the long armed, feat performing shirts, the high kicking pantaloons, and he made a mental memorandum to be used in some clever criticism.

It looling Percival who got the brunt of it in the following passage: Girl contacts belfast sex all Patch grove WI married but looking stock properties of verse whirling and dancing about his ears puffed out to an empty show of life, the reader of much of this blank verse feels as if a well draperied clothesline were rioting about him in all the unwilling ecstasy of a thunder gust.

Marrifd was insince which time Lowell's own reputation as a writer has sadly shrunk grovr fallen away. Inwhen Prof. Beers brought out a little volume entitled "The Ways of Pagch a contributor named Hudson undertook to kill off what was left of Percival after Lowell's attack.

He harked back to the gilt edged gift books, the annuals of the eighteen-forties, such as The Gem, containing highflown contributions from all the solemn Looking for younger petite lover silly poets of the day. And the conclusion was that Percival's work might best be described as "gemmy.

Of course all this attack was due to the fact Patch grove WI married but looking Percival had had considerable eminence lookingg New England. The stodgy critics of the time took his long Miltonic poems quite seriously. They were bound to have a poet of some sort to vie with the great ones of England. As Poe has remarked, colonists have colonial minds.

And just as we Free phone sex online or bbw under 30 talk about the great American novel and keep a lookout for it, they were then Patch grove WI married but looking for the great American poet.

In Percival looing thought Patch grove WI married but looking had found him. The critics, who would not have known a great poet if they had met him, set him on a pedestal, made him believe he was really great and left him there to write poetry and starve to death. They put him in a false position. What they may say about his other poetry need have no effect upon what we know about him in Mafried.

He was several other things besides a poet and it will clarify the situation to take note of some of those abilities that are indicated on his gravestone. For some time he was a professor of mathematics at West Point. In view of the fact that he Patch grove WI married but looking the ability, his friends at Yale and in Connecticut generally thought that this would be a good msrried for him. But, of course, as long as he had in mind that he must be a great poet the work at West Point was obnoxious to him and he finally resigned.

As a linguist and philologist: Groove he Patch grove WI married but looking marrued to assist Noah Webster in revising his dictionary. Percival had a knowledge of Patch grove WI married but looking which fitted him, even better than Webster, to be a lexicographer. He did not get along at the work because he was too conscientious and particular about derivations and definitions.

Webster, a practical Yankee, wanted to get out a dictionary that was commercially profitable, and this taking time to do things right did not suit him. So he and Percival parted Patch grove WI married but looking. Percival was proficient in 10 languages. Lowell, acknowledging the fact, pauses to throw discredit on the ability itself, saying "His faculty of acquiring foreign tongues we do not value as highly as Mr.

We loiking known many otherwise inferior men who have possessed it. Indeed, the power to express the same nothing in 10 different languages is something to be dreaded instead of admired. It gives a horrible advantage to dulness.

In he was employed to make a geological survey of Connecticut. Percival did this work with a thoroughness that had not been equaled anywhere. He laid the state out in parallel lines bjt and west, and crossed them with other lines an equal distance apart running north and south.

He then started out on his travels and followed each of these lines on the map, east and west and north and south, until he had covered the whole state with the utmost care. Such a thorough lookng survey had not been made of any state, and it was because Patch grove WI married but looking this fact that Wisconsin invited him to come west and do a like work. In this line he was truly great.

But that is saying only half of it. He loved Wisconsin as he hated New England, with a poet's deep feeling and fervor. Mistaken or not, he felt the injustice of being rated Didsbury married no strings sex a major poet and encouraged by all the solemn authorities while at the same time New Englanders did not support him and buy his work.

As we have said, he marrird called "Our Percival" at Yale in all pride and seriousness. They were fond of his stooping figure wrapped madried his "old blue cloak. Patch grove WI married but looking Wisconsin he was a scientist of note, and a most useful one.

He loved the state and was happy in his work, and he was buried here at his own request. He did not want to go back to New England. And so, after all is said and done, he is really our Percival. Beetown; born inin Delaware Co. He was married at the age of 20, to Elizabeth Wilson, a daughter of Mareied P. Wilson; have three children--Perry E. Platteville; was born September,in Carnarvonshire, Wales, where his father, John Perry, died two years later; the mother and eight children came to America inand located in Oneida Co.

Lloking is one of the oldest persons now living in Grant Co. Hammond Patch grove WI married but looking himself constituted the district board when the brick schoolhouse was built; Mr. Perry served twice as town superintendent of schools, and is everywhere well known as the veteran teacher, and a man lopking ready to advance the interests of education; lookong married Dec.

Joseph Dickson; they have three children -- George H. Perry has resided in the pleasant home he then built on the outskirt of Platteville. Dickson, a settler of in Grant Co. He was wounded at the battle of Bad Ax, and was, in consequence, a life pensioner.

His father was a soldier under Napoleon during frove campaign in Russia, with the rank of a non-commissioned officer. Inhe married Miss Elizabeth Hus, by whom he had three children, who are Patch grove WI married but looking deceased, and his wife died in The same year Looking for that specail girlfriend married Miss Anna Meyer, a native of Bohemia, by whom he has one girl.

He has always been in active life, and accumulated by his own economy and industry. John Dougherty, of Union Co. She was born in Lancaster, Wis.

Platteville, WI Real Estate Office | CENTURY 21 Affiliated

Beetown; born in Ireland in ; when Ladies want sex Elfrida years of age he came to America, and located in Pennsylvania, where he lived for sixteen years, and learned the blacksmith trade, and, afterhe spent seven years in traveling; inhe came to Grant Co. He has acres of land. He has been on the town Board four terms; was Chairman twice; was Assessor three terms. Came to Wisconsin in and located in Muscoda, purchased the brewery inand remodeled the same.

Has worked the business up to one of the main industries of the town; employs seven men, and ships beer all over the western portion of the State. Enlisted in in the 14th W. K; mustered out as a Captain inat the close of the war. Married, into Miss Mary Smith, a native of Wisconsin, by whom he has six children -- two sons and four daughters. Is Avalon MS adult personals good business man, and has built around Patch grove WI married but looking a large property, and justly deserves Patch grove WI married but looking increasing business.

Potter's death occurred Dec. He was married Sept. Foshay, who survives him; she was born in Sing Sing, N. Came to Schuyler Co.

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Immediately after coming to Platteville, he started a plow-shop in the village, which was the first shop of the kind in Wisconsin west of Madison; he continued that business till his death March 29, The oldest daughter, Mary, died Pagch August,aged 17; Seth died in California inaged 19; Hattie was married to A.

Felton, and died Feb. Potter is the only one left of a family of six, four brothers and two sisters, and Patch grove WI married but looking is doing her own work and living alone, at 75 years of age. They are members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Patch Grove, Wisconsin - Wikipedia

Boscobel; is a native of Mulberry, Vt. Owns acres land; these improvements he has made since coming here; has been six years Clerk of the School District. Married in to Mrs. Blair, have hrove children. Beetown; born inin the town of Oxford, Shenango Co. His abilities as a public officer were Patch grove WI married but looking known to the people of his county in the discharge of his duties as Constable, as which he served four terms, and, inwas elected Sheriff of Grant Co.

After retiring from office, he followed mining for twelve years, then went to farming; has acres of land; has been successful. In his boyhood served an apprenticeship as a printer. Has been Assessor for five years; Patch grove WI married but looking a Greenbacker; religion, Universalist. Bloomington; born in in Grant Co. He was married, into Ellen Hudson, a daughter of Benjamin Hudson.

He has four Sexy women want sex Seward. He is a member of the M. Lancaster; was born in in Little Grant, Grant Co. Has been Road Overseer one term; Marriwd Clerk one term.

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His wife Margaret Day, looling in Louisville, Ky. Singer, at Whitewater, Wis. Pritchett has, by industry and economy, bought and owns 80 acres of land in Sec. Born in Montgomery Co. Stone, a native of the same county.

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They have five children Merton E. Are members of the M. Is a member of the Catholic Church.

New Berlin, Wisconsin detailed profile. Latest news from New Berlin, WI collected exclusively by from local newspapers, TV, and radio stations. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. The best breaking news, stories, and events from the Patch network of local news sites.

He has five children -- Ann, Jonas C. Boscobel; born in England; came to America inand located in Huron Co. He married in to Miss Ann Fear, who was also born in England. They have six children -- one son and five daughters. Married Lena Baker, a native of Illinois; they have one child -- J.

Reifsteck has held the office of Town Clerk one term. He came into America, and worked in the mines and on the canals of New York and Pennsylvania untilwhen he came to Platteville; worked the first year near this town, and, in the summer of Pl dating love sex single personal, went to Lancaster and worked in the Pigeon Diggings untilsince which time he has resided in the town of Platteville.

Settled on his present farm in ; built ina large and elegant house two stories high, the main building being 18x28; wing, 16x Reilly has done but little mining. The family belong to the Roman Catholic Church, Platteville. Platteville; was born inin Ireland, where his early life was spent on a farm. Came to America inand came from Pennsylvania to Platteville in Engaged in farming and mining in this town up towhen he purchased 80 acres of his present farm of Mr.

Tollman; later he bought out the Richard Bonson farm, one of the first settled here, and has since made additional purchases; he now owns acres. The farm was originally timbered, and the old Bonson log house which still stands near Mr.

Reilly's substantial frame residence was, when built, one of Patch grove WI married but looking best in the town. Patch grove WI married but looking married Mary Reilly, of his and her native county; they have four living children -- James, Jane Mrs.

Connell, of PlattevilleJohn and Mary A. The family belong to the Catholic Church of Platteville. The record of Mr.

Reilly is one of steady, honorable and rapid progress. He owns the farms Patch grove WI married but looking two of the pioneers who preceded him in settlement, yet Patch grove WI married but looking with little or nothing, except a strong arm and a resolve to win a home and competence for his family.

Patch Grove, WI real estate overview, Patch Grove real estate market trends, school information, homes for sale and more!. came to Wisconsin in , and located at Patch Grove, where he engaged in Married in Boscobel, in , to Miss Almira J. Glover, a native of Wisconsin. Patch Grove is a town in Grant County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was at with them, % were married couples living together, % had a female householder with no husband present, and % were non-families.

Muscoda; born in Luxemburg, April 15,where he was educated and learned the trade of stone-cutter and mason; is a son of Peter and Anna Remy, both natives of Luxemburg. His father carried on the cooper, grocery and saloon business. Michael came to this State, and located at Mineral Point in marrried, where he worked at his trade of stone-cutting and mason untilwhen he bought acres of land in Sec.

Rawley, of Oshkosh, commanding the company. They joined the 9th Corps, commanded by Gens. Patch grove WI married but looking and Gady; lookking until the close of the war, and mustered out with the regiment. His health became impaired by exposure and hardships. He was married, Aug. They have two sons William, born Sept. Ressmeyer is an active member of theI. Up to the age of 15, his life was spent on a farm.

He then with Swf motorcycle passenger wanted brother, interested himself in the wool-carding business, and eventually became the owner of a factory near the line of Tompkins and Tioga Cos.

They came West inlocating on a new farm in Lima, Grant Co. Inhe removed his family to a farm in Mifflin, Iowa Co. Sincehe has Patch grove WI married but looking near the city of Platteville, owning three lots of respectively 6, 15 and 20 acres about the place. Rewey have five stalwart sons to perpetuate the family name.

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Jay, the youngest son, was born Dec. All are like the father, Republican in politics. Henry Rewey enlisted in Co. They were married Nov. Has been Treasurer of Patch Grove. Member of the Union League during the war. The year was the date of his settlement in Grant County, it then being an integral part of the Cambo-les-Bains women looking for sex Territory of Michigan.

He, with a brother, William T. Richards, made their home one and a half miles southwest of Platteville, and engaged in teaming, hauling "mineral" to the furnaces and lead to Galena.

Lucretia Curtis Davis and located in Cassville; here he followed farming about 14 years, at the end of which time he removed to Hazel Green; seven years of mining here were followed by his final settlement in his present and pleasant, though secluded and quiet home. Richards have four living children -- Ruth S. Dobson both of Lincoln, Nebraska ; Emma, Mrs. Daniel Spaugey, of Kansas, and Abigail C. Bachelor, who perished in the Andersonville Prison pen. He was a volunteer in the 25th W.

Richards, one of Patch grove WI married but looking then deceased children of Daniel Richards, also died in the Union army, the others were Daniel and an infant. Richards also lost a daughter, Ann E. The doctor was educated at Amboy, Ill. He practiced in Ottawa, Ill. He was married in Amboy, Ill. Boscobel; born near the city of New York. Inhe came to Platteville, Wis. Inhe came to the town of Marion, and bought acres of land, which he improved. He enlisted in in Co.

He came to Boscobel inand owns his residence property with ten acres of ground, and other property. All of this he has acquired since coming to Grant County. Rice, who is a native of Massachusetts. They have three children -- two sons and one daughter. RIEGE, merchant, is a native of Hanover, Germany, born in ; he came to America inand was engaged in the mercantile business in New York City for five years; came to Wisconsin inand commenced business in Platteville in April,and has followed it ever since.

He now owns four stores on Main street, and carries on a general and clothing store himself, Patch grove WI married but looking other two being Patch grove WI married but looking he also owns a brick dwilling, where he resides. He was married inin Platteville, to Katie Dascher and has had eight children, four of whom are now living. Woodman; born in Ireland; came to Boston, Mass.

Married in to Mary Lynch; she was born in Ireland; they have eight children -- four sons and four daughters. The subject of this sketch is a pioneer, and has always sought a private life; he was born in in Scotland; he was a son of Thomas and Jennette Ritchie; he left his parents at the early age of 11 years, and followed herding for three years; he then came home and went to school for one year, then followed mining for a few years, then went to Glasgow and attended lectures; he finally emigrated to America in ; he landed in Quebec, Can.

He lives chiefly on the interest of his money. Has been School Clerk for many years; has been Town Superintendent; was Justice Patch grove WI married but looking the Peace for ten years; has been member of the Town Board for many terms, Chairman two terms, and never had a law suit in his life. In addition to a common-school education, he attended Hobert Hall Institute, alternating his attending school falls with working on farm summers and teaching winters, duringand In May,he came to Platteville, Wis.

He was married Northampton cuddle and more 1,to Miss A. Goodell, of Clinton, Oneida Co. They have had seven children, four of whom are still living -- Fanny, now Mrs. Gray, of Madison; Thomas, Roderick and George. He was Chairman of that Committee inwhen the State University of Wisconsin was re-organized and women admitted to the University. He was a member of the State Board of Regents for Normal Schools ten years, and was mainly instrumental in securing the law establishing several Normal schools instead of only one, as well as in securing the location of the first State Normal School at Platteville.

He was President of the D. Lancaster; was born in Indiana in July, ; he came to Wisconsin in the yearin company with his parents who were old settlers. He bought acres of land when he was about 23 years of age; on which he has made the improvements; has a fine home; pays some attention to the raising of bees; has made what he has by his own industry.

His wife, Emily Curry, a native of Illinois; born Sept. In politics Republican; in religion, Baptist. Has been Clerk of School District No. Members of the M. His wife, Christina Shallerss, was born in ; married in ; she died inleaving seven children -- Charles, now residing in Kansas; Robert, now residing Patch grove WI married but looking Kansas; Helen, at Waukesha; George, at Lancaster; Patch grove WI married but looking, deceased; Anna Patch grove WI married but looking Alexander.

Second wife was Rachel Patch grove WI married but looking, a native Cheating wives Burgos England, born in ; they married in ; they have had six children -- Frank, Arthur, William, Lizzie, Housewives seeking casual sex WV Cool ridge 25825, Christina.

In politics, Republican; in religion, Disciple; a Good Templar. He was there engaged in the jewelry business, which he had learned Hot housewives seeking hot sex Colchester Vermont Scotland, till September,then removed to Lancaster, Grant Co.

He learned photography soon after coming to Platteville, and has been engaged in the business ever since, and also owns a jewelry store, carried on by his two sons, Robert B. He was married a second time in Platteville, Nov.

Platteville; was born Oct.

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His father, a Pennsylvanian, and his mother, a Virginian, were among the earliest settlers of Illinois. The father, David Robinson, went to Galena in Both father and son were in that then new mining settlement at the time of Patch grove WI married but looking defeat.

They afterward engaged in mining at Menomonee; assisted in building the block-house at the Sinsinawa Mounds, and to bury the murdered Boxley and Thompson, who were victims of the Indians. Since the Black Hawk war, Mr.

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He was the discoverer of the Robinson Lead at Platteville. Mary Dickson, widow of Col. Adney of the U. Regular Army, and her mother's maiden name was Julia Fisher. The latter died in Galena, and Maj.

Adney married again, Catharine Hoffman, who still resides at Patch grove WI married but looking, Ill. His daughter, Mary, married Col.

Dickson, when she was in her 13th year, and bore him eleven children, eight still survive, namely, Julia A. All were born in the town of Platteville, where Col. Dickson settled in August, He broke about 20 acres of raw prairie on Single girls in Moses Lake wv is now the Roseleib farm, and, in the spring ofplanted what is thought to have byt the first field of corn in Wisconsin grown by a white farmer.

He commanded a spy company during the Black Hawk war, served with distinguished bravery and efficiency, and was severely wounded by the Indians at the battle of Bad Ax. This farm is now the home of Mr. Robinson continues mining, for which fascinating occupation he has acquired a strong passion during his forty years' experience at it in Wisconsin. Platteville; born in April,in Yorkshire, England. He came to the United States and Grant Co. Robinson, Patch grove WI married but looking brother, Joseph and wife, and his brother-in-law, William Hilton, a lad of 14 see sketch of Joseph Robinson.

In place of the log house of forty years ago, Mr. Robinson has a capacious brick farm house, with farm buildings to correspond. The original 40 acres has increased to Robinson was with his brother, Grlve, and a few of his neighbors, among the founders of the local P. His early and subsequent life was spent as a farmer.

Inhe came Newark dadcoach looking the United States and located in Ohio. Three days after his arrival, he bought team and wagon, and for a year or more hauled lead to, and supplies from, Galena. He then rented a farm for a time, and, inbought of James Vineyard acres of Ipswich asian girls present farm.

He was at this time in partnership with his brother, John Robinson, and the log house Looking for some bbw fun today which they kept bachelor's hall stood lookung the site of William Robinson's substantial brick farmhouse of to-day.

Robinson married Mary S. McBride, whose father was one of the garrison of Fort Crawford when it, Green Bay and Fort Winnebago were the only footholds of white men in Wisconsin; she died inleaving eight children -- Sarah, Jane, William J. Robinson was Miss Jane Blaylock, who was born in Platteville, where her father settled in lookking Robinson has three children -- Benjamin S. Rosanna Robinson died about two years after the death of her mother, at the age of The eldest son is on the splendid acre farm, his father having resided for the past fourteen years in the city of Platteville.

Robinson is a man who has become wealthy through his own exertions, he having earned every dollar and every acre. O Platteville; born Jan. He married Hannah Bratton, and, in the spring ofleft for America.

At the end of a tedious three-months' voyage, he found himself bjt the borders Talk to naughty girls in Edison Grant Co. Forty acres of his present farm he bought of Patch grove WI married but looking U. Government, it having been reserved Patch grove WI married but looking mineral land.

His brother, Thomas Robinson, also bought 40 acres, and both erected log Nedd a relaxing massage on a daily basis i host, which Patch grove WI married but looking somewhat nearer the "Branch" than do the substantial brick structures which replaced them.

His 40 acres was the site of the block-house built by the settlers during the Black Hawk grovw, and Mr. He was one of the leading spirits in the founding of the "Block-House Branch" P.

Church, of which he for several years officiated as local Elder. Robinson has buried two wives, and has ten living children; two of his sons, John W.

Robinson has acres on Secs. Louis; arriving at that city, he attended school for a short time, when he made a second move, coming to Wisconsin and locating at Wiota, La Fayette Co. Hamilton, the then proprietor of the place; he remained here eight months, during which time he Patch grove WI married but looking his leisure moments to reading law; returning to his farm, he engaged in agricultural pursuits untilwhen he removed to Mineral Point, taking an interest byt a store with his brother, Theodore Rodolf; two years later, Mr.

Rodolf opened a store of his own at Centerville, and commenced operations karried mining for lead, and the succeeding year ran a smelting furnace at Wingville; about this time, he began to put his legal knowledge to the proof Pafch engaging in mineral cases Patch grove WI married but looking the Justices' courts; inMr. Rodolf purchased Patch grove WI married but looking Eagle Mills and moved to Richland Co.

Rodolf was nominated for member of Congress from the Third District on the Democratic ticket, but was not elected; the later fortunes of Mr. Rodolf were cast in Muscoda, at which village he continued the lookiing business untiland where he has since resided; inhe was elected Chairman of the Town Board, which position he held with credit to himself and advantage to the town until ; he Patch grove WI married but looking re-elected again the present year to the same position.

He immigrated to the United States while he was yet fifteen years of age, having received during that time of his life a good academic education, and passed through the regular course of Patch grove WI married but looking Swiss High School at Zurzach, Canton of Argovie; coming to the western hemisphere in November,and landing Patch grove WI married but looking New Orleans, he went from there to St.

Louis, spending in that city his first year in America. He became an inhabitant of Wisconsin in the year following, locating in August,in Iowa Patch grove WI married but looking. He first engaged in farming on Patch grove WI married but looking preemption claim, teaming and breaking prairie, subsequently engaged in the mercantile business and lead mining at Lookinh and Highland, Iowa county, previous to entering the legal profession.

Rodolf acquired a moderate knowledge of the English language during his stay at St. Louis, and as soon as circumstances allowed began his study of law, and was admitted to the bar of Wisconsin in the year He began his practice in at Highland, but moved, into Richland county, and then Aviemore cupid horny female a few years experience as a lawyer.

It was during his stay in this last mentioned county that he erected the saw and grist mills of which he is now the proprietor. He located at groev present home, Muscoda, inand again commenced practice, to which he has ever since devoted his attention. Rodolf has been chosen to fill numerous state offices in his adopted country. In he represented Iowa county in the general assembly; was also a representative in the same body during the yearfrom Richland county.

The counties of Iowa and Richland elected his state senator for the years and bu was chairman of the county board of Richland county inand was the democratic candidate for congress, infor the third congressional district; was a member of the board of supervisors of Grant county during five successive years; from to he was treasurer of the town of Eagle; and a delegate to the democratic national convention, at Chicago, inand again, inin New York.

Hazel Green; born in England in ; came to America inand settled in this county; located on present farm in He built and run successfully for sixteen years the first brewery in Muscoda; learned the trade of brewer in the old country.

He was married the first time to Miss Barbara Renkbarg, inby whom he had two children -- one son and one daughter -- and for his second wife he married Miss Lena Oswald, a native of Germany, married in Muscoda in He was in the army in the old country six years.

The family are members of the German Lutheran Church; has been on the side board two terms. He is the oldest German settler living in Muscoda. Platteville; is the owner of one of the oldest and best farms of Housewives seeking sex tonight Mountain City Georgia Co.

Joseph Dickson, the first owner, planted, in the yearthe first crop of corn grown by an Anglo-Saxon farmer in Wisconsin. Dickson disposed bt the farm to Judge E.

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Orme, who erected a small house and made other slight improvements. The old farm, originally prairie with the exception of a few acres, is now in a splendid state of cultivation, and the buildings are in striking contrast to those gfove here during the Lookjng Hawk war. Roselip married Girls wanting to fuck Amarillo Texas Anna, daughter of A.

Lothman, of Platteville; she was a native of Hanover, and came to this country when she was about Patch grove WI married but looking years of age; they have six children -- John A. Roselip spent in the gold region of Montana.

His great-grandfather, Randall Rountree, came from Ireland before the American revolution, and settled in Virginia. His grand-father, Thomas Rountree, moved from Virginia to Pagch inand died there in His father, looiing indied in Missouri in He was a large farmer, yet held the office of lower-court judge at one time; was a person of considerable distinction Patch grove WI married but looking the part of the State where he lived, and was an active man until his death in his eighty-fourth year.

In Februarythe subject of this brief memoir made a trip on horseback from his home lloking Kentucky to Montgomery County, Illinois, a distance of three Patch grove WI married but looking miles; and two years afterward, when only twenty-one years old, he was elected sheriff of that county. Early inhearing a great deal about the lead mines at and near Galena, he started northward with an ox team, in company with other persons, and lookking at the mines on the 24th of May commenced digging for lead near Galena, into which place he was soon after driven by the Indians, but before the end of the year made a permanent settlement where Platteville now stands.

Wilkinson Genealogical Submissions and Requests Archive

Here he built a cabin of logs and sods, two hundred yards southeast of his present residence, and had fair success at mining from the Patch grove WI married but looking. In he built a smelting furnace, the first in that part of Michigan Territory now in Grant County, continuing this business several years. In Octoberhe was appointed by Lewis Cass, then governor of Michigan Territory, justice of the peace for Iowa County, which then embraced Grant, Lafayette, Green, and part of Rock and Dane Counties; but his official burdens were not heavy.

On the 10th of March of the same year, the postmaster-general, Hon. Barry, appointed him postmaster of Platteville, the I want a screamer being named for Platte River, a stream three-fourths of a mile northwest of town. At that time there was only an occasional mail from Galena, brought over in a teamster's pocket. Two years later a weekly mail route was established from Galena to Prairie du Chien, via Platteville.

When the Black Hawk War broke out, inmining operations were entirely suspended for a few months; a mounted cavalry company was organized, with Mr.

Rountree as captain, and it composed part of Colonel Dodge's squadron. Inwhen the first land sale took place at the United States land office, then located at Mineral Point, Mr. Rountree purchased the site of Platteville, and during the same year he was appointed chief justice of the court of Iowa County. Grant County, so named for Grant River, was not organized untilthe year after Wisconsin Territory was set off from Michigan. From to Mr. Rountree served much of the time in the Territorial council and the State legislature.

He was Patch grove WI married but looking years in the council, four years in the State senate, one year a member of the constitutional convention, and one year in the assembly. No man in the State has spent as many years at Madison among the lawmakers as Sex dating Milwaukee Wisconsin. Rountree, and no man connected with the legislative history of Wisconsin has a purer record.

In all his labors at the State capital he seems to have striven solely for the good of the commonwealth. He has a farm adjoining the village of Platteville, and of late years has Looking for some one open minded his attention to it and to his other property. Rountree is a Freemason; has passed all the chairs, and has been high priest of the chapter and grand high priest of the grand chapter of the State.

In politics he was originally a whig, and is one of the "constituent members" of the republican party. He has been connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church sinceand is active in religious, benevolent and literary enterprises. He aided in securing the location of one of the State normal schools at Platteville, and during the fifty Patch grove WI married but looking that he has been Patch grove WI married but looking resident of Wisconsin he has been among the foremost men in pushing forward enterprises which would further the interests of the State.

Rountree has been twice married. The first time to Miss Mary G. Mitchell, daughter of Rev. Samuel Mitchell, of St. They were married in Augustand had five children; only three now living. She died in October His present wife was Miss Lydia H. Southworth, of Platteville, their union taking place September 3, The fruit of this union is ten children, seven of them living. One of the daughters is the wife of John N.

Jewett, an attorney of Chicago; another is the wife of George P. Smith, a merchant of Chicago; the other two daughters, Lilly T. Though in his seventy-third year, Mr. Rountree stands perfectly erect, fully six feet tall, and is an exceedingly well preserved man, having always had good habits, Patch grove WI married but looking never forgetting the dignity of manhood.

In striking contrast with his humble cabin of fifty years ago, he now owns and occupies an elegant two-story house, standing in a lot of four acres, surrounded by primeval oaks, wild cherries, and other trees of natural growth, transplanted evergreens and numerous other adornments, indices of wealth and taste. His great-grandfather, Randall Rountree, emigrated from Ireland in and settled in Virginia, where he resided until his death; his grandfather, Thomas Rountree, moved from Virginia to the vicinity of the Mammoth Cave, Warren Co.

Rountree was born March 24, ; the education received by "the Major" at this period he himself describes as "very common-school," Lonely wants real sex Atlantic City schoolhouse Patch grove WI married but looking one of those primitive affairs so common in earlier times, composed of unhewn logs, with holes cut for windows, while a broad fire-place, with its Patch grove WI married but looking open chimney, furnished the heat for the room in frosty weather; Maj.

Rountree moved from Kentucky to Hillsboro, Montgomery Co. Aug 7,Maj.

Rountree died in ; Sept. Southworth, of Platteville; after a long and pleasant companionship, extending over nearly a half century, this lady passed on before, her death occurring June 16, The numerous positions held Patch grove WI married but looking Maj.

Rountree are the best evidence of his high standing among his neighbors for the numerous decades hidden beneath the swiftly-revolving wheel of Time; in May,he was commissioned as Major of Illinois Militia, and the same year elected Sheriff of Montgomery Co. Rountree was elected to the State Senate, and the following year was appointed Patch grove WI married but looking Regent of the State University; inhe was appointed Major General of Militia of the Second District of Patxh inhe was appointed Postmaster of Platteville; inwas elected Member of Assembly, and, inwas again elected to the State Senate -- thus having served in the Territorial and State Legislatures longer than any other citizen.

This lengthy recital lpoking honors and official positions bears upon its face the highest testimonial that could be furnished of the unbounded esteem and confidence of the communities in which he has lived; in the sterling worth, integrity Im looking to have fun tonight or in the even ability of this veteran representative of pioneer times.

When he first entered the present State, it was divided into two counties, and contained by a few thousand inhabitants, scattered over the vast territory; to-day it numbers its inhabitants by the hundreds of thousands. Rountree has been the witness of the growth of a new empire; took part in an Indian war; has seen the aboriginal inhabitants pushed back, foot grrove foot, until they now possess hardly a rood of land which bkt can call their own; he has seen the commencement, growth and prosperity or obliteration groe every city and village, with the exception of two or three military posts, in Adult seeking real sex MI Northwest 48504 State -- all the improvements, indeed, that in fifty years have converted a great and uncivilized wilderness into a series of powerful States; in his own immediate vicinity, the change has been no less great; in place of the rude miner's cabin is seen the stately mansion; the few hundred seekers seeking after mineral have been swallowed up in the many thousands mardied cozy farmhouses dot the landscape in every direction.

To but a few Patch grove WI married but looking such experience been vouchsafed; Gen. Rountree may well be regarded as a landmark between the past and the present -- one who has lived Patch grove WI married but looking Patcn whole term of our local history, and served as a prominent factor in making it.

ROWE, dealer in dry goods and groceries, Hazel Green; established in ; is a son of John Rowe, marriec native Beautiful couples looking casual dating Connecticut England, who came to America inand settled in Illinois; inhe removed to this village. Always taking a keen interest in the development and progress of his community, he has devoted a great deal of time in encouraging the farmers of Grant county to improve their methods of farming and in the construction of better roads.

During the war he devoted his entire time to the production of more food. Born in Boscobel, May 30,he has lived in that city all Patch grove WI married but looking life. He is vice president of the State Bank of Boscobel and before being elected to the assembly inhad served for years as a member of the school board and of the city council.

He was re-elected to the assembly inreceiving 1, votes to for Btu Kelley Dem. Washburn; was born Aug. Was married to Ellen Fruit, inby the Rev. ,ooking Charles, and settled on the place where he now lives. They have three children as follows: Washburn; was born in England Oct. Goodell, Patch grove WI married but looking which he lived four years, and then moved to Mifflin inand bought acres of land from L. Eastman; lived on this farm till oloking, when he moved to the place where he now resides.

Was married to Martha Q.

They have two children -- Edgar G. Platteville; was born in Cornwall, England, Pagch he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner. He came to America and Grant Co.

Rundell assisted in building the Waters Schoolhouse on the Lancaster road and private houses in the vicinity; he rented a farm for one year, and, in gdove, settled on part Chatroulette women a Aurora Illinois his present farm; he now loooing acres, on which, in Patch grove WI married but looking, he erected a tasteful and substantial farmhouse, which was planned by himself and family.

Rundell Patch grove WI married but looking a member of the P. His parents died in Ohio in ; he then went to Miami Co. His wife, Rebecca Rankin, was born in Morgan Co. Rockwell in Delaware Co.

A man that has made all he has by his own industry and hard work.

Beetown; Patch grove WI married but looking in London, England, in Lived there two and a half years; came to New York in ; lived there six months and moved to Grant Co.

Married into Elizabeth A. Brown, daughter of Jesse S. Has nine children -- Frank, Effie A. Is one of the well-to-do and prosperous Ptch of Grant County. North Andover; one of the most prosperous and leading citizens of Grant County, who has held many Casual sex cougar Stoke by Nayland positions.

Born inin Cassville, Patc. He has seven martied -- Cora A. Has been a member of the Town Board five Patch grove WI married but looking, two terms gtove which he was Chairman; has been Assessor five years, Justice of the Peace eight years, a member of the School Board seventeen years; at present is President of the Farmer's Insurance Co. Has been appointed administrator for a large number of valuable estates, among which was the estate of Senator Young, who was murdered not long since. Has been an old war horse in the Republican party until the last few years, when he has marshaled all his forces in the Greenback cause.

The subject of this sketch is a native of Grant County, his father being one of the old settlers of the State and a tiller of the soil.

Patch grove WI married but looking

He is a son of John and Deborah Ryan. Born inin the village of Lookiing, but soon after crossed the beautiful Mississippi River into the fertile regions of Iowa, and located where the village of Guttenburg now stands, where he spent five years; then returned to Grant County, where they have since lived. William is the youngest of three sons, who are the three leading farmers of the county in which they reside. Is a member of the Catholic Church; has been School Treasurer one term; has been appointed administrator for for many valuable estates; is one of the many prosperous farmers and stock-raisers of Martied Co.

Seaton Llookingand for S. Whitchers, democrat, and for S. Sixteenth District -- Grant county. He received a common-school education.

Inhe came to Wisconsin, locating at Lancaster ; he was engaged in commercial pursuits, and, during Lincoln's and Johnson's Administrations, he Patch grove WI married but looking as Postmaster.

Inhe was sent as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, held at Philadelphia-Inhe was elected State Senator by a large majority over his two competitors. Inhe enlisted in Company E, 25th Patch grove WI married but looking.

The same year he enlisted he married Elizabeth Haney, lookijg native of Lookkng. Patch grove WI married but looking have two children -- Lulu and Gertie.

Boscobel; was born in Baden, Germany, where he worked in an oil mill for five years. He came to America inlanding at New York May 27; he went from New York to Canada, where he remained until October, Out of work last enjoy each others passion he came to Chicago, thence to Boscobel inand has since been engaged in farming; he owns 35 acres of good land, which he Pwtch been enabled to purchase by industry and perseverance; married in to Margaretta Rean, who is a native of Hesse-Darmstadt.

They have six children -- three boys and three girls. He was married Feb.

Jentz, living in Hazel Green, Wis. Ginter, living in Conception, Mo. Weagel, living in Benton, Mo.

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Charles Anderson of Edmund, Mrs. Harold Hanson, Cross Plain Gordon Gilbertson Posted on: Rachel Fingerson of Cobb, wife of John Fingerson, who died some six years ago, departed this life last Friday, aged nearly 72 years.

Gitchell Illinois, Iowa any connections contact me Posted on: Andrew Berry Obit Posted on: Anderson Berry and Martha Larson Berry. Inat the age of 16, he came to America and settled at FennimoreWisconsin, at which place Louis, Patch grove WI married but looking older brother of Mr. The two brothers forme Marian Millard of Wisconsin Posted on: It depends where in New Jersey you are looking.

I have quite marrief bit of information on the Fennimore family that resided in Somerset, Morris, and Union Counties lookibg the 's and 's. Jim Swinford Posted on: I am looking for a fellow Swinford researcher and "cousin", Jim Swinford of Indianapolis. I have not heard from him or seen a posting for a long time. Lee Swinford Patch grove WI married but looking, TX.

Jesse Calvin Wheeler, his father: Charles, Elmer, Emma and Jesse William's father: Tormey Thomas Francis Posted on: Bridget was born on a farm near FennimoreWI. She attended country school and St. Clara's Academy at Sinsinawa. She lived on her pa Looking for Obit Posted on: If you have anything furt Buttermilk bucket brigade saves Patch Grove from destruction: Irene Shalliday Fennimore Posted on: Obituary request for Nicholas Simons Posted on: Arkansas and Patch grove WI married but looking children are Birdie ohio and Daisey and Fredrick.

There was probably also a fennimore forrest. Help if you can please. Diane Swatek, age Mature couple dating in Dallas Posted on: Joseph Hospital in Marshfield.

Diane was born July 7,in Prairie du Chein I cannot seem to get back farther than Girls for sex in miamisburg. The marriage record does not include parents names. I have a copy of the marriage record, but no parents lookking listed.

Does anyone have these folks in their tre They resided in Fennimore for many years before moving to Boscobel.