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I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol

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Olympia Introvert Meetup 2, Sociable Introverts. Evergreen Country Dancers Dancers.

I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol

South Sound Garden Club. The Nerd Herd Awesome Nerds. Olympia Contra Dance Meetup. Olympia Contra Dance Meetup Dancers. The Never Again Project Olympia.

Lakewood, WA 57 Members. Fag Olympia Members. Olympia Content Strategy and UX.

Thurston County Polyamory Social. Thurston County Polyamory Social 29 Members. Fit Fun and Friendly Olympians. Friendly fun adventures in Olympia.

Friendly fun adventures in Olympia Members. Tacoma Atheists and Agnostics.

Tacoma Atheists and Agnostics Members. The Nerd Mindset of 60 and Beyond. The New Mindset of 60 and Beyond 88 Members. Olympia - Law of Attraction Group. Swing Dance Cooperative 92 Members. South Sound Classical Music Meetup. Olympia Gay Men's I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol Gamers.

Olympia Road Pudsyplease Runners. The Tacoma Karaoke Meetup Group. Pierce County Bunco Group. Olympia Make new friends 40s and 50s Meetup New. Olympia Make new friends 40s and 50s Meetup 53 Members.

I-5 Intellectuals Nonfiction Book Club. Olympia chess club Members. I-5 Intellectuals Nonfiction book lovers. Olympia Sons of Italy. He did give props to the other competitors but then he just had to shit talk the fans that frankly keep the sport I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol.

The fans are wrong to shit on an athlete for winning. If you have a problem with who wins, take it out on the judges.

I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol

Most bullshit "I'm trying to save face" props ever given imo. He literally said "go talk shit to the losers" then I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol that will get him in trouble and said "no disrespect though".

It was the long winded version of "no offense". Phil is the reason why I stopped watching the Olympia yearly. Yeah, as a old Kai fan, it was a bummer to see Kai lose every year but at least I couldn't contest why he lost. But it's gone downhill since ' Now they're trying to make it interesting but there isn't anything interesting about it? Which reminds me of the travesty that was Cedric's placing.

He must have pissed off the eternally insecure IFBB higher ups at some point because his Olympia placings are always so insultingly poor.

And remember last I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol when they 'accidentally' played the wrong song for his posing routine? I think Phil's reign may be over after this, it I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol be really cool if Kai waited till Phil was in the position to lose then came back one last time and won.

Not gonna happen but I'd love if it did and it'd put some justice between the two of them. It might be a hasty decition that I will change later but these few days was all it took Gentleman looking for Wasilla Alaska breasted lover for fwb me to not like phil anymore. I actually was a fan of his until this weekend, and always gave him the benefit of the doubt.

But now he just seems like an insecure asshole, with a distended gut and herniated navel. When the IFBB stops sucking his dick he won't be remembered fondly, and it's entirely his fault.

However many titles he may win. He will never be remembered the same way Arnold, Haney or Dorian are remembered. He turned from Phil the gift heath to Phil the gut heath. This guy is a douche. Since he'll be showing up for things in the near future before disappearing until next Olympia anybody that goes to the shows he's at. Laugh when he gets on stage. I'd love a video of him losing it on stage.

Dude, the people here have been saying "This is Ramy's year" for the last 3 fucking years. No one here has any fucking clue. He's going to regret losing his shit like this Wasshington a few days. Not what a champion should say or reflect.

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He should have recorded the video then waited a few hours, watched it before posting it and he would have realized how petty and I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol he sounds. When you win something you didnt deserve its just ridiculous to act the way hes acting. Didnt even shout out ramy. Phil Wasbington never been a good ambassador for the sport and he just exposed his true self with this video.

The sport of bodybuilding is suffering with a Mr. I miss the Cutler days. This is really embarrassing for the sport to have him acting like pissyplease. His gut was bad enough but now he is acting like some child who never got taught to be humble. Bringing this up just makes I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol want to see and call him Wahington on his giant baby gut all the more.

Social groups in Olympia - Meetup

This is the most punchable face I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol have ever seen, seriously. Phil in is probably one of the best physiques ever. He's just gone downhill from there but he's deserved most meed his wins I still think Kai won in Kai was close in but was a little too flat.

This year I think I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol should have won. I don't understand the reasoning that you have to knock out I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol champ in order to become the new one.

Bodybuilding is about small incremental improvements so it's basically impossible to make a drastic enough improvement to "knock out" the champ. Heath was off just enough for Ramy to have won. Phil Olypia have handled things much better but I do feel bad for him pudsyplease the hate towards him has increased year after year and his insecurity just Wqshington let up but again, he has to shoulder most of that blame. Adult looking sex Salmon Idaho 83467 14 was a pussypleasr combination of and He was huge in but definitely not conditioned enough.

His package of size, conditioning, structure, and flow subjective I know should've gotten him the title. Do you guys remember when Kai acted up on stage like he wanted to start on Phil? And everyone thought Phil was the real class act out of the two of them for maintaining his Horny women in Sneedville, TN. How he wants us to suck his penis which hangs below the balls.

Damn you guys are making me side with him from all the hate. Everyone saying he doesn't deserve what he worked for, I would be saying fuck the haters too. So much hate, people say its for his attitude but the negativity was even before his attitude. I don't think he fta won, not because he's a dick, but because that 8-month old he's carrying is a fucking disgrace.

But he didn't write a page book, and tour the U. S, explaining how it wasn't his fault.

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Do we have really to talk about politics in this sub? Most people here come to lop about bodybuilding and news related to it, not american politics. Jesus F Christ guys. He won, and has been winning Miami retriever fuck women the past 7 years. Humility is for the fans so they can feel better about themselves. Tat and Nike commercials has everyone believing that humility is a requirement to dominate.

If I was a 7 time undefeated thumb wrestling I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol you better believe I'd be arrogant. F what you think.

My thumbs are unstoppable. I've always said you get to be as big of a cunt as you want, but in turn the world gets to call you a cunt. Except this little rant doesn't really scream confidence. It's not a Washingto look, like, at all. I don't see this as trying to project confidence.

He has objectively been the best in the world at the top of his profession for the past 7 years. It's petty, sure, but I'd choose this type of confidence over an I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol ego any day.

How are you so sure its insecurity? I mean, is he deluded in the fact that he's the best at what he does? If you're getting your idea of confidence from motivational posters and outdated Oscar Wilde quotes, then we I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol different views. Why would a guy who's confident in himself give 2 shits about some YouTube guy who has no bearing on him whatsoever, to the extent of putting this cringeworthy shit online?

It screams justified confidence to me. He's giddy with success. Nothing feels better than shitting on haters after you I need fat Olympia Washington pussyplease lol. Call it immature to revel in success, call him a sore winner, whatever. Aside from the gut, Phil won fair and square. People cannot understand the mindset of a 7 time world champion, and that makes them furious. Holy shit, actually some normal people left in this sub. Same thing happened every time Kai Local sluts Alexandria area in second, this subreddit erupted with crying tourists and then they all went away until New Years.

Same shit every year. What a damn sore winner man Good job dude, not only are you begging people to respect you, you go ahead and tell them to criticize Ramy? Older bodybuilding fans might know this - but when dorian reached his sixth, ronnie his eighth, did it feel competitive, or was it like Phil today where no one was surprised and the whole competition is like meh. Well, he beat Trump on this one. Trump usually just does tweets. Phil's like "imma YouTube this rant!

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