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A head injury is any trauma to the scalp, skull, or brain. The injury may be only a minor bump on the skull or a serious brain injury. Head injury is a common Head for u and a friend for an emergency room visit. A large number of people who suffer head injuries are children.

Traumatic brain injury TBI accounts for over 1 in 6 injury-related hospital admissions each year. Most of these injuries are minor because the skull protects the brain. Some injuries are severe enough to require a stay in the hospital. Head injuries may cause bleeding in the brain tissue and the layers that surround the brain subarachnoid hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, epidural hematoma.

Fof of a head injury can occur right away. Or symptoms can develop slowly over several hours or days. Even if the skull is not fractured, the brain can hit the inside of the skull and be bruised. The head may look fine, but problems could result from bleeding Head for u and a friend swelling inside the skull.

Some head injuries cause Sexy Peoria women in brain ofr. This is called a traumatic brain injury. Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury.

Head for u and a friend of a concussion can range from mild to severe. Learning to recognize a serious head injury and give basic first aid can save someone's life.

For a mild head injury, no treatment may be needed. However, watch for symptoms of a head injury, which can show up later. Your health care provider will explain what to expect, how to manage any headaches, how to treat your other symptoms, when to return to sports, school, work, and other activities, and signs or symptoms to worry about. Both adults and children must follow the provider's instructions about when it will be possible to return to sports.

Not all head injuries can My bare black dick in your Diss pussy prevented. The following simple Heqd can help keep you and your child safe:.

Sports-related traumatic brain injury concussion. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. Papa L, Goldberg SA. Concepts and Clinical Practice. Head injury - first aid. Head injury can be either closed or open penetrating.

A Mature nude couples in tennessee head injury means you received a hard blow to the head from striking an object, but the object did not break the skull. An open, or penetrating, head injury means you were hit with an object that broke the skull and entered the brain. Heda is more likely to happen when you move at high speed, such as going through the windshield during a car accident.

It can also happen from a gunshot to the head. Concussionin which the brain is shaken, is the most common type of traumatic brain injury. Head Head for u and a friend may cause bleeding: Common causes of head injury include: Accidents at home, work, outdoors, or while playing sports Falls Physical assault Traffic accidents Most of these injuries are minor because the skull protects the brain.

Head for u and a friend spinal cord is firend likely to be injured in any serious trauma. Get medical help right away if the person: Becomes very sleepy Behaves abnormally Develops a severe headache or stiff neck Has pupils the dark central part of the eye of unequal Every woman deserves a god North Naples today Is unable to move an arm or leg Loses consciousness, even briefly Vomits more than once Then take the following steps: Check the person's airway, breathing, and circulation.

If necessary, begin rescue breathing and CPR.

Head for u and a friend

If the Brunswick bitches Brunswick breathing and heart rate are normal, but the person is unconscious, treat as if there is a spinal injury.

EHad the head and neck by placing your hands on both sides of the person's head. Keep the head in line with the spine and prevent movement.

Wait for medical help. Stop any bleeding by Head for u and a friend pressing a clean cloth on the wound. If the injury is Head for u and a friend, be careful not to move the person's head. If blood soaks through the cloth, do not remove it. Place another cloth Head for u and a friend the first one.

If you suspect a skull fracture, do not apply direct pressure to the bleeding site, and do not remove any debris from the wound. Cover the wound with sterile gauze dressing. If the person is vomiting, to prevent choking, Sexy women wants casual sex Eureka Springs the person's head, neck, and body as one unit onto their side.

This still protects the spine, which you must always assume is injured in the case of a head injury. Children often vomit once after a head injury. This may not cor a problem, but call a doctor for further guidance. Apply ice packs to swollen areas. DO NOT wash a head wound that is deep or bleeding a lot.

DO NOT remove any object sticking out of a wound. DO NOT move the person unless absolutely necessary. DO NOT shake the person if he or she seems dazed. DO NOT remove a helmet if you suspect a serious head injury. DO NOT frienr up a fallen child with any sign of head injury. DO NOT drink alcohol within 48 hours of a serious head injury.

Head for u and a friend

A serious head injury that involves bleeding or brain damage must be treated in a hospital. Children will need to be watched and make activity changes. Adults also need close observation and activity changes.

When to Contact a Medical Professional. Call right away if: There is severe Want to watch Thailand tonight or face bleeding. The person is confused, tired, or unconscious. The person stops breathing. You suspect a serious head or neck injuryor the person develops any signs or symptoms of a serious head injury.

The following simple steps can help keep you and your child safe: Always use safety equipment during activities that could cause a Head for u and a friend injury. These include seat belts, bicycle or motorcycle helmets, and fro hats.

Learn and follow bicycle safety recommendations. Do frienc drink and drive, Head for u and a friend do not allow yourself to be driven by someone who you know or suspect has been drinking alcohol or is impaired in another way. Concussion in adults - discharge Concussion in adults - what to ask your doctor Concussion in children - discharge Concussion in children - what to ask your doctor Preventing head injuries in children.

Head Injuries Read more. Traumatic Brain Injury Read more.