A Tour of our Cattery!

We would like to take you on a short tour of our homes to give you a glimpse into the environment in which we raise our ragdolls. When we started breeding we wanted to make sure that our breeding males and females and all the kittens would be part of our households as much as possible. For that reason, we adopted a two household plan to allow the boys and girls the ability to roam freely through our homes. We will start our tour with the King home. (Note: You can click on pictures to view a larger version).

The Kings live in a house situated in a natural oak forest of the Kansas flint hills. They have views from all directions of the forest, seeing not only squirrels and birds, but also wild turkey, deer, and an occasional raccoon! They like to spend most of their time on the back porch where they can look out on beautiful flower gardens and listen to the sound of the waterfall nearby.

It is a wonderful life of leisure. That is, until a turkey starts to feed on the seeds that the birds have let drop or they notice a bug flying around one of the many windows of this large comfortable room. This is cat paradise! The boys also have rooms that they invite the girls into when they come to stay. The atrium is one of these rooms. It has large windows looking out to the woods and comfortable chairs to relax on. The tile floor catches the heat from the sun making it a wonderfully warm place to nap. And the many house plants give it a natural feel.


The King room is the other room. It is one of the cat's favorite rooms in the house. The double door serves as a perfect window out into the woods and is often open so the cats can enjoy the sounds and smells of the outdoors. The large cat tree and other furniture provide plenty of spaces to climb, sit, and sleep. The room is also darker and cool - a good place to retreat to when wanting a cool spot to rest.

Our queens and kittens live in a quaint 1920's bungalow in a historic part of Manhattan, KS. There are plenty of large old trees to attract birds and squirrels for the girls to watch - but they only get to see turkey and deer when they visit the boys. There is a large living room for them to play all sorts of games like soccer, chase, and fetch.

Two small bedrooms serve as spaces for the moms to nest with their little ones. We help them find appropriate spaces to keep the kittens at different stages. At birth this is often in the bottom of an open closet. As they get a little older we use partitions to make larger spaces in the corner of a room for them to start to explore and litter train. During this time we allow the mothers free roam of the house and make sure partitions for the newborn kitten area are tall enough to keep the kittens safe but short enough to allow their mothers to come and go as they please. When the kittens are fully litter trained (usually around 5-7 weeks) they start to roam the whole house.

Hopefully these pictures give a small glimpse into our cattery. When we started out breeding, we decided that we never wanted to be a "kitten mill" and so have made every effort to integrate our ragdolls into our households. We want our cats to do well as pets and so try to raise them in an environment that will be very similar to their new homes. We also work hard to maintain a clean and odor-free environment (for both the cats' and our own sakes!). You are welcome to come for a visit. Please contact us for more information or to set up a time.