The Little Apple Scrapbook

It would be wonderful if we could just keep all our kittens, but probably not the sanest idea! Instead, we greatly enjoy occasional updates from those who have purchased kittens from us. This is our scrapbook of pictures and stories and we hope it keeps getting bigger over the years. Please send us an email if you'd like to contribute any pictures or stories to these pages. We'll even try to share some of our own!

Note: We've rearranged things so the more recent updates will appear first.

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Johnni - Seal Lynx Bicolor Daughter of Dora and Pippin

Hi Andra,

Johnni is doing great. She is a wild one for sure. She and Frankie started being friends between a beach towel. I hung a damp pool towel over a kitchen chair and Johnni went to it and started playing with the bottom. Frankie quickly came up to the other side of the towel and was playing with her. They couldn't see each other. After that it was easy sailing!

We ordered the Armarkat tree and got it yesterday. They both love it.Thank you for the idea. Johnni loves to cuddle with us and she will cry when she's tired and needs a nap, she wants to be next to us constantly. Here is a picture of her napping on the bed the other day.

We love her so much. Thank you so much. I will update you again soon.

Claudia, Missouri

Bella - Blue Lynx Bicolor Daughter of Nova and Pippin

Hi Andra

Bella is doing great. She is getting big and so much fun. When she gets crazy and runs around the house sometimes a roar comes out of her little mouth. Ray and I just crack up.

Estelle in New Jersey

Update: Merry Christmas Andra!

Bella is doing great. She is our best gift this holiday season.


Kent - Seal Lynx Bicolor Son of Nova and Pippin

Hi Andra,
I wanted to forward you this picture of Kent. :) He is doing so well and we love him so much!

I know I had a lot of questions when he first arrived to our house, so I appreciate all of your help. We would recommend anyone to getting a Ragdoll kitten from Little Apple Ragdolls.

Paige in Nebraska

Dobby - Blue Lynx Bicolor Son of Nova and Pippin

Hi Andra,
I wanted to send along some pictures of Dobby. He is the absolute cutest! He just loves to snuggle and be held! Dobby especially likes to "hug" my arm when he's sleeping (see picture): it's really just the sweetest thing in the world! He's also getting HUGE! I don't have a scale, so I'm not sure exactly how much he weighs (or how I would get him to sit still on a scale if I did have one!), but I think he probably weighs around 12 pounds. His body is so long that I can no longer just scoop him up with one hand. He also plays fetch with lots of different feather toys - he loves feathers!

Anyway, he's just the love of my life and really has been such a blessing and comfort to me since I'm living so far away from everyone I know and love! I would like to get Dobby a companion at some point.

Thank you!!!
Lindsey from Kansas

Summer Queen - Blue Mitted Daughter of Lodi and Devon

What a gift Summer is!

She made herself at home instantly. I expected a transition period and staying in one room for awhile, but she had other ideas: She had explored every inch of the bedroom (and napped a bit) in less than an hour then she went to the door and looked at me and looked at the door -- she was ready to see more! The only thing she hasn't explored yet is the back screened porch, but that is next. She's a really brave girl. Little worries her except for a sudden, new noise or someone coming through the front door, instead of the garage door like family does. She let the staff at the vet's office admire her before her check up.

She's really sweet and loving, and purrs a lot! She likes to cuddle up near me (or on my shoulder, as you saw) and never minds being picked up or held. She's napping next to me now. She gives kisses on my nose or chin. Today was my first full day back to work, and she got up and followed me around while I got ready. She loves to get in the walk-in shower to play or stretch out on the cool surface.

I have a kitty mat that says on it: 'Birds can fly, so should I' that fits Summer so well -- She does fly! I've had to slow down with the mylar wand and string toys and watch where we play, because she flies across the room after them with wild acrobatics, and was earning the nickname crash.

Her most favorite toys by far are her pink 'pom poms' (Whisker City Catnip Puffs). She carries one all over the house in her mouth. She'll carry one up onto the bed, bat it over the side and dive off the bed head first after it.. then repeats. I'm glad she knows how to play on her own for when I am at work. She was playing with the egg from your house when I left. She plays hard, and naps hard too. She is now awake and playing wildly with a cloth toy.. She's leaping up, down, over and all around between the couch, chair and ottoman.

She's such a good girl with using litter and scratching posts. She likes the 'Angled' scratcher that I got from the Purfect Post company... to scratch and to play around. She climbs to the top of the tall Purfect post to get up on the bedroom window ledge, another favorite hang out.

The funniest thing so far has to be the iPad. I took a video of her playing with the wand, and she watched fascinated when I played it back on the iPad. I'll send you the pic of her watching herself. When the kitty or toy would move off the screen in the video, she would reach around the ipad or look behind it. She is incredibly bright and such a joy. Thank you for my precious, purring, funny friend!

-Summer's Purrrson in Kansas

Mr. Biggs - Blue Mitted Son of Clara and Devon

I just had to share since I saw the post of the new baby kitten on his back. Biggs likes this position as well! He has made himself at home!

Angie in Missouri

Buddy - Blue Mitted Son of Clara and Devon

Hi, Andra,
I wanted to let you know that Buddy is doing great! He loves to play and follows me around the house no matter what room I am in. He is so loveable and adorable! He and Zeiger are becoming very good buddies. They sleep together on our bed. When I get home from work, they both jump off of the bed and welcome me home at the door. Buddy loves to chase Zeiger and Zeiger is very gentle with Buddy when he chases him. Every morning, Buddy likes to snuggle under the covers with me for about an hour until the alarm goes off. He likes to lick and nip at my face if I don't give him enough attention. I am so glad and very blessed to have this little bundle of joy in my life! He really cracks me up as he loves to sit in Dave's sink in the bathroom as he watches me get ready for work in the mornings. He is just a little doll! This morning, he kept snuggling under my chin and wanting me to cradle him in my arms. He is just a little love bug and a purr machine.

Michele in Nebraska

Update: Hi, Andra,
I hope that the new year has been good to you. Buddy continues to grow like a weed. I think that he is going to be a lot like his daddy, Devon, as he always likes to put his paw in the kitchen sink. I have attached a few updated photos for you. I can't believe that he is 8 months old! Thanks, again, for allowing me to have this sweet little boy in my life!! I love him so very much!

Take care,

Gigi - Seal Lynx Mitted Daughter of Bailey and Pippin

She obviously likes bowls!!!
Debbie in Florida

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