The Little Apple Scrapbook

It would be wonderful if we could just keep all our kittens, but probably not the sanest idea! Instead, we greatly enjoy occasional updates from those who have purchased kittens from us. This is our scrapbook of pictures and stories and we hope it keeps getting bigger over the years. Please send us an email if you'd like to contribute any pictures or stories to these pages. We'll even try to share some of our own!

Note: We've rearranged things so the more recent updates will appear first.

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Jupee - Blue Mitted Son of Clara and Devon

We are absolutely loving our little boy Jupiter (Cheiftain) or Jupee, as the kids call him. The kids can't get enough! We would be very interested in adding to our family. We can't thank you enough for our darling boy!!

Megan in Kansas

Honey Gold - Seal Tortie Mitted Daughter of Dora and Dakota

Just wanted to give you an update on Honey Gold............. she is the Best Kitty Cat ever !!!!! She is into something new all the time................. today it was running a figure eight from the living room around the dining room table then off to the kitchen and finally the front door and flying up the stairs to the second level.

Her favorite toys are still the pipe cleaners............... we twisted several colors together and now they roll down the stairs. Sometimes she forgets how high she is when she darts through the stairway spindles and jumps down. She slides like crazy across the wood and tile floors and when the rugs are removed she has nothing to slow her down.

Think she has adjusted really well.

Lynnette in Colorado

Honey Gold continues to be such an entertaining cat and it seems there isn't anything she won't try to retrieve. The other day it was the bathmat. Pretty large article for her to drag but it was funny watching her "work at it".
Take Care.

Stella - Blue Bicolor Daughter of Clara and Devon

Hi Andra,
We thought we would share a few pictures of Stella (Pink Parfait). She is wonderful. She loves to play fetch with her toys which is absolutely amazing to us. She is enjoying the holiday season. As you can see, she will dive under the tree skirt and hide (if you can find her). She has been a great addition to our family.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Kramer family in Missouri

Sugar - Blue Lynx Bicolor Daughter of Nova and Pippin

Hi, Andra:
First, it was such a pleasure to meet you and Pippin and all of the kittens this morning! Thank you for the great kitten package and for sharing your home and stories with us! (Jim's already told me that if we are ever in the position to get a second kitty we will definitely be coming to you again. He was so impressed with you and how you do business and how wonderful all your kittens are and how quickly Sugar is adapting. Of course, I already knew this would be the case. I knew right away that we found a treasure when we discovered you and your cattery.) :)

Second, Sugar is doing very well! She did meow for about 10-15 minutes after we pulled away and then she fell asleep in my arms on the rest of the drive home. So sweet. She was just purring the whole way it seemed. I'm so in love with this little darling! Truly!

She's been exploring our apartment all afternoon. She's been very brave and affectionate. She's testing herself with remembering where everything is and how to get from one room to another. It's amazing. She's curled up on top of one of our dining room chair cushions right now. She's done a lot of exploring and playing in the last 1.5 hours so it may be time for a break. :)

Anyway, just wanted to check-in with you to let you know she's adapting very well for her first day and we don't anticipate any issues with her being the only kitty at our place.

I'll keep you posted with pics and updates as she grows. I promise!

Warmest regards,
Patti (& Jim & Sugar) :) in Kansas

Hi, Andra:

I hope everything is going well for you, your family and all your lovely cats and kitties!

Well, it didn't take very long for our Sugar girl to make herself right at home. She splits her nap times between me and Jim (she'll lay on the foot rests of our recliners between our legs when she's sleeping during the day). It's MARVELOUS! She's so very sweet and so very playful! Every once in a while she gets into "crazy kitten mode" and let out these little growls as she runs around the apartment attacking her toys and scratching pads, etc... Sooo funny and sweet!

She absolutely adores the bathroom sink! It's one of her favorite places to hang out when I'm in the bathroom getting a shower each day. And, she doesn't blink an eye when I turn on my blow dryer. Our little gal isn't afraid of ANYTHING!

She also loves the dishwasher (which you warned me about) and she discovered the inside of the dryer today when I had it open taking out a load of dried clothes. She loves exploring EVERYTHING!

Again, we are so very happy with Sugar and THANK YOU SO MUCH for raising such beautiful, healthy and loving kittens. :)

Update2 :
Hi, Andra:

I just can't express how much we adore Sugar! She just fills our home with so much extra love -- we are amazed at her gentleness, loving nature, courage (she fears NOTHING!) and her intelligence! She's so smart (learns to problem solve so quickly!) and is already learning what "No" means. She is such a special little soul!

Attached are a few pictures of her taking a nap between her daddy's legs tonight. She wore herself out earlier this evening playing with all her new toys! (Jim went out last night and came home with an adorable stuffed frog, a catnip infused chew toy, some fluffy mice to hunt and 2 big packages of sparkly pipe cleaners and some grooming tools!)

I'll be sure to send more pictures as she grows so you can "update" our scrapbook entry.

We definitely want to spread the joy of having Sugar in our lives and let others know what a marvelous person and breeder you are and how wonderful your cattery is... YOU & YOUR KITTIES ROCK!

Warmest regards,
Patti, Jim & Sugar :)

Update 3:
Hi, Andra:

Well, today Nova & Pippin's latest litter of kittens are 6 months old today! I can't believe that our sweet Pink Sugar girl is 6 months old today! Amazing! :)

Attached are a few pictures of our gorgeous Sugar girl relaxing in the top platform of her scratching post this afternoon. NOTE: When she's not chasing her toys all over the apartment (as the "Queen of The Jungle" is apt to do) OR playing fetch with one of her pipe cleaner toys (I'm getting really good and creative making these little toys for her now!) OR snuggling with us in our recliners, she's usually relaxing in the top platform of her scratching post surveying her kingdom.

As you've guessed by now from the multitude of e-mails I've sent, Sugar is an absolute joy! She sleeps in bed with us now each night (once she tires of frolicking all over the apartment while we sleep, as she's full of energy when we go to bed since she's been sleeping most of the afternoon and early evening). When we wake up in the morning we usually find one or two pipe cleaner fetch toys among the covers or near our pillows. Makes us laugh each time we come across one of those little pipe cleaner toys when we're making our bed. :)

And....Sugar is definitely the smartest cat we have ever encountered. She is learning at an exponential rate that amazes us! It's really awesome to watch how fast she learns things. Pretty soon she'll be able to surf the web and download her favorite kitty youtube videos.... lol :)

Now that Spring is here and the birds are returning to our courtyard, she is having a blast learning about birds! NOTE: We have an excellent view of the courtyard from our french balcony doors in the living room - right where her big scratching post resides so she can watch everything going on every day from atop the platform on her scratching post. We had a pair of mourning doves land on our balcony the other day and she was enthralled!

And...She is definitely thriving and getting so big! We think she's going to be quite a big girl by the time she's fully matured.

We just love her sooooo very much and can't thank you enough (again and again) for providing us with such a loving & entertaining addition to our family.

Patti, Jim & our Sugarboo :)

Mann - Seal Lynx Mitted Son of Nova and Pippin

He is doing great. He is eating and drinking normally and uses his litter box with no problems. He likes to venture throughout the house but likes to be close to someone too. He has spurts of energy and we play with toys which is fun. Then it's time to snuggle. I am learning how to sleep with a kitty on my head. He is a pleasure!!

Here's a picture of him relaxing by the window. He loves the fresh air. He is getting big!

Thanks again,
Laurie in Kansas

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