Below are some of our retired breeders who have since found new homes. To see our current breeders, click here.

Crispin is a stunning seal lynx bicolor. We are so excited about this boy. He is absolutely gorgeous and has a huge structure. We can't wait to see how big he gets as he reaches is full size in another year or so. His looks and size aren't the only things going for him, though, he also has the perfect ragdoll temperament. He is laid back, gentle, playful, loves people, and he faithfully follows us around the house. His favorite toy is the laser - he looks like an overgrown kitten while he plays with it. He also loves music and will come from anywhere in the house to sit and listen to my dad play the guitar. He is our idea of the perfect cat - and his kittens are cream of the crop! Crispin has been DNA tested and is negative for HCM.

Anoka, better known as Cheya in our household, was one of our first queens. She is retired now - but her lines continue on in Crispin one of our beautiful males, our big girl Bailey, and Gala one of our upcoming queens. Cheya has been DNA tested and is negative for HCM.

Nala, as we call her, is a beautiful blue mitted with the true rabbit fur coat. She has produced some of the biggest kittens we have had and is a great mother. She is still very playful and will even beg for treats. Nala has been DNA tested and is negative for HCM.

Emma is a beautiful seal bicolor (mid-high white) that comes to us from Crack O'Noon. She has a wonderfully soft coat, beautiful eye color, and a great temperament. It is no wonder to us that her mother was a Champion! She is a wonderful mother and always has kittens that are huge and have great personalities just like her. She is well-known for her habit of carrying toys to her kittens. She will carry dirty socks (if she can find them), stuffed animals, and even some of our heavy toys (with batteries!) all the way across the house to put them in the nest with her kittens. What a great mother! Emma tested negative for HCM.

Gala is a seal lynx bicolor Crispin and Emma daughter and is taking on some of the best characteristics of each. She is currently our biggest girl at over 11 lbs. She also has the wonderfully soft coat of her mother and the big plume tail of her father. She is very sweet and loving. She purrs all the time and loves to play. Her favorite toy is a crunched up pipe cleaner - she will fetch it over and over again (until we get tired!) Gala tested negative at WSU for HCM.

Pink Pearl has earned many pet names: Pearl, Pinky, Pinky and the Brain. We call her Pinky most often and occasionally break out into the "Pinky and the Brain" song from an old Television show called Animaniacs. She is a gorgeous cat. She has the largest and most fluffy tail of any of our cats. And her coat is very full and soft. She looks like a queen when she is sitting or laying around because she has a very "stately" look, but when she starts playing she is very goofy and clown like (hence the Pinky and the Brain song). She jumps around and makes funny noises, it always makes me laugh. Her favorite toys are the mylar stick toy, the catnip banana, our feet when we are in bed, and the rocks out of my potted plants (which she fishes out of the pot with her paw and then chases all over the house like a ball). She also loves to watch the birds out the window. Pink Pearl is a seal lynx bicolor daughter of Emma and Crispin and tested negative at WSU for HCM.

Dakota is our beautiful red point male. He is wonderfully gentle and loves nothing more than to cuddle up next to us and purr - that is unless you count rolling over to have his tummy rubbed! He has gorgeous blue eyes and passes them on to his kittens. He gets along with everyone he meets and is a true ladies man. He treats our queens like queens when they visit - giving them the best napping spots, first dibs on the food, and he helps them groom. We think he is the best! Dakota has been DNA tested and is negative for HCM.

Bailey is a beautiful seal lynx mitted. She is extremely affectionate and loves to be near us. She has a really soft coat and a huge plume tail. She's a big girl at over 10 lbs. and always has big kittens. She likes to lay next to me while I'm using the computer, putting her head next to my hand so I'll pet her as I'm moving the mouse around. Bailey tested negative for HCM.

We raised Lodi here at Little Apple from our last Emma and Crispin litter. She is a perfectly marked seal lynx bicolor
girl. She has the fullest fluffiest tail of any of our girls. In fact, it sometimes looks bigger than her body. Lodi is going to be a big girl. Her favorite things are sleeping by my feet, playing with the little pipe cleaner toys, and hanging out with her good friends Almata and Ida. She also loves to drink water from the faucet. She will come running from anywhere in the house when she hears me turn on water :-). Lodi tested negative for HCM.

Dora is a beautiful blue bicolor girl. She is huge, has super soft fur, and a sweet personality. One of her favorite things are the mylar tassle wand toys. She looks like a kitten playing with them and will go to great lengths to find their hiding spots so she can play with them on her own. She also loves the mouse chaser and joins right in with the kittens in chasing the balls around and around. We are so happy to be adding her to our breeding program. She tested negative at WSU for HCM.

Almata is out of our own lines, a Dakota and Pink Pearl daughter. She is a seal torbie bicolor and is a very beautiful girl. She gets along with everyone she meets. She loves to cuddle and lays right on my stomach at night purring away. Her favorite things are cuddling and playing with the mylar wand. She also enjoys kittens - of any size. She is a natural mother, taking over that job for any kitten she sees. Almata tested negative for HCM.

Ida was born here at Little Apple and from the moment her tortie colorings started to come in, we knew we were going to keep her. She is a seal tortie mitted and her face is split right down the middle (half seal, half red), which is really neat. Everyone that sees her comments on her markings and how beautiful she is. She is a Sweet Gala and Dakota daughter. She is going to be a big girl, with her mother's playfulness and her father's purr. She is a sweet girl and a wonderful mother. Ida tested negative for HCM.