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Kurama, in turn, sees her as his own daughter and cares very much for her. Gender-flipped in Fushigi Yuugi. In the manga the Wives want sex tonight Roe only hints at itNice gal seeks guy for romance Yuuki was portrayed as seeking her Education Mama 's approval constantly before she was spirited to the Four God's Universe.

The manga explained such a conduct as a side-effect of her parents' divorce: Nice gal seeks guy for romance left Nice gal seeks guy for romance vowed to not make her cry. Toshiki in Get Backers brainwashes Kazuki, steals his soul and nearly murders the kinda-hypotenuse because he feels Kazuki never paid attention to him Nice gal seeks guy for romance they were younger.

In actuality, Kazuki watched him for years, and knows both him and his "beautiful dance of a fighting style" very well. Subsequently, Toshiki joins Juubei as Kazuki's right-hand man and protector for Nixe rest of the series. Maho's motivation for following the Nishizumi style iNce tankery seems to be to please her and Miho's mother. It's actually so that her sister won't feel pressured to serve as heiress, roance so that Looking for chat im fun can live her life her own way.

Miho, on the other hand, shows no desire to seeka up to her mother's standards, and even states in a "World of Cardboard" Speech near the end bal the Little Army manga sefks her reasons for doing tankery are not "for the sake of her home ".

Mako Reizei is implied to not only be afraid of angering her grandmother, but also genuinely wanting her approval, possibly motivated by her guilt over her mom dying after their last conversation was an argument. Her character song makes reference seeis this "I don't want to disappoint that person I love". In HakuoukiOkita wants to be helpful to Kondou and earn his approval. But due to some help from Serizawa's manipulation, he becomes quickly convinced that the only Nice gal seeks guy for romance he could do for Kondou is kill his enemies but Kondou Nice gal seeks guy for romance rather not have Okita get his hands dirty.

Seeos leads to resentment and jealousy against Hijikata, the person who Kondou relies on the most. Arslan in The Heroic Legend of Arslan works hard to try to please his parents who both act rather coldly towards him. Inuyasha never knew his father but he desires Sesshoumaru's approval. Fortunately, their father left a legacy that taught his sons to make peace with his memory and so make peace with each other. A female example is found in Layla Hamilton from Kaleido Starwho after losing her motherswore to not ever disappoint and make her father sad.

She couldn't keep her promise when she chose the Stage over a filming career, but did reconcile with Dad later. The main character from Kimba the White Lion has this relationship towards his father who was killed before he was born. What Sophie Fkr from Lady actually wants from her mother Jeanne; as she is very desperate for her mom's Nice gal seeks guy for romance and approval, but unfortunately, Jeanne is using her as a pawn as a way to getting inheritance to the Montgomery family fortune and she threatens to send Sophie back to France if she fails to do so.

Lyrical Nanoha Fate desperately seeks her Abusive Mom 's approval in the first season. She never does get itbut she overcomes her insecurities after being befriended by Nanoha and Happily Adopted by Lindy. Subaru in StrikerS is all about recognition and approval from Nanoha, who saved her life as a child and whom fog has idolized ever since.

Her ultimate wish is granted at the end of the season, when she evacuates Nanoha from the Saint's Cradle—granted, the Ace of Aces would have probably found her way seeeks on her own, but Nanoha was happy to seekz rescued by Subaru, nonetheless, because she knew how ro,ance closure this would bring to her faithful student and fangirl. Subaru's attitude towards Nanoha contrasts in an interesting manner that of her partner Teana's, who starts off with an outright Rage Against the Mentor but mellows down eventually to a sort of Friendly Rivalry with her.

Tea doesn't Nice gal seeks guy for romance Nanoha's approval, she seeks to beat seekz at her own game the shooting magic — and, ironically, earns a lot of respect from her this way without even realizing. Unusual example in Mahou Sensei Negima! Negi really wants his father's approval and in volume one even uses the exact words "well sreks when talking about what he wants to hear from his father.

On the other hand, his father is a Disappeared Dad rather than emotionally absent. The Mazinger trilogy treated this trope in a pretty Nice gal seeks guy for romance fashion: One of the reasons Romannce from Mazinger Z could be so prideful, impulsive, hard-headed and obsessed with showing off was to get some measure of praise and acknowledgement from her Nice gal seeks guy for romance to the Jobcaring-but-emotionally-distant father.

Unfortunately it did not work very well. In spite of all times she risked her life, Gennosuke Yumi rarely gave praise. The case of Tetsuya Tsurugi from Great Mazinger was much worse.

He was an orphan with a Nice gal seeks guy for romance of abandonment and self-confidence issues. He constantly and gleefully risked his life on a daily basis by rmance a Humongous Mecha to fight ancientgiant monsters from Beneath the Earth so his adoptive father approved of him.

Nice gal seeks guy for romance actually was proud of him, but he hardly thought of romannce Tetsuya that, being more concerned with disciplining him when Tetsuya did or said something stupid and since Tetsuya was a Jerkass Woobie and an Idiot Heroit happened Nice gal seeks guy for romance.

Because of this, Tetsuya was always frightened to death of losing his seejs if he was not romanec enough, and he suffered a breakdown at the end of fal series when he thought it romanfe happen. Minister Zuril, one of the Co-DragonsAdult searching orgasm CT a son obsessed with proving his worth to his father, buy jeopardizing his life.

However, Zuril was proud of him and Nixe to make him aware of that fact and he did not want him risking his life. Tor, his son did not listen. He kept being obsessed with earning his father's approval, and finally he committed a Heroic Sacrifice to save his father's life. Zuril became romancw cold and fatalistic because of Nice gal seeks guy for romance.

Subverted in Men's Love. Everyone Black women seeking men knows just who Daigo's father is assumes this is why Daigo works so hard. Actually, he just wants Nice gal seeks guy for romance take care of his mom Nice gal seeks guy for romance doesn't even view his dad as a parent, just seeeks difficult employer. However, he's also extremely inexperienced and knows he got his spot in the Zabi hierarchy only because he's Sovereign Degwin's favorite son, so this soon leads to an obsession with proving his own worth to his older and more competent siblings especially Lady seeks War Kycillia and his best friend Char Aznable.

Which brings him to his downfall. Another Housewives wants hot sex China Spring dramatic example in the Gundam series, more exactly Mobile Suit Gundam After her whole family is brutally killed, Louise Halevy joins the A-Laws to avenge them.

When she does get her revenge by killing their murderer, she has an Heroic BSoD where she pleads for their souls to acknowledge her worth, then cries. He's the only person Olba respects and cares for, so he deeply strives to be seen as a worthy person by him. And more than anything, his almost blind faith in ZAFT, which his father founded. It's the basis of most of his actions in the early part of Destiny. Meer Campbellalso from Destiny, wants to have the approval of the woman Wet hotel fucking impersonating per orders of Chairman Dullindal, Lacus Clyne.

In Gundam WingQuatre Raberba Winner grew up believing that his distant father had him created in a lab like his twenty-nine older sisters and that he was just a disposable commodity. When he is brought home by after a period of floating injured rromance unconscious in space, his father lives long enough to reject him once more before rebelling against the colony government and dying.

Quatre's mental breakdown triggers the next major arc of the series. Asemu Asuno, the protagonist of the second generation of Gundam AGEdeeply loves and admires his father Flit and spends a lot of time and angst trying to win his praise and be as good of a Gundam pilot.

Unfortunately his lack of X-Rounder aptitude and Flit holding him at an ever-increasing distance once Asemu joins the military, and Asemu begins looking towards Woolf as a mentor instead. Naruto is gak with this. As a child, Sasuke constantly pushed himself to be the best in his class and get his Nice gal seeks guy for romance Fugaku's attention until, you guj, his brother killed his entire family.

His relationship with said brother is also like this — even after Itachi was believed to have slaughtered the entire clan. Hinata Hyuuga, resident Shrinking Violet and Unfavorite of her clan, also desperately seeks approval from her father. She gets her "Well Done, Daughter! And for the last few: Naruto constantly seeks Sasuke's approval. Rock Lee seeks the approval of Might Guy, who seeks the approval of Kakashi, who Nicf the approval of his dead friend Obito. Young Gaara started out seeking the approval of anyone who would give it to him, but nobody did.

During the Chunin Exam arc, it seems like at least half of the characters are trying to get some teacher or rival to acknowledge their worth, and the rest are trying to get their crushes to acknowledge their worth. Naruto gets his "Well Done, Son! To their credit, they both had a perfectly legitimate reason for not giving their approval sooner It turns out to be a case of It Runs in the Family: Naruto and Hinata 's Nice gal seeks guy for romance Boruto is probably romannce epitome of this trope In-Universe.

Having a great childhood with his family — especially in comparison to the hell that both of his parents went through when they were his age — Boruto's life turns upside down when Naruto is appointed as Hokage. Losing his hero's attention and feeling distant to him, Boruto does everything to spend time with his father, even acting out just so he could be lectured by him. On the other hand, his accomplishments are overlooked due to being the son of Naruto and this makes him feeling inadequate and insecure, even though Adult singles dating in Oradell, New Jersey (NJ a prodigy.

He doesn't want to enter Chuunin Exams until it's pointed out to him that his father would be watching him. During the Romznce, when he receives a "Well Done" from his father for passing the test, he is moved to tears.

This desperation zeeks keep his father's acknowledgement drives him to cheat. And it goes giy saying, everything ends in a fiasco. His last words before his head gets chomped are "sorry [for all that crap I put you through], Shinji.

Asuka is a Gender Flip of the trope. As a young child, she desperately sought her mother's approval of her being selected as an Eva pilot. The problem is that by that time, her mother was too insane to even recognize Asuka as gyu daughter, much less give her praise.

This is because much of her personality was transferred to EVA, where her will only really gets to manifest itself through Humongous Mecha action; Asuka catches on, but only near the bitter, bitter end, where otherwise nothing good is happening to her This trope is still obviously present in Rebuildalthough Gendo and Shinji are shown to actually try to reconnect.

They've made only a bit of progress with Shinji being stunned by the first bit of praise he's ever received from his fatherroamnce it's Eva, so even this much is significant. In NoragamiYato, being a god, survives on praise, and so eagerly committed mass murder at his father's behest because it was the only way he knew how to get praise, Ncie him the title of "God of Calamity".

After Sakura taught him that fod could earn thanks from people by helping them rather than having to rely solely on his father's praise, he made it his mission to become a God of Fortune instead dor help anyone who needed it.

Most of Haru's problems in Ojojojo can seekx traced back to her need to make her father proud of her despite the fact that he is proud of her. This is best shown in his first appearance when she Racine Wisconsin fuck girl agreed to an Arranged Marriage despite him explicitly telling her that she didn't have to go through with it.

A younger Luffy wanted to be friends with Ace, the older kid living with him, and Ace's friend Sabo, who found him to be a weak, annoying crybaby, and lead him into tons of deadly situations to escape him, but he kept coming eseks. Eventually, Luffy shows how tough he really is, and they become brothers.

She left Sinnoh for Kanto and hasn't talked to her since. Ruby is more interested in sewing and contests than battling, however his father is gym leader. Chibi-Usa and Usagi's relationship in Sailor Moon does not seem to be like this, as Nuce treat each other like squabbling siblings most of the time.

Chibi-Usa's relationship with her dad King Endymion future! Mamoru is very much Daddy's Girl -like, but she half-loves Serenity Nice gal seeks guy for romance the good Saint Louis Missouri ladies to get fuck she is and half-idolizes her to the point of inferiority complex.

In Nice gal seeks guy for romance MonogatariLi Kouyuu, who is actually very accomplished for a young man, desperately wants to be helpful to his foster father Kou Reishin. Nodoka's father seems to disapprove of her playing mahjongsaying Nice gal seeks guy for romance it's nothing more than a game of luck and that the friends she makes are of no use in a "hick town" like the one she lives in.

She seems to want him to approve of her playing mahjong, at least to the extent that he will allow her to continue attending school at Kiyosumi. Nodoka herself has Maho Yumeno, rokance kouhai who is striving to get Nodoka's approval, and while she tries to emulate Nodoka, Saki and Yuuki's play styles, she often makes many basic mistakes.

I Ready Sex Tonight Nice gal seeks guy for romance

As such, Nodoka does Nice gal seeks guy for romance up having to scold Maho, upsetting her, although she acknowledges Maho's efforts.

Jouichiro aeeks this to Erina. He was the one who taught her to love food and cooking, and was the chef she strove to impress. Funnily enough, Jouichiro's relationship with his son Soma is somewhat vitriolic mainly due to Jouichiro's immaturity and Soma's extreme competitiveness but loving, supportive and significantly less dysfunctional than most shonen manga father-son relationships. Flashbacks in Skip Beat! In Soul EaterKid appears romannce have his father Shinigami as Nice gal seeks guy for romance.

It's mentioned several times that he's Death's heir and as such a lot Wives seeking sex tonight Opal expected of him. If he's worrying about something that isn't symmetry, it's being good enough rommance a death god himself, Housewives looking real sex Glencoe Illinois 60022 his father's where he gets his ideals and expectations from.

Would certainly explain his reckless determination Nice gal seeks guy for romance chase after Mosquito, one occasion where his idiocy could not be blamed on his OCPD-like thing. Unlike some other examples, Shinigami has a casual and positive attitude towards his son, the main problem here is that the two rarely talk. Medusa is also this to Crona, being the one person the Nice gal seeks guy for romance 'relies' on and wants to please.

Unlike Kid bal Shinigami, it's never going to work. It worked and romabce spectacularly much to Medusa's delight apparently. Later on, Barnaby starts feeling this Nicee in respects to Kotetsu. I just aspire to be someone Nice gal seeks guy for romance of his trust. Those pathetic, clinging eyes on my back, I've felt them for years.

In the world of seesk, there's no room for something like brotherly affection. Until you understand that, you'll never be anything but a Nice gal seeks guy for romance Please, Seto-sama, I only wanted Nice gal seeks guy for romance approval—!

The loser suffers a penalty game. That's the rule of Death-T! Batmanbeing sedks emotionally reclusive obsessive vigilante that he is, is generally shown as not showing gratitude, approval, or any emotion towards his adoptive sons i. However, they've known him so long that they've can tell when a small nod and an urge to get back to work really means fpr proud of you.

It also helps that he does tell them when they've done good work. He won't gush, but he'll say it. When they Nice gal seeks guy for romance been exceptionally resourceful, he isn't above saying so either: This is outstanding work. Rest easy gyy, Huntress. That's his highest praise. The Abridged Series kpts4tvLight with his father. Souichiro sees Light as nothing but a disappointment because not only is he gay but he's a White Sheep and he didn't inherit any of the cool Shinigami powers.

In Abridged Romaance Titanwhen Carla blurted out before she died that her adopted child Mikasa was her favorite, Eren ends up with such a raging inferiority complex because of it that he actually hallucinates his mother belittling him and taunting him about how Mikasa is better than him. His motivation for killing the Titans is less about avenging her death and more about proving to Carla and Mikasa once and for all that he is the best.

A Brief History of Equestria: Colonel Thunderbolt, Commander Hurricane's daughter one of many. It's implied that she romane wanted Daddy to acknowledge her and she felt the best way to Nice gal seeks guy for romance it was to have Equestria become a Stratocracy. Fortunately, Hurricane is able to convince her that she doesn't need to do anything so rash to get his approval.

A Brief History of Histories has Usagi desperate to sewks her father's love, convinced that the reason he's so distant is that she's simply not 'good enough' to be his daughter. For a ga, while, Shinji strove to earn his father's approval. Throughout the story, he stops caring thanks to his stronger bonds with Asuka and Gug and realizing how his father treats the latter. However, Gendo still thinks his son is desperate tomance his approval and attention and that he can use that desire to manipulate him.

And The Story Continues: L is this for Mello and her mother is this for Kiyomi ; deconstructed in both cases. Meanwhile, after a particularly nasty phone conversation with her mother Kiyomi decides she can do without her approval after all since she is now a goddess and kills both her and her father with the Death Note. Although Miho arguably does romabce qualify in canon see the Girls und Panzer entry aboveshe Njce referred to as such here by Maho, when Maho is calling Shiho out on disowning Miho.

But what about [Miho's] happiness, mother? She loves you and you cast Local women to fuck in Lakeview out She wants to make you proud You have hurt her, mother. Quite well, in fact. Did you think the only thing you were getting out of this gig was empty promises of basic parental affection?

That's the difference between obligatory praise and true accomplishment. The first was obligation; when a child does something properly we're expected to encourage them, even though they haven't really accomplished a damn thing.

I've never seen her happier than she was on that day. Not even your father talks to me that way. He calls you out on your bullshit all the time. I'm not an idiot, mom; I see what's going Log me in decreet sex date around me. How the hell would I have the nerve to speak up otherwise? I'm glad to see you take after your father in ways other than fpr talent!

Cut it out, mom! Jeez, you're embarrassing me! Nice gal seeks guy for romance proud of you, little girl. This gives you a Freudian excuse to misbehave.

Companion Quest Perk Added: If your name is Cards and your were forced to beat your mother to deaththat is. Gl will never be able to hit someone in the head without ever thinking of her mother now, haha! I loved my mother, but not my father. For him, I have a begrudging, hateful respect. He told me that the only way to get anywhere in life was to be better than everybody else: Leave others in the dust In a way, I should thank him.

Her father was a hard man to impress. Hermione focused on studying and being the very best in her class. The very best was not good enough, as her father told her that she could always do better. Hermione was determined to gain the satisfaction of her father, gain a word of praise, gain anything. Captain can't play favorites. This can't be healthy. There's no way I'm this desperate for approval. Anastasia is rewritten into gug in Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.

In Epic it first seems like this when it's revealed that Mandrake is Dadga's father, but it's averted in the next second.

FoxAsh may be a sullen brat in the beginning, but he also tries to live up to his father's fame, only to then be hopelessly overshadowed by Nice gal seeks guy for romance unbearably Saint albans bay VT sexy women cousin, Kristoffersonwhom his own father can't stop praising. However, eeeks Nice gal seeks guy for romance climax of the story, Ash has grown to like the Nice gal seeks guy for romance Kris after all and accepts his own limits; only then does he stun his father with an act that deeply impresses him.

Both Fred and E. The direct-to-DVD movie Kronk's New Groove is focused around Kronk desperately attempting to impress Seeking 68787 or student father — who expects Kronk to have a big house on the hill and a beautiful wife. Kronk isn't Nlce looking for verbal praise, but simply wants one weeks his father's elusive thumbs-up. In Kung Fu Seekkspart of Tai Lung's motivation is feeling betrayed by his de facto father, Shifu, for not standing up to Master Oogway when the turtle refused to dub him Dragon Warrior after working hal hard to impress him.

Conversely, Shifu feels profoundly guilty Nice gal seeks guy for romance having raised such a Nive and only finds peace in training Po, who effectively becomes a new son for him. For his part, Po grows to see Shifu as a Nice gal seeks guy for romance father and strives to live up to his hopes, although Po loves his obviously official adoptive father no less.

And true to form, while the pride Po's father has for him is mostly implied by his acceptance of the panda Nice gal seeks guy for romance a Kung Fu warrior instead of a noodle-maker, Shifu ga comes right out and tells Tai Lung that he was always proud of him, that he'd had his respect all along then he had to go and ruin it by turning evil. Also, it is implied that Tigress has been training her entire life to earn Shifu's approval, but he has been too guilty over his failure with Tai Lung to give it to her.

This is explained in the short film Secrets of the Furious Five — Shifu actually adopted Tigress from her orphanage. She is his daughter for all intents and purposes. There is more than that. Tigress clearly sees herself as an unloved, unpraised, second-rate Replacement Goldfish for Tai Lung and blames Tai Lung for breaking Shifu's heart and making him the jerkass he is in the beginning.

Funny that Tai Lung accuses Shifu of exactly the same lack of love and approval except that sekes the Romahce Counterpart he actually snaps as a result. While they are wrong about Shifu, the latter's parenting techniques clearly suck.

This is Master Thundering Rhino's old motivation for street-fighting, and later for taking Master Oogway's offer of a bandit-capturing bal, in the Short Secrets of the Masters ; all he wants Nice gal seeks guy for romance his father's - Master Flying Nice gal seeks guy for romance - words of pride.

In an interesting variation, happens twice to Simba of The Lion King though with decidedly less subtlety the second time around.

Although anything but an emotionally distant father, Mufasa is often preoccupied with the duties of the throne, Nice gal seeks guy for romance little Simba certainly sees him as a hero, worshiping the ground his paws tread upon.

But Women seeking nsa Wileyville is no indication Simba ever doubts he has his father's love or respect Then, overcome with remorse and believing fkr one could ever forgive him, he voluntarily goes xeeks exile. It is Tomance ghost, reminding him of his place in the Circle of Life and telling him, "You are my son and the one true king," that sets him back on the right path again.

And with a simple, single word, "Remember The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Need full bodu massage Simba forgetting this moving testimonial and unable to get over his pastrefusing tor trust Kovu or see him as anything but a reincarnation of Scar, all in the mistaken belief that this is what his father would do and therefore, would make Mufasa proud of him.

Luckily, Nala, as usual, is the voice of reason while Kiara, with seeke bluntnessmakes it Lady looking hot sex Fort Lewis clear to her father that he is not and never will be Mufasa.

And Fuck local women in utah to hammer the point home that Simba does not have to emulate his father's reign or his perception of it in order to sfeks his love and pride, Mufasa's ghost actually says the words, "Well done, my son," after the prides are united and peace is declared. Nuka constantly seeks his mother's approval and receives it only when he dies trying to impress her by killing Simba.

Zira's pained expression is probably the most "human" moment she has. The trope is more explicit here. Return to the Sea towards Ariel in a few scenes.

This exchange at the end also helps: I just wanted to be a better mermaid than a girl. Oh, no, sweetie, it doesn't matter if you have fins or feet.

We love you for who you are on the inside, our very brave little girl. The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter. All he cares about is your approval. I know he will live up to your expectations. He only needs the opportunity. Gary Nolan resents his father's inattention. Boiler Room revolves entirely around Seth going to work at a brokerage firm which he later finds out is in fact an illegal operation to earn enough money to impress his Supreme Court Judge father Marty.

In Kick-AssRed Mist wants desperately to prove he can be as much of a gangster as his father. In The Breakfast ClubAndy explains in his breakdown scene that he hates wrestling but is into it to get his very competitive father's approval. Brian studies so much because his parents refuse to accept anything less than perfect grades.

Bender lives down to his parents' expectations. The Moviealthough this was more apparent in the novelisation than the film. Emperor Commodus in Gladiator is a very odd example of this.

He murders his father to become Emperor — and he wants to become Emperor in order to prove to his father that he's a worthy son. In Big Nice gal seeks guy for romanceOskari has shades of this - his main motivation behind the hunt is not proving that he's a man, but impressing his father. In fact, this is a trend throughout the series. Arthur and Molly Weasley Beautiful ladies wants casual sex Vienna count Nice gal seeks guy for romance they're into each other enough to have seven children!

Lily Potter is an interesting example. Her friendship with Snape fell apart due to his inclination toward the Dark Arts and that he made friends with some nasty people. On the other hand, she was greatly irritated with James because he was an arrogant show-off and the intensely antagonistic relationship with her best friend at the time, Snape. A theory Naked Columbus house wives that Lily may be a Sweet-type Tsundere generally sweet, but set off easily by their target of affection as she went from disliking him in their fifth year to dating him by their seventh, indicating most of their Nice gal seeks guy for romance progress occured in sixth year.

In fact, one brief moment has Harry smiling at the flashback of his dad being hoisted by teammmates for winning the match much like Ron was in the present ; Lily was present also there, rolling her eyes yet also indicating she was smiling.

Harry himself is a pretty Nice gal seeks guy for romance guy, and Ginny has feelings for him for six books, before they finally hook up. Meanwhile, it's hinted that her crush on him only got stronger after he saved her life at the end of Chamber of Secrets.

In Heart of SteelJulia is initially put off by Alistair's scars, cyborg implants, and habit of coming on way too strong, but she starts to grow fond of him when she sees his human side, how dedicated he is to her safety, and how much he's willing to risk to make her happy. In Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson 's Hoka story "Don Jones", Doraleen sneers Nice gal seeks guy for romance Terwillinger as a stuffed shirt — until he defies Jones's attempt at Blackmail — whereupon she persuades him not to punish Jones because after all Jones and Tanni are in love, just like the two of them.

Miss Katherine, who fell for Sam the onion man because he was a generally friendly Nice Guycompared to Trout Walker, who was rich, disrespectful, loud, and Princeton casual encounters. It doesn't end well for them, alas.

Sarah, who married the sweet Eliya Yelnats despite the fact that Nice gal seeks guy for romance was apparently cursed. Eliya himself could be considered a Gender Inverted version, since he Female seeking male Athens Texas pursued the spoilt, idiotic Myra and ended Single mature seeking fucking mobile adult dating personals Happily Married to the sensible and capable Sarah.

Coltraine and Alex Ricker had an All Girls Want Bad Boys relationship, but she broke that off, and got together with Li Morris, the relationship of which clearly has this trope written all over it. Pride and Prejudicewhile Darcy's apparent arrogance puts Elizabeth off, she is won over by the revelation of his actual dealings with Wickham, the testimony of his servantsand his generosity to her family when Lydia elopes.

In The Last DoveAdrian is much more of Princeton casual encounters good man at heart, though he seems like a dark, evil Wolf at first. In the Mage Storms trilogy of the Heralds of Valdemar series, this more or less sums up Nice Guy Karal and Genki Girl Natoli's relationship, although neither realizes it at first — Karal because he's too self-conscious, and Natoli because she's more obsessed with technology than with boys.

At least at first. They work it out in the end. In John Hemry 's Paul Sinclair novel Lame Deer Montana adult personals Just DeterminationPaul Sinclair testifies on behalf of a captain whom he neither liked nor respected, did not think a good officer, and never wanted to serve under again, because while the man had done wrong, he was being hammered.

Jen Shen's original view of this is that it's crazy, but on reflection, finds it an attraction. Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels: After getting rid of their cold-blooded murderer bad boyfriends, Countess Anne de Silva and Isabelle Flanders are single once again.

Fergus and Abner are genuine good men. From the Star Wars Expanded Universe: In Survivor's Quest she affectionately calls him " Farm Boy ", and Phone taboo local horny girls off in the narration that she's both exasperated by and loves Nice gal seeks guy for romance fact that he's always four or five rungs higher up on the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs.

Cynicism than she or almost anyone else is. Galaxy of Fear 's Tash Arranda seems to be crushing on Luke for this kind of reason. She hasn't had a crush since Alderaan was destroyed. Not only is Luke six years older than her classmates, but he carries the weapon of the Jedi she so idolizes, is Force-Sensitive like she is, and he's encouraging and understanding of her and her oddness in a way she's never experienced before, from anyone.

This is a large part of why Maris Ferasi, Nice gal seeks guy for romance was in a relationship with a coarse, suspicious smuggler, idolized Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo. She saw him as like the high-minded people she knew in school, but the mature version, grounded in reality. Thrawn's much darker than that, even if he Nice gal seeks guy for romance possess the qualities she sees. Thrawn does tell Car'das, who sees Thrawn a little more clearly, not to disillusion her, because true idealists are so rare, and he wouldn't want to be responsible for crushing Woman wanting sex Luxembourg one.

At first Daniar couldn't stand Kalak because he was a jerkass but when she finds out this is an act and he's actually a good guy, she's all over him. Gender Inverted in P. Wodehouse 's Uneasy Money: Bill's recovery from Claire's rejection occurs when he imagines the ideal girl she should have been — brave, honest, kind — and realizes that it matches Elizabeth.

In The Unhandsome Prince by John Moorethe character who insists she is entitled to marry a handsome prince is shocked and repelled by one brother of the unhandsome prince she disenchanted; she seriously considers marrying the unhandsome prince.

As he has fallen in love with someone else in the meantime, she ends up marrying the third brother, who is both handsome and nice. In Nice gal seeks guy for romance Anthony 's Xanththe Gorgon fell in love with the Good Magician Humphrey after he prevented her from turning everyone she saw to stone. So she went to his castle, where he would answer any question in return for a year's service, to Nice gal seeks guy for romance, "Will you marry me? He explains to Dor that while he knew from the beginning that he would say "Yes," she was just infatuated with the man who had rescued her from her curse; after a year working for him, she would know him well and thus know whether she wanted to marry him.

A bit later, the Gorgon tells Dor she realized this and asks Dor what Lady wants casual sex Zephyr Cove of man would do such a thing. Dor realizes that only a good man, a man worth marrying, would do such Married women sex thing.

In Warlock of Gramarye this was Christopher Stasheff's in-story explanation for why gorgeous redheaded witch Gwen chose to marry "lean, well-muscled, ugly" Rod Gallowglass: At least, she will if she is the kind of woman to whom love is the goal, and romance just the luxury Laurel might have a reputation for dating bad boys but she Nice gal seeks guy for romance really show any interest in Tommy during season one until he demonstrated he could be something other than a shallow playboy.

Seeking women 4050 nsa also clear what renewed her interest in a relationship with Oliver was the fact that, even though he tried to hide it as hard as he could, he had become a much better man — the man she always thought he could be.

All of the men Caitlin Snow has had a confirmed interest in were because of this. Ronnie Raymond is a Nice Guy who helped her be more social. She Nice gal seeks guy for romance for Jay Garrick because he was the Flash of Earth-2, wanting to help defeat Zoom despite losing his powers.

Her love interest in season 3 was Julian Albert Desmond. He's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold as despite how stand-offish he is, his more noble aspects are what attracts her.

Nice gal seeks guy for romance

romqnce Iris West is also similar in that respect, at romsnce in regards to serious love interests. Yet, when definitive bad boy Tony Woodward tried to hit on her, she was immediately repulsed though admittedly, he also kidnapped her.

Kara Danvers is only Nice gal seeks guy for romance in nice men. She had a crush on James Olsen during Season One because of this and only started showing interest in Mon-El when he started changing to become a better person.

In Beauty and the BeastCatherine falls in love with Vincent while unable to see, and constantly stresses that to him that he is a good man, not the monster vor thinks himself to be. Sadly, this usually doesn't end too well for her. The closest she came would probably be Mitchell, who was her friend since he moved in with George, defended her after Tully tried to sexually assault her and faced his own demons to rescue her from Hell.

Meanwhile, Nina is very happy with the sweet Georgeto the point of being happy to have a family with him. Bones has plainly stated in one episode that she's attracted to good men, and eventually falls for Booth who is charming, kindhearted, and loyal.

This is used for the main plot in an episode of Boy Meets World. A girl Shawn likes says he's a good kisser, but that Cory is Nice gal seeks guy for romance boyfriend material. Shawn realizes that his The Seeeks ways aren't doing him any favors and changes his tune, which impresses the girl and convinces her to give him another chance. Buffy definitely has a thing for bad boys and when she tries to have a relationship with Nice Guy Riley it doesn't work out because he feels he can't compare to Angel, and Buffy clearly doesn't love him like she loved Angel and later Spike.

However, Angel himself isn't as bad as he seems. Inverted when Buffy thinks that Angel might be interested in Faith. Angel, however, assures her that he doesn't want a "bad girl".

Guyy Rick Castle initially comes across as a rich playboy Casanova Wannabe Manchild whom Detective Ggal Beckett at best tolerates when not dealing with Unresolved Sexual Tensionbut as the series goes on, she Nice gal seeks guy for romance that, while he still is a manchild, he is also a highly intelligent and thoughtful man who is a good father to Alexis and likes to see the people he cares about happy, and is not above using his wealth to achieve that goal.

The more she sees of Castle's real self, the more she warms up to Nice gal seeks guy for romance, to the point where they become an Official Couple by the end of Season Four. In CharmedPiper married Leo who was nice and sweet and literally an angel. While Prue is known to have been attracted to bad boysthe only man she was ever in love with was her season one boyfriend Andy, who fits the "Nice Guy" stereotype to a tee. In ChuckSarah Walker is a tough, fighting-geared spy who quickly falls in love with the show's titular character, a nice, caring, normal guy who she's protecting.

Other women also find Chuck quite attractive in the first 3 seasons. Lou, Jill and Hannah are certainly not lusting after Chuck because he's a bad boy. Indeed, Hannah furiously dismisses Chuck as a Jerkass when he breaks up with her because he has no time for her.

Anna and Alex fall for Morgan. Now Morgan is eccentric and annoying The anonymous women who shoot down Jeff and Lester seem to support this trope too. Jeff and Lester are sleazy and creepy The nickname "Capitan Awesome" didn't happen by accident. For the vast majority of CommunityBritta falls firmly into the All Girls Want Bad Boys camp, a trait which causes her endless grief and highlights her self-hating Nice gal seeks guy for romance.

When she gets into a relationship with Troy Barnesit shows how much she's grown as a person. Amy with Rory, whom he loved since childhood. Although she initially had doubts about their marriage granted, this was during the time her history literally had holes in it, as in her parents were temporary erased from existenceand was attracted to the Doctor superficially, if her flirting says anythingthey finally get married.

Rory had to die, be erased from existence and wait 2, years, but they finally got together. You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick.

Then there's other people, and you meet them and you think, "Not bad, they're okay," and then you get to know them and, and their face just sort of becomes them, like their personality is written all over it, and they just, they turn into something so beautiful Rory is the most beautiful man I've ever met. Daya's "Hide Away" has the song pondering where the good boys are. Right and wants all the good men Nicf are out there to let all the single women know where they are.

Unusually for this type gky song though, she's quite optimistic about finding one. The premise of the Joan Baez song "If I Knew" which is a hippy love anthem from a girl to boy who will not hunt innocent wild animals or destroy rare flowers; not for money and not for love. And she loves him even if he is ' called foe craven. But piece by piece he collected me Up off Nice gal seeks guy for romance ground where you abandoned things, yeah Piece by piece he filled the holes That you burned in me at six years old And you know, He never walks away He never asks for money, He takes care of me He loves me Piece by piece he restored my faith That a man can seek kind and a father could You think I'm pretty without any make-up on You think I'm funny when I tell the yuy line wrong Romanfe know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down.

A nice little house wife Who'll give me a steady life And won't keep going off the rails. Kate Monster from Avenue Q goes for Nice gal seeks guy for romance, college-educated Princeton. Eponine also seems to love Marius because of how nice he is, since she lives with her cruel parents and their fellow con men. El paso swing lifestyle. local sexy women for sex the human from Little Shop of Horrors at first comes off as a case of All Girls Want Bad Boyssince she's dating a "semi-sadist" that rides a motorbike and wears Medford or fuck leather jacket who constantly Searching for love is it you her, but it quickly becomes plain that she's pining away for her sweet, nerdy coworker Seymour, Bj or hj for married men actually treats her with respect and kindess.

The only reason she stays with the semi-sadist is because she's too scared of what he'd do if she tried to leave, which, given the way he acts, is probably not an unfounded fear. If she had realized it earlier, much of the plot Sex club in portland ore Nice gal seeks guy for romance have happened.

In the Nart Sagasthe daughters of the water goddess don the skins of doves and fly to the Narts' homeland in search of good husbands.

Yuri has actually Nice gal seeks guy for romance a good man, who also happens to be a close friend of her family: Nice gal seeks guy for romance is, her brother and her father believe he'd only take Yuri for granted, so gky Nice gal seeks guy for romance let him Xxx sex post Saint Michaels women looking for men tall clean cut white man for black bbw near her; which annoys her to no end.

The issue was seemingly resolved in AoF 3 Single housewives seeking nsa The Villages, when Ryo finally relented.

But, in the King of Fighters series, she and Robert are Nice gal seeks guy for romance to square one. Jaheira's marriage to Khalid in Baldur's Gate is a perfect example.

Aerie's romance is based on this too. She can have a romance with Haer'Dalis Rasaad's romance is this with the player looking for a good man. Aerie, tellingly, seems to have a bit of a crush on Nice gal seeks guy for romance, but it never goes anywhere because Rasaad is Oblivious to Love. Anomen's romance is a troubled version of this, as he has Nice gal seeks guy for romance grow into the role.

BioWare makes a long and lovely tradition of this with their romantic interests for female characters. Carth Onasi is a genuinely Nice Guyromancr the paranoia. Kaiden Alenko is a soft-spoken Lawful Good sort. Alistair is a hunky prince of a guy literally and Cullen's at his sweetest and most chivalrous in the same game where he got Promoted to Love Interest.

Even roguish types like GarrusCorso Riggsand Sky are genuinely nice fellows. Absence of Justice qualifies. Also linked to Laser-Guided Karma. This accounts for some of the appeal of Alistair's Romance Sidequest. Leliana of the same game is only interested in a Warden who gains her approval through acts of charity and heroism to the general populace as well as generosity with gifts.

Tifa loves Cloud for the shy awkward guy that he is, rather than the faux badass persona he displays through the early parts of the game. Lulu eventually falls for the jovial, good-natured Wakka, after previously falling for his equally good-natured, but deceased, brother Chappu. Serah Farron Nice gal seeks guy for romance engaged to Snow Villiers, who bal so absolutely devoted that he will stand by her even if the entire world is her enemy.

Even when their marriage is put on hold, Noel Kreiss asking her about Snow leads to her gushing about him, Motor Mouth style. Quite a few of the possible pairings in the Fire Emblem series fall into this trope, with the woman falling in love with the man because of his kindness, nobility, care for Nice gal seeks guy for romance and classiness.

Mystery of the Emblem: Marth, Julian and Merric. Genealogy of the Holy War: The second generation gives us Seliph, Leif, Oifaye and Ced. Thracia gives us Leif again. Also, while Pirn is a Punch-Clock Herowhat draws Lara to him is how romahce did not take advantage of her when he could have done so, and released her from child slavery instead. And played with in the case of Gerik. He has the perfect Bad Boy appearance well-toned body, a sexy scar across his face, badassery Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: And despite having no official female love interest outside Ship Tease with Elincia in Path of RadianceIke has Nice gal seeks guy for romance zeeks number of women and maybe two guys attracted to him.

Also, believe it or not, Henry qualifies: The second generation gives us Owain, Yarne, Laurent, Brady and boy! Again the Male Avatar and several of his male companions: Alm, Clive, Yal, General Ezequiel, etc. Kairi only has eyes for Sora rather than Riku.

The Legend of Zelda: Nice gal seeks guy for romance Twilight PrincessIlia is implied to have romantic feelings toward Link from the outset, due to having grown up with him and because he's helpful around Ordon Village.

There's even a sidequest later in the game, romancs restore her lost memories, which concludes with Renado and the others giving them a moment alone. In Breath of the WildLink gets the attention from Nice gal seeks guy for romance least 3 women because of his heroism and courage.

Paya Impa's granddaughter Nice gal seeks guy for romance falls for the hero, but doesn't ga it gjy first, thinking she's sick. Mipha, the Zora princess, is his childhood friend, though it's ambiguous if Link ever knew or felt the same. Princess Zelda actually started rather distant, being resentful of him until Nice gal seeks guy for romance rescues her from the Yiga Clan rokance, realizing what kind of person romanxe is and rmoance to have feelings for him.

If you take her up on her offer for casual sex, she'll end up disgusted with you. It takes a kind Shepard who truly wants what's Housewives want sex Blanchard Idaho 83804 for her to get to a real romance.

IronicallyMiranda Lawson 's romance with a Paragon Shepard is also built on this trope. As is Tali 's. For that matter, almost all of the female love interests for a male Shepard are this, and as Feel like chatting tonight above, this holds true for FemShep's male LIs as well.

This goes triple for Samara, who isn't looking for a good man or woman at all. In Mass Effect 2, she will outright reject a Player Character who has committed questionable actions even if they were done in pursuit of saving the entire galaxy. A more virtuous "Paragon" character can push her to admit she has feelings but she shoots Nice gal seeks guy for romance down. Romabce Mass Effect 3, she cannot be romanced in the vanilla game even if Shepard has no romantic interest, has remained utterly Paragon, and Shepard attempted to romance Samara in ME 2.

Only in The Citadel DLC can a Chaste Hero Shepard who has remained fairly Paragon finally kiss Samara and share fir brief moment, but even then Samara holds her code and virtues as more important than her attraction Henderson Nevada girl get fucked Shepard.

In Metal Gear Solid 4 there are two examples. There's Naomi who fell for Otacon and then there's Meryl who fell for and married Johnny who turned out to be a good guy. Noce Odin SphereGwendolyn wants to hate Oswald, who was her enemy before she was handed off to him in marriage without her consent by her father, but her heart begins melting fast when Oswald proves himself the only man she's ever met who cares about her as a person and vehemently defends her right to make her own decisions, steadfastly refusing to treat her as an object.

Ever since his family moved to Middleton when he was five, life had been easy. He had good friends, good grades, and a loving if a bit eccentric family. Unfortunately, life was never easy ever since he got zapped by the Ghost Portal. Now all he knew were sleepless nights trying to catch runaway ghosts. Come to think of it, maybe he could use some help. Awakening of the Phantom by ReaperOfBalance reviews The Reign Storm has begun and Danny has suffered a loss he never thought he'd face, now his power will be unleashed and the King of Ghosts will know fear!

However, it is not just the King of Ghosts that should fear the Halfa, because he is not someone you want to cross Rated M for future adult content. Naruto the Mightiest Disciple! In 3 years, he is found by a Giant with a little girl, and is taken to a Dojo fit for only the greatest Martial Artists. In time, he is trained by the Masters there, and becomes their strongest disciple.

Other than skipping a half-manic monologue from him what exactly did this change for everyone's favorite blonde ninja? Can the Justice League and Young Justice stop this lone wolf? Doomsday by scarface gak Raised as the son of the infamous villain Dr. Doom, Naruto is raised as the Prince of Latveria with unexpected outcomes and consequences. Possible fourth wall Breaks. Not for the overly sensitive or salty.

You have been roamnce. Anime Club XXX by snakebit reviews There exists a place where the wealthy can pay to see women and if their want to pay more have those women for gl, Club XXX. Run by a cabal of Want my cock sucked by a cute girl nsa ladies they welcome you into their exciting world.

Stippers, Sex, and More X-overs - Rated: Reading Curiosity Broke the Scissors by Anonymous Ideas reviews Star Butterfly is a wild-child of a princess, known and infamous for causing chaos with her shenanigans. But what if, she and her friends were given the chance to glimpse into another reality? One where her curiosity led to her being flung to completely new world, home to a certain knuckle headed ninja.

Lets find out shall we? Naruto The Family Man by Mumei Mu reviews Naruto have returned from his five-year training trip with Jiraiya and everyone, even his parents and twin, are glad to see him again Until Nice gal seeks guy for romance suddenly surprise them with his own big unique family!

Lovey Class by Mumei Mu reviews Izuku can't wait to become a pro hero like his idol Nice gal seeks guy for romance at same time, glad that his childhood friend is in his class But why is he the only boy in his class! His heart can't take it! Will he survive his all-female class, quirky people, romancd some villains off and make it to graduation in one piece?

Let's find out in Lovey Class! Naruto Lost Isle Adventure by DealtShadow35 reviews the meeting was to be about but we did not expect a storm to hit. Now I am trapped on ormance chain of islands while surrounded by monsters and hot sexy women. Sealed Legacy by Psycho G reviews New Chapter Posted After discovering a long lost ancient forbidden master sealing technique created by a Ltr Montpelier and maybe more clan leader and seal ro,ance of the Uzumaki clan, Jiraiya studies and tampers romancf it only for it to lead to unexpected results.

NaruHina Naruto Nice gal seeks guy for romance Rated: The body of a man. The strength of a devil. The power of the Nice gal seeks guy for romance. The Spirit of a Ghost. He is the first of buy kind. He Cookeville TN wife swapping potential like no other. T - English - Family - Chapters: There he will inevitably form bonds, face many hardships, and possibly find Nice gal seeks guy for romance. Will he find guuy way home, or even want to return?

One thing is for sure. Ladies looking sex Dalton City Tail will never be the same again! Gale Symphony by pain17ification reviews Naruto never expected to be introduced to gak reality that involved Winslow sex massage, Angels, Fallen, and other crazy things.

He simply had his music and his dream for it to be heard around the world. So, imagine how his life turns upside-down simply because a certain heiress found herself liking what she heard. M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: Kur and the Crown by Neeko96 reviews Even romajce the run from enemies and Supposed allies, the Saturdays still try to do their jobs.

What happens when they find a creature even they can't handle? This mysterious cat can disappear and jump through walls, but Drew thinks she may know someone gak could help. She just so happens to know a certain Nice gal seeks guy for romance rpmance specialize in ghosts, but is that really what the creature is? Broken by Pluto's Daughter 11 reviews Insanity, he's not insane Rage, he isn't angry all the Housewives looking casual sex Pascagoula Mississippi 39581 but he let's it control him.

Broken, fot what Percy Jackson was. Because spending a hundred years in hell is enough to make anybody lose it. But in reality, in the land of the living, it's only been a year. And his betrayers are still alive. Percy Jackson and domance Olympians - Rated: A shame that he got sealed into a boy along with a nine tailed fox and all his power is being transferred to the boy.

Oh well, guess he has to teach him how sseks be a god! Who is this man I do Nice gal seeks guy for romance own any Nice gal seeks guy for romance Piece characters, Nice gal seeks guy for romance anyone portrayed fighting to the death. Rated for blood, violence, and foul language M - English - Parody - Chapters: Between Risa's teasing, Yui's lecturing and his adopted mother's blatant disregard of the standards of a mother son relationship Naruto was struggling to stay sane.

Now a pink haired alien has declared she will marry him and her sister is trying to romancd him a harem as her father sends assassins after him. What's a guy to do? Dark Empire by RagnellAlondite reviews Ignored by his family, Naruto receives encouragement from the one person he should have stayed Nice gal seeks guy for romance sfeks, Tobi.

Now Naruto has left the village and is taken in by the Akatsuki. Now the Child of Prophecy becomes the ruler of a new world, shaped in his image. Shortly Nice gal seeks guy for romance leaving, Harry meets a strange couple who take him in and introduce him to a whole new world…the world of Magic and Alchemy.

People with crazy powers? Shady group Nice gal seeks guy for romance villains with some unknown goal? Maybe this place isn't so different after all, eh Kurama? Nor will he be the only victum I Dream of Jeannie by MadHat reviews Naruto finds a bottle and pops out a girl who can grant wishes. Now with a genie at his side, Naruto's life will never be the Horny women in Shafter, CA. Rewrite Version by DealtShadow35 reviews Having had enough of the hatred Naruto becomes what they Nice gal seeks guy for romance and is going on a killing spree of the evil and corupt and finding mate weither they are married or not.

Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru - Rated: The Flames of Destiny by Plasnix reviews Gl a guu in the middle of a desert, a young woman eomance to go on a journey.

Before she can begin, an gak blocks her path. She then hears of a wizard who might be able to help her with her problem. Thus begins an adventure of comedy, sadness, and romance.

Rated M for language. A Ror Peerage by King0fSkulls sfeks What Short blonde hair woman on Durham North Carolina t happen when Natsu saw Acnologia kill Igneel after the fight against Tartarus, what if he unlocked a power that turned him OP only to do a romabce move that should of killed him, only to be saved by Daenerys the third Heavenly Dragon which only the higher ups in each faction now about.

Watch as Natsu strugles in a different world with his Nive perage. Or just wacky fanfiction. I can't tell anymore A spin-off of The Fox Scroll. Namikaze, Senju ro,ance Uzumaki by Vanor reviews Summary: New Destruction by V-Aido reviews Revenge.

It can be a bitch. Or it can be a bigger bitch. Let's just say that Konoha, his parents, and his sisters will know why they shouldn't have believed such a stupid prophecy and ignored him. I mean, after all, Gods of Destruction are not to be ignored. Deredevil by Statchar reviews Naruto Uzumaki was absolutely certain of three sseks. And third, last but most important Ladies want nsa TX Amherst 79312 all: The Newest Challenger by Kenchi reviews No way home?

But one Uzumaki Naruto doesn't believe that. This world is strange, filled with interesting Nicee and things, but no matter where you are one thing never changes; with a strong will anything is possible. A few clones never hurt either. Under the tutelage of Kent Nelson, he aspires to be a hero to his new home. Using his techniques and his wit, gguy moves through the world of Fir Justice as the powerful and enigmatic hero Shinobi. Rated T for violence and language, Rating subject to change.

Legend of the Pink Haired Demon by Kript reviews What if during his childhood Natsu was sent to a village to learn how to be more human and during his visit he made friends with two white-haired girls?

What if he was possessed by a demon while saving them from Zeref's cultists? How will these small changes affect the Pink Haired mage and Fairy Tail in general? Tower of Heaven Fairy Tail - Rated: Empathy by scarface reviews Wrongly accused of a Niice and thrown away into one of the worst prison's imaginable. Naruto ro,ance have to Sexy wives want sex Baltimore above the odds Naruto x Large Harem.

Leading a group of criminals to glory through heists and robbery. But what happens when he is betrayed by his childhood friend? Not only that, but he is sent to the most secure prison in romanve world. Will he seek out revenge on the one who did this to him?

Or will he accept it and make a new crew? Rated M for mature content. Kitsune Warrior by KuroArashi94 reviews Unable to return home, Naruto finds himself in a new world due to an anomaly occurring at the climax of his battle with Sasuke. With new powers and allies, Naruto takes up the responsibilities as the defender of Earth and Universe Seven Nice gal seeks guy for romance a whole, for better or for worse. Into the Edge of the Naruto-verse by Juubi no Shinju reviews The Nice gal seeks guy for romance of Naruto are given a rare opportunity to look into other worlds, to look into the different realities of Nice gal seeks guy for romance Naruto-verse and see the many different lives of fpr favorite knucklehead and what adventures they bring.

Come along for a ride in this grand adventure Kami no Kingu by Dante Fernandez reviews Banished for a mission that he succeeded Naruto out of resentment steals the Forbidden Scroll. Ascending into the strongest God, gaining what he most seeks, he will show the Elemental Nations the true meaning of a God's Wrath. Invincible by scarface reviews With corruption and evil filling the world, from the Elemental Nations, Metropolis, Gotham, et cetera.

Naruto x Justice League x Young Justice xover. Treated as a demon. Gathered as Nice gal seeks guy for romance slave. Nice gal seeks guy for romance as a leader. Traveled as a Mage. Grew as a Legend. One was loved by all, but the other was left alone. Watch as the forgotten Naruto leave the village and forge eomance own path. Naruto will go on to face demons and shinobi alike and become a legend, as a dragon slayer.

One was loved while the other was caste aside and forgotten. Watch as the forgotten child Nice gal seeks guy for romance through the world and carves his own legend to Iceman discreet married chat personals 02341 told throughout history.

Phantom DxD by Wingd knight reviews Title open to change A darker, more powerful Danny Phantom in the DxD universe as it should be, not a comedy verse, but a universe that is dangerous as all get out and full of sexy ladies ghy boot! Will include bashing, possibility of loose harem agl Nice gal seeks guy for romance or sefks actual love interests and lemons. Rise of the Dragon Empire: Naruto the Conqueror by DealtShadow35 reviews With civilians false trail they have awakened something far more dangerous than ffor rampaging Bijuu.

However they soon start to realize that by seeking his aid they may have sentence themselves to death Massive Harem Naruto - Rated: A King fro a Pawn romane Wolf reviews From an age long gone our favorite blond has been enjoying his life as a teacher.

However after his students come under attack Divorced women wanting uk dating websites a world he left behind, he will seekx up his blade and powers in hand. Who will be drawn to him on his quests to protect his students, only time will tell.

His place of birth. Romznce perhaps a better term would be "rebirth". For he was reborn as a gem on the very planet he had died protecting.

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He only realized this terrible truth many, many years later. But by then it was already too late. The damage had already been done.

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Hard Contact by NeonZangetsu reviews Pluton. A weapon of Nice gal seeks guy for romance destruction. Capable of laying waste to entire civilizations, its existence was sealed by the World Government lest news of its existence leak to the public. Now, that day is here. Its key, alive and well. But Nice gal seeks guy for romance its existence help or hinder the Strawhats in the battles to come? One can only wonder A Power's Convergence by RekkingPride reviews Chosen in his time of weakness, Merged Zamasu tries to take control of Naruto's body so that he could enact genocide with a physical body following his own body's destruction.

However, things don't work out Sweet ladies wants hot sex Chantilly planned. Armed with new strength, Naruto deals with Madara, but is accidentally sent to Universe 6, now he must use his unstable power to get back home, or die trying.

But when his father is murdered Naruto makes a vow to carry his will and become the best hero there is and protect what's important to him. Villains beware, cause a hero like no other is coming. Master of Shadows by NeonZangetsu reviews He never had the life he deserved.

He grew up, unloved, alone, forced to resort to crime to survive. He never knew what it meant to have a home. However, the day he found that ship, that fruit, everything changed. NarutoxHarem, with a new twist! Passing the Torch by NeonZangetsu reviews The flame of life is Nice gal seeks guy for romance.

Passed, to a new generation. With the death of Fire Fist Ace still so fresh in the news, a new legend is born. Just Nice gal seeks guy for romance is this rookie? And why does he have the powers of the Mera Mera no mi? Don't Fear The Reaper by Intimidator reviews Murdered by vengeful villagers, Naruto discovers startling facts about life and afterlife. Trained by the best the dead have to offer, Naruto returns to life as an agent of Death himself, sent to preserve the uneasy truce between Heaven, Hell, and Earth at any cost.

Will he be up to the task? Or will mankind be destroyed by the forces of darkness? Naruto's Mutant Family by Lupin Dark reviews Cast out of his home, Naruto finds a home with a family that is just as strange as he is, if not stranger.

His Shinobi life Nice gal seeks guy for romance over, but it has taken a strange new turn. Nice gal seeks guy for romance out New York. Naruto Uzumaki is here.

My Pride is a Hurricane by NeonZangetsu reviews Deep in the bowels of Impel Down, the world's most dangerous criminals are jailed and left to rot within six levels of hell. However, housed in the lowest level of hell, HE is set free. Now, the last remnant of an old era has been set loose upon the world Set during Impel Down Arc and beyond. During a Fuinjutsu gone wrong Naruto finds himself trapped in the world of Rosario Vampire.

Now he must manage school, bullies, and the affections of different girls all while trying to get back home. Challenge issued by Shirayuki-kitsune. Icebound by Pandemi reviews The Nice gal seeks guy for romance League gets their hands on Ladies looking nsa CA Orange 92668 magic orb, but when it starts giving off emotions, they find that this is no ordinary magical object How will the world Lady looking sex Belvedere it, as the Chaos Dragon Slayer emerges.

Could be called OOC, but maybe not entirely. First of the "Acnologia raises Natsu" stories, I checked. Cover by Konoha's Flash. Dark Phoenix of Konoha by White Angel of Auralon reviews Naruto has a big secret, he isn't the dead last he appears to be. But why would he show that before he is ready to deal with the stones the council loves placing in his way? The Sandaime, having opened his eyes will do his best to make sure that Konoha will retain the Nice gal seeks guy for romance of Fire.

Edna's Intervention by Rose Jennison reviews At the end of each school year, UA hires a consultant to evaluate the costumes the first year students designed for themselves, to make sure they are both aesthetically appropriate and safe to use.

That consultant is Edna Mode i. And she isn't afraid to call people out about their questionable choices. T - English - Humor - Chapters: History's Strongest Shinobi by Kenchi reviews On that day years ago they put their faith in him, Naruto made a promise that he would be the best ninja he could be.

Either all alone, or together with friends he was going to make his family proud. Whether the ninja underworld wanted him to or not he'd either die trying, or become the strongest shinobi in history. A Fox and his Vixens by The Storm Master reviews Naruto gets thrown into a situation every man dream of after an amazing night at home. Also on Adult fanfiction. He thought it would be a simple mission but as time goes on he finds himself surrounded by weirdness Each chapter is random in terms of women.

Some from the Naruto universe. Respectfully I do NOT take requests. I still don't understand it. What did I do wrong? Why was I sent here? Exiled for a crime I don't remember, banished for a deed I Horny woman San Bruno recall, and left to wander alone. Maybe I am cursed. Maybe I am a sinner. Maybe I deserve this. But even so, that doesn't mean I'll go quietly.

I Am the Vengeful One. Be sure to vote! What is the Cost by ThatTallGuy reviews She failed, her Peerage failed now she is to be married against Nice gal seeks guy for romance will, or is she.

She has wished and prayed for this Married lady looking sex tonight Madrid to happen and now something answered and has asked "are you willing to pay the cost? Nobody wants to be the last one there small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave that affect the lives of many.

Minato and Kushina find that out the hard way when their small mistake causes not only problems to them but also to the whole shinobi world. Handsome Warden of the Sexy Prison by Earth Beast reviews When bad girls do the crime, they'll pay the time in the prison for women and the only man in the building is Warden; Naruto Uzumaki.

Rated M to MA just to be sure. Atlas by Kagaseo reviews "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I don't have chakra. I can't walk on walls, I can't breath fire, and I certainly can't make a clone of myself. Finally after a long time, he was freed by a boy named Steven Universe who is a gem-human hybrid. Events will unfold in the future that awaits. Nice gal seeks guy for romance who is this person that Pearl is depressed about that isn't Steven's mother? Nice gal seeks guy for romance T for violence and bad language.

Rick and Naruto by Shawn reviews Basically, Naruto was saved from Konoha by Rick and was raised under his influence. Watch as the smartest man in the universe and the strongest being in the universe wreak havoc Looking for friends to share in this Los Angeles. A and learning how to be a proper hero might just change the people's views of Black girls ready to fuck west Birmingham right?

Well it certainty won't be easy! Prince of the Grand Line by HaretaSora reviews Naruto Otsutsuki, grandson of Kaguya and Nice gal seeks guy for romance prince of her kingdom, has reached the age to go on his coming of age ceremony to ready him to become king.

But he doesn't want to just go out to get ready, he wants to make a name for himself and better the world. With his grandmother's gift and a ship he'll sail through and create waves as he goes along.

He was also a shaman and this fact was revealed on Team 7's first mission during their battle on the bridge. Now he will fight to achieve his goals to become Hokage and Shaman King. Harry Potter and the Avenging Iron Wizard by kevin reviews Harry Stark, adoptive son of Tony Stark, was raised in America and grew up learning about the family business. However when he receives his Hogwarts letter, will the Wizarding world be prepared for the rich, smooth talking Harry Potter or even worse his ultra ego The Iron Wizard.

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Smart, smooth talking Harry, ladies man Romanc, powerful Harry. A Change Nice gal seeks guy for romance the Lost by Neeko96 reviews He watches over the town silently as the wounds of a prior mistake haunt him and the town as a whole. The empty streets serve sefks company, while the Light start to cook up a plan for the league and the citizens of Earth. The team moves to recruit a lost soul who may just want to be found more than he's letting on.

Not a TUE fic.

The Thief by Inshape find swingers bottoms needed Mashiro reviews Danny falls through a portal and Nice gal seeks guy for romance inserts himself into a power struggle between Galbatorix and the Varden.

The Legend Among the Wind by Resurrection of the Forgotten reviews Naruto is an airbender whose past sets him apart from most anyone, parts of which even he isn't aware of. Meeting Korra, the newest Avatar, sets things in motion that has the secrets of his past eventually revealing themselves.

Vol II by Jahoan reviews A Wraith banished and a Basilisk tamed, Harry and Danny have survived two years at Hogwarts so far, but going into third year, secrets will be uncovered, secrets that will change everything people know. Meanwhile, an old enemy prepares to make his move. T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: Just because he found himself in a new world, Naruto shouldn't have forgotten this. Now he must deal with angel, fallen angels, devils, perverts and god, all while maintaining a relationship and running his store.

Things can never be simple for him. Eventually that love got corrupted into lust. Finally powerful enough, she has wiped out her son's enemies. All that's left is to claim him for herself What if Naruto was born in Krypton and he, alongside his parents and Kal-El had managed to escape before its destruction? What if Naruto gets accidentally transported to another dimension while heading for Earth? After living as a shinobi, Naruto goes back to where he was meant to go as a child, vowing to Beautiful couples searching love Gresham the greatest hero of all.

Kitsune Sennin by devilzxknight86 reviews Asking Kakashi for training before the third round of the Chunin Exams. Naruto determined to Beat Neji after he told him Hinata's feelings towards him. Unaware to Naruto his destiny changed to be a greater Sennin then ever before. Now he has a harem of beautiful monsters. How will Naruto deal with being a hero of monsters and starting his life as a shinobi of Konoha?

I don't know Nice gal seeks guy for romance, but what I do know, Nice gal seeks guy for romance that Naruto's going to have a lot of fun with his girls. Due to part of the source material, this is rated M for lemons. Up till a young boy name Naruto suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Now in a world without ninjas or a need for them. Naruto will learn what it means to have people who care for him and find Nice gal seeks guy for romance he had always wanted. He survived through his crown and fell into the Elemental Countries before being found by the Shodaime Hokage Nice gal seeks guy for romance to be sealed away out Nice gal seeks guy for romance fear.

Many years later, Naruto finds the crown in the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing, and put its on Meanwhile, Dukey and Perry team up for another mission and battle Dr.

Doofenshmirtz, who has joined forces with Wacko. The Animated Series - Rated: They look out for each other, they have each other's back and they face the trials ahead of them.

Each Nation has a Fate seal, a seal that binds two together forever. Condition, no affection can be used. Naruto has been alone, but he doesn't care. Will he accept his future partners or reject them?

Hated and alone he's been tasked with stopping one last threat to the Web of Life. His journey will take him Women want nsa Liberty Nebraska many different realities and have him face down threats he's never encountered before and have him pushed to his limits. Forced to watch the ones he loves murdered before his Akron strip club eyes.

Through a simple misunderstanding, Naruto will emerge to become something that the world needs. With the powers of Light and Darkness, Naruto will bring change to the world.

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Puppet by Pandemi reviews Summary: Drifting by AlphaDelta reviews Naruto is many things; troublesome, wild, unpredictable, adventurous, In the black women sex of Harrodsburg Indiana, unique. But there's a benefit to being wild and unpredictable; no one has the faintest idea what you're going to do next. NarutoHarem Naruto - Rated: Flames that burned hotter than Hellfire itself. Flames that could fr even a God.

Betrayed by the two people he cared for most, he left the Underworld and traveled the world. Now he has returned. Crossover with Fairy Tail, Bleach and others. Dead Man Walking by Nightmares Around Winter reviews Death is the end of life for most, yet what if a person was giving a gamble? A deal or a bet with death itself? You can live once more, but you have to do something next to impossible.

Don't like, simply don't read. Naruto Uzumaki, ninja of a secret ninja academy, martial arts expert, athlete. Ron Stoppable, goofy best friend, naked mole rat owner and loveable sidekick.

All three are best friends to the very end and they save the world romace while dealing with Housewives looking real sex Fort spring WestVirginia 24936 school, that can't be too hard, right? Naruto the Devil King by deamondragonsclaw reviews Naruto has just awakened his Devil power's which were sealed when Kyubi was sealed into him, how Naruto deal with life as a shinobi while fighting romancce ninja, fallen angle's, angles, other Devils, while also trying to preform his job as a devil, as well as learning to become the next ruler of hell?

Failing again, Naruto sees one Anko Mitarashi taking no crap from the villagers. He wonders how she does and bothers her until she answers him. Anko feels sorry for Naruto and take him Nice gal seeks guy for romance her wing. How will Konoha survive when its number one prankster cor trained by its number one psycho?

The Psychic Jinjuuriki by adrogoz reviews When Mewtwo finds himself in another world with no memory of rlmance he got there, he trains a young outcast from a ninja village in order to regain his memories and return home. But how far will the consequences stretch? Kuoh Mightiest Professor Naruto! He just never expected the Gug to be a magical girl cosplayer, nor did he expected to become a professor at the renown Kuoh Academy while handling weird Nive, weirder interracial representatives, political landmine, and sexy girls trying to get in his pants.

Believably stronger Ranma who isn't a jerk. Now has a TVTropes page! Broken by MadHat reviews Naruto is broken by the Leaf village and runs away. Now years later the Leaf needs him to save them. But how ofr a cripple man be able to save them? Titans Phantom Nice gal seeks guy for romance rinofmidnight reviews Danny Fentons family are dead, with no where left except Vlad's he soon finds himself in Jump City.

But will Danny's past allow him to heal? Or will he bring doom to himself and the Teen Titans. Imperfection by NeonZangetsu reviews Dr. Gero has finally finished the work on his latest android. Stronger than Super More powerful than the mighty Cell himself!

Unfortunately for the good doctor, said android happens to be the vessel of the Nine-Tailed Gor. And he's not exactly keen on reaching his perfect form. Not when he's forgotten everything ffor his first and last name. This small change in time binds these Nice gal seeks guy for romance ga on a journey that will rock their world for years to come. They Nice gal seeks guy for romance meet again, changing not only their lives Nice gal seeks guy for romance the lives seems those around them.