Picking Up Your Ragdoll Kitten

We are always excited when our customers come to pick up their new kittens. It's fun to meet our kittens' new families and to also see you meeting your kitten for the first time. You might wonder what to expect during your time here and what to bring.

We schedule about an hour for each visit and usually have a pretty full schedule during pickup week. It's helpful if we can stick to the allotted hour so that we have time for everyone. If you have a lot of questions, feel free to send me an email or give me a call before your visit. This will help keep things moving when you are here.

During your visit you will have time to meet your kitten and any other cats or kittens in our home that are of visiting age. For health reasons we usually ask you to wash your hands before playing with and handling our cats and kittens. We do not allow people to visit kittens before they are done with their first round of shots, so we might have some kittens that are too young for you to meet. We want all our kittens to have ample time to develop their immune systems before coming in contact with visitors. This helps keep our kittens healthy! We are always happy for people to peek in at the younger kittens through the windows into their nursery rooms, but we do not allow people to go into their rooms or hold them.

We will have a go home packet for you. Included in the packet is all the paperwork (printed contract, general information sheet, health care outline, and copies of all the vet records), a health records booklet with the kittens rabies tag, the blue slip to register your kitten with TICA, a small sample bag of kitten food, a small can of kitten wet food, a few toys, a little blanket that smells like home, and a little booklet from Royal Canin about owning cats. We will go through this packet together while you are here.

Recently we have realized that it is helpful for us to have an informal picture of each family with their kitten, so we can put faces to names when we are emailing you and talking to you in the future. For that reason, we would love to snap a quick picture to keep on file. This picture will not be shared with anyone else. You are definitely welcome to decline or to send a picture of your family at a later date if you would prefer.

We also recommend bringing a carrier to get your kitten from our home to your car. If you have a passenger with you, feel free to allow your kitten out of the carrier once they are in the car. They usually prefer to snuggle with their new families on the trip and are more comfortable being able to roam around. We will ask that you leave the carrier outside on our front porch while you are in for the pickup. This is mainly for the health of all our cats and kittens as carriers are often used by other animals before coming into our home.

Usually our kittens have no trouble traveling from our home to their new home without food, water, or a litter box. If you have an especially long trip, you might bring bowls to offer food and water. In all our traveling, we have rarely had a cat or kitten eat or drink and this includes a few 9 hour long trips. We also rarely have cats or kittens use a litter box during a trip, but we know that if you have a long trip you might feel more comfortable having a box in your car. Return to the Library index...