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About our Cattery

  1. About Us
  2. A Tour of our Cattery - see pictures of where our ragdolls live.
  3. Our Breeders
  4. Our Kittens
  5. Our Notification List
  6. How to Purchase a Little Apple Kitten
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About Little Apple
  8. Everything You Want to Know About Shipping
  9. Picking Up Your Ragdoll Kitten
  10. Our BLOG - keep up with the latest updates

About the Ragdoll Breed

  1. A Brief History of Ragdolls
  2. Ragdoll Characteristics
  3. Colors & Patterns

Ragdoll Care

  1. Food, Treats, & Water
  2. Litter & Litter Boxes
  3. Fun Stuff!
  4. Introductions to Existing Pets
  5. I'm Going on Vacation - What Should I do with My Ragdoll?
  6. Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Kitten Health

  1. K-State Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
  2. Common Kitten Findings
  3. The 3 F's (FeLV, FIV, and FIP)
  4. Behavior Changes: Signs of Illness?
  5. Revolution for Cats
  6. Toxic House Plants


  1. To Breed or Not to Breed
  2. Buying From a Breeder vs. a Visit to the Humane Society
  3. You Paid How Much For that Kitten?


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