How to Purchase a Little Apple Kitten

Step 1: Get to know us by taking a look at our web-site. Our resource library is a great place to start. You can email or give Andra a call using our contact page. We would also love to have you come and visit the kittens here in Manhattan.

Step 2: Let us get to know you a little. What are you looking for in a kitten? Have you had a cat or other household pet before? Giving us a little bit of your background either through email or a phone call is very helpful. Then, if you are interested in purchasing a kitten from us look at our kitten page to see what we currently have available. If we have no kittens available or if you are looking for something we do not currently have, ask to be signed up for our email notification list or like us on facebook to hear when our next litter of kittens is ready for reservations. Click the link to learn how the notification list works. Many of our customers ask if there is a form they need to fill out in order to purchase one of our kittens. We do not have a formal questionnaire, but we always appreciate hearing about the families our kittens are joining. To help our customers, we recently created a list of questions that cover some of the information commonly shared with us.

Step 3: When the kittens in one of our litters are about 8 - 9 weeks old, we'll send everyone on our notification list an email letting you know when the kittens will be posted on our kitten page. After the kittens are posted, anyone can make a $200 deposit to reserve a specific kitten. This amount is non-refundable and will be applied toward the total purchase price of the kitten. Our preferred method of payment for the deposit is either Dwolla or PayPal (click here to learn more).


(Preferred, but requires
a Dwolla account)

OR Paypal

(Can use a credit card.
No account required.)

The balance for your kitten will be due either when you pick your kitten up or 10 days before we ship them to you. In addition to the price of the kitten, we have made arrangements with a respected local veterinarian to alter (spay or neuter) each of our pet quality kittens at 14 weeks. This will cost an additional $125 per kitten and will require about one week of recovery before the kittens are ready to leave. This means that all veterinary care your kitten requires for the first year (except for one last upper-respiratory vaccination) will be completed before the kitten comes to you!

Step 4: After receiving your initial deposit, we will send you a kitten contract and information sheet for you to read through. If picking up your kitten in person, we'll have you sign the contract at that time. If shipping, you'll need to sign and return the contract either via email or postal mail. We'll also get an exact quote for shipping costs and send you the remaining balance due including the cost of the kitten, the early alter fee ($125) and shipping costs if you are not picking up your kitten in person (generally $325 in the fall and spring - $385 in the summer and winter). You can pay the balance using PayPal (we'll send you a special link for this option), cash (if coming in person), or cashier's check. If you live in the state of Kansas or are picking up your kitten in person, sales tax is already included in the price of the kitten. Please see our payment options web page for information about how to pay the final balance.

Step 5: We'll email you occasional updates about your kitten including pictures and will let you know how their vet visits go. We recommend you read our article on common kitten findings to learn more about what to expect in our vet updates. We'll also coordinate a time for you to either pick up your kitten or for us to ship to you via airline. You will receive a packet of information about kitten care, photocopies of all veterinary health records, some food to get you started, and possibly a few toys :).

Step 6: Enjoy your new kitten! And feel free to contact us anytime with questions, concerns, or even just comments. We also love to get pictures to add to our expanding scrapbook.

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