Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Okay, so Ragdolls aren't supposed to shed, right? This is a common question. Ragdolls are long haired cats. They will shed, but thankfully they do not tend to shed as badly as other long haired breeds. Still, you will have to deal with hair occasionally. This article gives several tips on how to best manage hairy situations :-).

Food - The most important aspect in managing hair is to have a good food. A cat on a poor diet will shed a lot more than a cat that has a well formulated food. We highly recommend Royal Canin or Science Diet. Our cats have done very well on both of these foods.

Grooming - This is very helpful in keeping floating hair at a minimum. Our cats love the Furminator. We always get the longhaired small cat for our homes. The Furminator is a little pricey compared to some other brushes, but after trying one we are hooked. You can get a large amount of fur out in just one short brushing. Of course, any brush should work. Every cat will have different brush preferences so if your cat is not enjoying their grooming sessions, you might try a different style brush.

Hairball Gel - Even if you don't think your Ragdoll is shedding, they are ingesting a lot of hair as they groom themselves. It is important to help them get the hair through their system. A hairball they don't pass can cause a lot of problems including diarrhea, weight loss, and vomiting. Our cats tend to really not like seafood flavored anything (food or treats). They seem to tolerate the maple flavored hairball gel better, but really none of them love the gel. We use two methods to help them eat it. I like the fast approach. Get a glob on your finger and stick it in their mouth. There is also the method of rubbing it on their front leg for them to lick off. This takes longer and can be messy, if they don't get it all off before they lay down on your sofa. Either way, it is helping them, so it is worth the pain :-).

Cleaning - Cleaning hair off of furniture and cat trees is occasionally necessary, especially during the two shedding seasons: fall and spring. We have found that rubber dish gloves work wonders. You can just wipe the hair off furniture and cat trees. They are cheap and most people have them already handy for doing other types of cleaning. We also can highly recommend the Dyson vacuum cleaners with the mini Turbine tool (we have the Dyson DC23 Animal model), for those that need a new vacuum or are interested in investing to get their furniture clean. This vacuum really does work wonders at removing hair from all types of furniture and also picks up a lot of dander for those fighting allergies. We have used one for about a year and love it!

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