Fun Stuff!

There appears to be no end to the types of cat toys, cat houses, scratching posts, and other items you could purchase for your new kitten. Here are a few items we have been very pleased with (note that we're not in any way affiliated with the manufacturers of these):

Scratching Post -
We tried various types of scratching posts (even homemade ones) before trying the Purrfect Post. And it was well worth trying - we now have at least 6 of these posts spread around our two homes. They are really worth the money - and do not tip over, even when our huge males use them. We are very pleased to have found a post that will work well for our big cats.

Cat Tree
Probably any cat tree will do, if you decide to make this addition to your cat's fun stuff. We found that you can find all kinds of neat cat trees with multiple levels and fun places to play on ebay for very reasonable prices. We have been very pleased with the Armarkat trees and have purchased three of them through ebay so far.

Stick Toys - with feather or mylar tassel
You can find stick toys at most pet stores and many places on the internet. Our cats go absolutely crazy for the feather stick toys. It's really funny to watch them. We have also used the mylar tassel stick toys and our kittens love them too.

Cheese Chaser
This is probably one of our cat's favorite toys. They will play for hours with it, and not just the kittens…the adults love it too. We've seen the cheese chaser at Target and Wal-mart - and many places on the internet.

Our kittens especially love playing in cat tunnels. Any cat tunnel will probably do - we've seen them in many pet stores. Our tunnel is made with a crinkle sounding fabric - but we've also seen many made out of soft fabrics which would probably work just as well.

Laser Pointer - (like this one)
We just recently received a cat laser for a gift. Our cats love it! The adults will go crazy after it, just like when they were kittens. It is becoming one of their favorite toys.

Banana - ( link)
We read a review online that these catnip bananas were a great toy for any cat - and so, of course, we decided to get one to try. Our cats really like it - they rub it all over their faces and roll around with it. They also get a little possessive of it, so we might have to make sure to get a couple more ;-).

Different Balls - with bells, mylar, stuffed, etc.
Our cats love balls - any type of ball will do. Balls with bells, balls made of mylar, stuffed balls, balls of paper…they love them all. We try to keep a variety of balls for them to play with.

Make Your Own

Now for the cheap toys made up of things you will probably have around your house.

Milk rings
One of our cats favorite toys is the rings from various bottles - milk, Gatorade, juice, apple sauce.. it really doesn't matter the size. They will play with these for hours - and some have even learned to play fetch with them.

Twisted up pipe cleaners
This is a new favorite. We take a pipe cleaner and fold the ends in really well (since they can be a little sharp) and then twist them into different shapes. They have just as much fun with these as they do the rings. And they are cheap!

Plastic Easter Eggs
This is more fun than a ball because it moves in unexpected ways! They love them.

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