Colors & Patterns

A ragdoll is usually described by its color, pattern, and sometimes overlay. Each of these three distinguishing categories is explained below.

Colors - Ragdolls can come in a wide range of colors: seal, blue, red, cream, chocolate and lilac.

Jonathan is seal, which can be a dark brown or brownish black.   Nala is blue, which can be blue gray to deep slate color.   Dakota is red, which is pale to dark orange.

Cream is a lighter version of red. The chocolates look like milk chocolate or a lighter brown than the seals, and lilacs are a light gray with pink to lavender tones. Our cattery will have kittens in the colors of seal, blue, red, and cream.

Patterns - Ragdolls come in three patterns: color-point, mitted, and bicolor.

The color-pointed ragdolls have color on their ears, face, tail and feet.   The mitted ragdoll coloring is the same as color-pointed cats with 2 exceptions: they have mitts on all four feet, and possibly a blaze (or white marking) on their nose.

When a cat is described as a bicolor, it can actually be one of four different patterns: high mitted, true bicolor, mid-high white, or van-high white. Each of these patterns has slightly different markings but one common thing that distinguishes a bi-color from the other patterns is the inverted white "V" on their face.

A true bicolor. A high mitted kitten will look similar but have different genes.   A mid-high white. Notice the "V" is more outside the eyes.   A van-high white's "V" is even higher than the mid-high.

Our cattery will have kittens with all of the above patterns.

Overlays - There are two main overlays: tortie and lynx, and one combination of the two overlays: torbie.

Tortie ragdolls have red or cream mixed with one of the other colors and can come in any of the 3 patterns. The tortie markings can vary greatly from a more "marbled" version where the colors are mixed together to bigger patches of color.

The "marbled" form of a tortie kitten.   A tortie ragdoll with bigger patches of color.

Lynx ragdolls have tabby markings and also come in any of the other ragdoll colors and patterns while torbie ragdolls are basically a tortie with lynx markings.

Davey is a lynx kitten.   Sweet Pumpkin is a torbie.

Our cattery will have kittens in all three overlays.

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