Ragdoll Characteristics

Ragdolls are generally described as large, gentle, floppy, long to medium haired indoor cats. They have several characteristics that make them a great house cat for any family.

Large - Ragdolls are very large cats, sometime reaching sizes in excess of 20 pounds. The males are generally bigger than the females, but even the females are known to reach sizes above 15 pounds. Ragdolls can take up to four years to reach their full size. Breeding males and females can be smaller than altered ragdolls due to the demands of breeding.

Gentle - Ragdolls are known to have very gentle temperaments and tend to get along well with dogs, other cats, other animals, and children. While ragdolls do have different personalities and so can have a different degree of tolerance, it should be expected that all ragdolls will display this wonderful trait to some degree.

Floppy - Ragdolls are known for their floppy nature. They tend to be very relaxed animals and so are very tolerant of being held in positions most cats would not be (some more than others due to their personaliy). Many will just lie in your arms like a ragdoll (hence the name), others will lay on their backs with their arms over their head when they sleep. However it is a common misconception that ragdolls will just lay in your arms anytime you pick them up. This is especially true with kittens who are generally anxious to return to their playing. But all ragdolls can be expected to display some form of the floppy/relaxed nature.

Long-haired - Ragdolls are known for their long, soft, non-matting, rabbit-like fur. It is a misconception, however, that they do not shed. Ragdolls will shed in the spring and fall, but it will generally not be as much as most long-haired cats. They will require little maintenance on your part, though they will enjoy a short grooming session once in a while.

Dog-like - This is our favorite characteristic of the ragdoll breed! Ragdolls are much more dependent on human interaction than most cats. They love to be where you are, which can be quite funny if you are cleaning house (and so going from room to room) or just running down stairs really quick to get something. I constantly have a little cat train behind me. When I'm working at the computer, they are constantly trying to get as close to me as possible. When I'm making supper they are under foot. When we go to bed we quite frequently have a cat sleeping at our feet. We also find them playing like you would expect dogs to play - chasing their tails, carrying balls around in their mouths, playing fetch with their favorite toy, and even begging for a treat. Ragdolls are also easily trained to come when you call their name. Basically, this is the cat of my dreams!

Indoor - Ragdoll cats are generally considered indoor cats. This is true for several reasons. Click here for more information.

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