About Us

We have been cat lovers our whole lives, but when we had our first Ragdoll encounter we were stunned! We had never seen a breed that we liked so well. We loved the dog-like personality of the cats: running to the door to greet us, playing fetch and begging for treats, wanting to be with us wherever we were, and wanting to interact with all that we were doing. We also loved how especially beautiful and soft the Ragdolls are, with much less maintenance than some of the other long haired breeds we were familiar with.

My mom had recently retired from teaching and I was looking for something to do in my free time, which was a little too plentiful after graduating from college with a degree in biology education and "retiring" into being a homemaker. I was hoping for something that would make my house a little less quiet and some way to connect with people. I also hoped to be able to use my knowledge of biology and some of my art and design hobbies for a purpose. And that is how Little Apple Ragdolls was born.

Little Apple Ragdolls is everything we hoped it would be. We love our cats and the breed has only grown in our estimation throughout the years. We have enjoyed raising the kittens and finding new homes for them. It is delightful to hear back from people who have our kittens. They have such wonderful stories and experiences to share and some have even chosen to get a second kitten from us. It has also furthered my education as I work with the faculty and students at the Kansas State University Veterinary School. My knowledge of genetics, cat diseases, and cat behaviors has grown and it's a great joy to be able to put some of my college education to use. We have also enjoyed designing a website and learning to take pictures of living and moving kittens (which can be quite difficult at times). It is a fun challenge to capture the personality of a kitten for their new owner.

It is our goal to continue growing in our knowledge of the many areas that help us raise beautiful, healthy, and happy Ragdolls. We also hope to continue to increase our library to share with others what we are learning.

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