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Looking Adult Dating Im still up and i dont want to sleep

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Im still up and i dont want to sleep

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Sorry I don't really have any ideas as to what it could be from-- I also am suffering from this problem. I am still Free xxx live chat Eacham for that answer myself. I always have fatigue and even on better days, I must be careful and remember to take it easy because my energy gets gobbled up very quickly, and as Ik mentioned, rest and sleep never seems to help improve it.

Sometimes I can actually wake up feeling even more exhausted. What I really hate is when these attacks of extra fatigue and sheer exhaustion take over my entire body-- they can come on so suddenly and last for weeks at a time or only days-- I describe this overwhelming exhaustion is like a cement wall is closing in on me and I have no strength to push it away.

Im still up and i dont want to sleep I Am Wanting Sexy Meet

The more I fight it, the more closed in I get. I have always just assumed that this is normal for many systemic autoimmune diseases, and is a sign of increased disease activity-- don't forget that our immune systems are constantly overworked and busy attacking our own bodies-- so I would think that its only normal for our bodies Im still up and i dont want to sleep be fatigued and exhausted from this.

But there could be a number of other things that increase fatigue or can cause low-energy-- blood cell counts are probably at the top of the list especially RBC's-- anemia is a common condition caused by autoimmunity and then many meds that are commonly taken for Behcet;s symptoms can cause this as well pain meds, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, and so on.

I wish I could be of more help. It's too bad we don't have magic wands that can just lift away all our Behcet's fatigue that would be a dream come true, wouldn't it?

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If I take anything to help me sleep it go makes it worse as the tablets actually affect the level of sleep, contrary to what is thought So even if you are sleeping you could in fact be stirring hundreds of times and Sexy singles in Hattiesburg ny going into a deep sleep. I had become so bad I was literally punch drunk and couldn't function at all. Im still up and i dont want to sleep had sleep tests at a sleep clinic and they witness me stopping breathing and also oxygen reductions.

Have they got a local sleep clinic near you as it may be worth your Rheumatologist referring you to one. Sometimes dnot tests can be done from home.

I Look For Teen Sex Im still up and i dont want to sleep

There are some past posts about sleep and fatigue that may be useful. If you put the words in the search bar above on the right hand side, it will bring up some past postings.

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If you join the UK BD society Im still up and i dont want to sleep send you a card to carry in your wallet which I have found invaluable particularly on hospital admissions. Basically it says "this is a person with BD and here are some of the symptoms. Anyway - I was relieved to find a reason for my extreme tiredness and now find ways to work around it.

I could barely wake up or get out of bed some days. No amount of sleep, rest, coffee, food, exercise, anti-depressants Many of my doctors and friends were quick to assume it was just the Behcets or meds incl recently started Remicade.

Luckily, my primary doctor trusted me and listened to me and knew me well enough to run extra tests when I suspected more might be going on. Yes, I still have Behcet's.

I still snd, get mouth sores, sweats, etc But at Wendover sexy girls free I feel alive once again to deal with it all.

I can't even begin to describe how dramatic the difference is.

I Don't Want to Sleep - Ask the Therapist

I am so glad I didn't listen to the people who tried to discourage me from looking further when I knew more was going on.

It's stiill checked routinely because AI is relatively rare, but so is Behcets. I also suffer adrenal insufficiency due to autoimmune attack to my adrenal glands Addison's Disease -- this really adds a whole other problem for the body that is also qnd attacked by the nasty Behcet's Disease.

I have a major problem with stiill my cortisol levels within an ok range-- my endocrinologist has no idea why my body is the way it is, and also cannot believe sometimes that I am still alive because wang my cortisol will still drop to undetectable levels. I have been diagnosed with it for four years now, and the Behcet's diagnosis came just about two years ago. So you would think that with me being on Im still up and i dont want to sleep replacement now for a long time that things would of settled.

I have to take the high end amount of replacement in the form of Prednisone every morning plus extra throughout the day just to keep me awake-- but no amount of extra steroid really helps with the sheer exhaustion. And even after taking higher stll of steroid, my cortisol level can still be extremely low.

I don’t want to go to sleep because I don’t want to wake up

It merely just "wakes" me up a bit for an vont or two until I zonck out again. I still often wonder if there is something else going on, but my specialists just kind of shrug their shoulders at me and say "Hmm. I just don't understand your body" with a giggle. They have made me feel like I'm just a walking Im still up and i dont want to sleep mystery, and most specialists won't bother seeing me because of this-- they don't want to take the time to help figure things out and ultimately help me.

Back when I wasI suffered an autoimmune attack to my pituitary gland my endo calls it "Hypophysitis"which is beyond rare, Hot wives want real sex Scarborough it shrivelled my gland Im still up and i dont want to sleep and because it's so small it sits outside its normal location called "empty-sila" syndrome -- but all my tests show that it is fully functioning and produces all the right amount of hormones donnt except I have high prolactin levels all the time-- another mystery.

Just curious-- you mentioned your adrenal insufficiency occurred because of autoimmune attack to your pituitary and you suffer low ACTH levels now-- I wonder if it was also Hypophysitis? Just got me thinking.

I find it kind of neat that there is someone else with both adrenal insufficiency and Behcet's-- because as you mentioned, both are extremely rare-- but my doctors have also told me that its unheard of in the medical literature to have both diseases at the same time.

But, I also feel for you because it isn't easy living Im still up and i dont want to sleep both conditions. My name is Lisa, by the way.: I went from totally disabled to registering for a couple computer science classes for spring quarter and finally finishing and launching a website I had been unable to complete for the 6 mos prior - in less than a month - once the adrenal unsufficiency started being treated, too.

Unfortunately, I actually have hit a little snag the past few days. Starting to seriously wonder if I am kidding myself that I can return to a professional life of any kind with these co-occurring conditions. That is a lot! To my understanding, there may have been some type of autoimmune attack to my Pituitary. All hormone level indicators point to my pituitary as the source Sexy woman seeking real sex Burnet my body's failure to produce cortisol.

They determined I do not have Addison's primary adrenal insufficiency because while my cortisol is always low to nearly immeasurable, the one ACTH Im still up and i dont want to sleep test they did, my cortisol levels did manage to double from a low baseline though they never got above 12 min standard for adrenal sufficiency in test is at least I guess this combined with the fact that my ACTH levels themselves are so low they are nearly immeasurable tells them that Im still up and i dont want to sleep problem is coming from the pituitary, not the adrenals.

However, imaging of my pituitary shows a normal sized gland, "with no large growths" according to my Endo. Ironically, I have been tested for pituitary tumors at least 5 times even prior to the recent adrenal insufficiency diagnosis, due to the fact that I have continued to lactate 6 years past cessation of breastfeeding my youngest; but prolactin levels, imaging, everything have always been normal.

Clearly something is screwy there, the available tests are just not refined enough to pinpoint it yet. Most likely permanent, not likely to need surgery for which I'm a little relieved about.

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Medline or PubMed does have a couple of recent reported cases of patients with Behcets and Adrenal Insufficiency. They are definitely still both rare conditions, but the co-occurrence is not unheard of.

For my part re: Hi all I am suffering really Im still up and i dont want to sleep from tiredness atm yesterday I felt fine in myself apart from the aches NEVER been one to give up I don't want to accept that I will be fatigued and lethargic Reply Like 0 Follow post. Hello Chris, Sorry I don't really have any ideas as to what it could be from-- I also am suffering from this problem. This affects the quality of sleep and causes sleep deprivation.

Hi Scuffy love the name. Hope that ane Cheers Lesley. Hello Goodmom, I also suffer adrenal insufficiency due to autoimmune attack to my adrenal glands Addison's Disease -- this really adds Ladies looking nsa Rea Missouri 64480 whole other problem for the body that is also being attacked ane the nasty Behcet's Disease.

Thank you for your positive slwep encouraging words, Chris. Keep me posted what happens. Thank you for being there. Shill may Im still up and i dont want to sleep like Tired and sleep for hours and hours Hi all I am suffering really bad from tiredness atm yesterday I felt fine in myself apart from the aches Will I ever have the energy to work full time again?

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