We'd like to introduce you to our wonderful breeding cats! Below is a short description of each along with a current picture. There are also more pictures available in our photo album. While our cattery is registered with all three major cat associations, our breeders (and generally our kittens) are registered with TICA.

Nova is a beautiful blue mitted girl with a small blaze. Nova loves to play with the younger kittens, it is one of her favorite past times. She also loves to sleep near us - on the bed or on my head :-). The bathtub is one of her favorite places to play, she likes to slide around in it. She also likes the little cheese chaser toy a lot! She gets along very well with everyone she meets and likes to be in the same room with me. She especially likes to help me with what I'm doing. She has a wonderfully soft and full fur coat, it's also one of the longest coats we have. She is like a soft puff ball. We love it! Nova tested negative for HCM.

Clara is our beauty queen and she comes to us from Soulmate Ragdolls in North Carolina. She is a blue bicolor, with huge eyes, super soft fur, and the most beautiful of faces. She is super floppy and loves everyone she meets. She purrs constantly while you are petting her and will lay on our laps forever. She also loves to sleep with us. She is often at our window watching the birds on the bird feeders and if I'm on the computer she is trying to catch the mouse curser. We are excited about Clara, she has a sweet and fun personality. Clara tested negative for HCM.

Sweet Pippin is a seal lynx bicolor son of Emma and Crispin. It's hard to imagine a cat more perfect than Crispin, but Pippin managed to surpass him. He is bigger and has a thicker and softer coat. Pippin is in a word "perfect"! He is a little too big now, but he used to love to ride around the house on my husband's neck (like a scarf). He is a lap cat and will sit there as long as I will let him. He has the sweetest personality and gets along with everyone - cats, kittens, new people. He loves to play, especially with the mylar tassle wands. His second favorite thing to do is play with the little kittens, he is very gentle with them, but it is still funny to see a huge male playing with the baby's. They love him and follow him around the house. He tested negative at WSU for HCM.

Devon is our blue mitted king. He is a super sweet and cuddly boy. He loves to plop down right next to us and roll on his back so we will pet his belly. If more than one person is in the room he will walk back and forth between all the people letting each have an opportunity for "Devon petting". It is very funny! He loves to play with anything, but especially likes his little fluffy ball. He carries it around in his mouth from room to room and then goes crazy chasing it across the floor. He also likes water and it's hard to keep him away from the sink. He will jump right in with the water going. We are enjoying this super floppy boy and are happy to see that his kittens are a lot like him. Devon tested negative for HCM.

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